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  1. Returning to some favorites from the 2016 tour. Absolutely love this one, especially the energy. Everyone is so in sync. Nils completely shreds on the guitar.
  2. How long ago are you talking about? From the dates I see he didn't play a show on July 11 of 2021, being a Sunday. This one below is from 2018, not sure the date. Setlist.fm shows that it was played 13 times during the original run of shows. They don't show it being played in 2021.
  3. So many, but Save My Love deserves to be mentioned! Love the one from 2014. Zero and Blind Terry, Santa Ana, and I Wish I Were Blind were all killer on the D&D tour. Leading into the below version of SML, Bruce tells a good story about a top 10 moment in his life and plays an awesome rendition of the song.
  4. Downloaded a few shows last night after I had taken some time off of not listening to nearly as much Bruce as before. Kind of been on a Grateful Dead binge. I put on Chicago 1999, I wanted to just hear Youngstown to get a taste/sample of the show. Yet I haven't been able to turn it off as it's been playing through and I just got done with NYC Serenade and am just so blown away!! Such a phenomenal rendition of one of his greatest ever songs. It kills me this song got so few plays over the years. His voice sounds so strong and the playing by everyone is great. This show is reminding me why 1999-2000 is one of my all time favorite tours.
  5. It's a Wild and the Innocent type of day with some Darkness in the forecast afterwards
  6. I keep on pulling up the pre order page with a little hope it'll drop in price (although it probably won't), and just keep considering if I should shell out the $245 for the box. If it's super limited then that makes it a little more appealing, but it's still some stuff I've already got on vinyl, and other stuff I don't know if I'd even listen toheavily. I'd like Lucky Town, GoTJ and Plugged the most, but question how many times I'd even listen to them, let alone Human Touch or Blood Brothers. Still, I really want it. Also, the remastered audio is nice but not $245 nice. When the first came out, I already had all the vol. 1 vinyl and never got it. While I'm sure it offered better sound, is it really THAT much better? Decisions...
  7. Love to see that they're releasing this, didn't expect that it would be in May though. Wasn't volume 1 released near the holidays? Hopefully there'll be something else released at that time then. I would've liked this even more if they extended the timeline a little bit and fit in Live in NYC because that concert is phenomenal and the original vinyl is insanely expensive. Tracks would've been amazing too but it would've been so many discs the price would've been such a major mark up.
  8. Love this one! I remember seeing the set list the day of this show and being ecstatic when I saw that he finally played a solo Incident on the tour. And it's apart of the shows within a week opening with other great solo piano songs, like Does This Bus Stop on 82nd and For You.
  9. I don't know how I'd be able to pick between any of those '78 versions, mainly the ones from the 5 radio broadcasts because they're all so similar and perfect, but I do love the nod to Atlanta!
  10. It's one of the best examples of what an album should be. Formulated, structured, and flows perfectly. It really doesn't, some of the best solo-ing of any song. Right up there with Prove It.
  11. Haha! True, I was about to add that after but the final three in particular just rock so hard.
  12. Listening to the Darkness on the Edge of Town vinyl right now and just got to Streets of Fire. These final 3 songs are incredible! Although the studio of Streets can't top the live Passaic 78 version. One of the songs I always play for non fans and they love it.
  13. Can't believe I've never seen this! One of the best signs I can remember seeing and Bruce loves it with the line "What am I going to do with this back at the hotel?!"
  14. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!! Been a while since I've been on and am in an incident kind of mood tonight so that brought me here!
  15. "Judas!!" "I don't believe you... You're a liar. Play it fucking loud!"
  16. Wow that's awesome! You really were close!! How did you get up right to the stage? Squeeze your way in or just get there early? I've heard some gracious fans will rotate their positions as well.
  17. Love this!! Just wish there was a better version and not only a home recorded demo, but i'll take what I can get!
  18. Not the greatest audio/video but still decent! Love Youngstown! The guitar solo-ing is unreal!
  19. I feel like Nebraska and BITUSA should be combined into a single box because they both come from the same roots but I seriously doubt they'd forgo the opportunity to sell 2 separate boxes.
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