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  1. Everybody is always entitled to their opinion. That goes without saying. I got it the first time you wrote that you think the songs are sultry and sexy. The guy in Cindy: "I take you out on a date and then you won't even kiss me. Boy, when I ain't around I'll bet you don't even miss me. I call you up just to pass the time. Soon as you hear my voice you disconnect the line. And when I call you back your mother says you ain't home. Cindy I know that's you on the other end of this phone. I came to get you last night, Cindy, at quarter to six. Your daddy came to the door, he said Cindy got sick. She got sent home from work with a note from the nurse and that my very own presence would make your condition worse". Sultry and sexy? No, a creepy stalker. Somebody, call the cops!
  2. A lot of women claim there's no way to spot the difference between a good guy and a bad guy, so to be safe they choose to treat every man with suspicion. I think there are signs to look out for. If a guy seems creepy I try to point it out to women as a way to keep them out of trouble. The guys in Fire, Cindy and some other springsteen-penned songs sounds a little creepy to me.
  3. It takes one to know one. Seriously, I think men in general have a clearer eye than women to to see through other men's bullshit.
  4. Mike Tyson was a boxer. American wrestling (a.k.a. "pro wrestling" sic!) is not a sport.
  5. Watching a music video doesn't clear anything up about who's that little girl and who's her daddy. Just like the Human Touch video doesn't make it a song about a guy riding a train on his way to visit a woman living at some hotel. A music video is a promotion tool, not a film adaption of the song.
  6. Time is running out for Bruce. He's getting older and older. My advice to him would be to focus on making new music, recording and releasing albums instead of wasting time on waiting for the right moment to release an album to tour behind. And, stop wasting time by recycling old songs like you did that year on Broadway.
  7. I find that quote rather sad. To me it proves that being a genuine artist is a lonely life. His own wife, despite being in the artistic business herself, doesn't get his art. I imagine there's must be an enourmous pressure to someone like Bruce to fall into the trap of reducing himself to merly being an entertainer liked by everybody and offending nobody.
  8. "Without You" from the Blood Brothers bonus ep. A really silly and weird song. The opening lines "Monday, I go to work / Tuesday, can't find my shirt" set the tone. It's like the lyrics were written by Forrest Gump.
  9. I knew I should had known better than to point finger at the beatles. Yes. There's a story there or at least some progression in Desmond's and Molly's lives ("life goes on"). But it's so silly and booring! In my humble opinion. My point, really, is that if I - rightfully or not - find the lyrics terrible and uninteresting a good melody is not enough. So, I vote for the lyrics.
  10. A song needs proper lyrics telling a story or something else to catch the attention. A great melody and some silly "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"-lyrics is just a piece of junk to my ears. The lyrics hasn't to be some serious stuff. Something like "Higway to hell", "Poison" by Alice Cooper or Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a prayer" will do it.
  11. Bad quotation. About the intended meaning of the line, I am pretty sure it's Hell, these days there ain't "no more!", now it's just "again", like I said in the post you "quoted". Thumbs up to Daisey Jeep, not for making the post, but for spotting my nice interpretation!
  12. "Hell, these days there ain't no more, now there's just again" I read that line in a completely different way than the rest of you guys. My interpretation is that's about giving up the effort to break any bad habits. The character hangs out in that bar. Again and again he's ending up in bed with some "lost sheep". Instead of waking up the day after saying "No more!", now it's just "Ok, so it happened again."
  13. I would describe my Bruce obsession as a thing of the past. He got older and I got wiser. Last E Street album I really liked was Magic. I still appreciate a new release like "Western Stars" but I am pretty tired of most of the old stuff. My expectations for a new E street album are not high. I'd probably buy it for old time's sake anyway, but skip any promotion tour for it.