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  1. I never started a "new member"-thread when I signed up here some years ago. Well, this is my farewell thread. No hard feelings behind me leaving. No warnings from the mods. I read the PSA-thread about the rules here ("It's understandable that you don't agree with all moderator decisions or that you can't accept the terms. I respect that 100%. But the consequence you must draw is to either live with it or leave.") and decided I have had enough. Thank you and best of luck, everyone!
  2. There is a quote from the 70's of him saying something along the line that "Kiss' music is for people that wants to crawl back in their mother's womb". Pretty unkind if you ask me.
  3. When Bob is serious and not fooling around trying to come up with clever lines he sings a different tune. I remember an interview with Jakob Dylan quoting his father's advice to him (from my memory): "If you want to be a song writer listen to Bruce Springsteen. That man can bolt out a novel in two lines!"
  4. I would put the categorising aside for some day in the future and instead sit back and enjoy the Western Stars movie.
  5. The Rising is far from my favourite song by Springsteen but used in the context of this video as a call to arms it has a lot more emotional impact on me than as a stand alone song. Springsteen has a tradition of stepping up to the plate when he feels that his country needs him. I'm glad he decided that this is one of those moments. I like the idea of using the 911-song for a video about the covid-19/Trump Presidency to get the point across that the US is once again under attack. I like the fact that there's a short clip of Bruce and Patti in the video showing that he didn't just license the song to the Biden campaign but takes active part in getting him elected.
  6. I think the bread winner argument is a lousy one. But Bruce having first shot at using the home studio is a given in my book. The reason for that is that Bruce is a song writer and an artist in several leagues above Patti's. It has nothing to do with sex or gender or who's paid for the studio. It's like "We have only ink enough to print one book - a new play by Shakespeare or the diary of Hathaway?"
  7. The 1985 "Racing in the Street" story.
  8. I'd like to hear a proper (no festivals) E Street Band concert from Europe. Anything between 1981 and 2009 will do.
  9. This concert is the unquestionable low-point of all his Swedish concerts between 1975 and 2016. Hard to imagine when you watch it on film. Impressive!
  10. There are some odd choices in the list but Backstreets at number one has my approval.
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