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  1. If you have that kind of questions, ask them before you buy your ticket.
  2. Most live-albums are compilations of songs, not a complete concert. This as far as I know. The only problem I have with Live in NYC is the audience. My impression is that it is a bunch of old people that has come there to sit back and be entertained. The performance is great, sound is great and and the filming is great.
  3. I searched for "Bruce Springsteen with Wolfgang Niedecken & Band" and found a bunch of videos I didn't knew of before.
  4. In the light of all the patriotic bliss people read into the simple line "I was Born in the USA" despite the verses between the chorus it's a little odd that the song "Land of Hopes and Dreams" has flown under the radar of all American patriots. To my ears it's a song about loving your country with it's saint and sinners, whores and gamblers and everything.
  5. Great concert. One of my favorites ! Part of it was broadcasted live on US radio if my memory serves me. He dedicated "Sandy (4th of July") to Madam Marie who had died a few days earlier.
  6. I read in some old interview that Bruce didn't like the song because he was fed up with his songs about cars and girls. I think it is a great song, one of my "fun songs" favourites. He should play that song instead of "Ramroad" or a cover like "Seven Nights to rock".
  7. This is the second time I click on this thread hoping it's about a rubber mask making you look like Bruce.
  8. My mistake! Time flies but this performance seems to be forever young.
  9. Never knew or heard it was in mono! Then, I have never been much of a fan of the song. Maybe, it was the mono-sound that put me off without me knowing it:
  10. Boom! Boom! It's 22 years ago today! Edit: plus another 10 years!
  11. It's not bad at all, but it's not Stockholm '88. For one thing the band doesn't play as tight. It reminds me of that Irish beer company, I have forgotten the name, that knew their dry stout could never compete with Guinness so they adopted the slogan "Have a [the name of the beer]] for a change!" This version is nice for a detour and slight different take on the song, but Stockholm '88 is the real thing.
  12. No. I like it. Not for everyone, I guess. Just like the bullet-mic songs.
  13. "Lonesome Day", "Nothing Man", "Empty Sky", "Worlds Apart", "Further On (Up the Road)", "The Rising" and "My City of Ruins" are The Magnificent Seven.
  14. Quickest knock-out since Mike Tyson was at his peak.