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  1. When his dad tore up the tickets, at first I felt really bad for Safraz then I thought "Ok, now the movie will be showing him sitting at home listening to and instead taping the radio broadcast of the legenday Stockholm concert."! A lost opportunity in my opinion.
  2. No, it is not. As a song writer Steve isn't even playing in the same league as Bruce.
  3. I haven't read the whole thread. Has someone pointed out - complained about - that he at one point back in 1987-88 listens to the studio version of Because the Night - released 2010 - on his walkman? Still, I liked the movie.
  4. I strongly doubt that Bruce has a "farewell" single prepared. I think what he cares about when contemplating his future death is things concerning his children and family, what to say and do to them when he's still alive, not how his career as a dead artist will turn out.
  5. Worlds Apart is one these very good songs that get somewhat obscure because Bruce doesn't play them after the initial "promotion tour". Other ones are half the Magic album. Instead it's "Badlands, you gotta play it everyday.."
  6. Here's where it ranks for ME Born To Run Nebraska Darkness Western Stars River Greetings Magic Tunnel Of Love Seeger BITUSA WIESS The Rising GOTJ Devils & Dust High Hopes WOAD Wrecking Ball Lucky Town Human Touch
  7. I second that. Adding: Swallowed Up is also a strong song out of his comfort zone.
  8. If that were the case I think Bruce would have sent his songs to someone like Rod Stewart instead. To me it's obvious Bruce gave the songs to SSJ to help him with his career.
  9. What do you think I was refering to when I wrote he " is no songwriter"? I know this has been ponted out by other people in the thread but I think it need some rubbing in. I am not dissing the songs Steve and Bruce wrote and gave him in the '70's by saying SSJ is no songwriter.
  10. My mind was never in any danger but at ease. I liked Southside Johnny back in the '70's and early '80's, then the world moved on and evolved. Johnny didn't. His music wasn't exactly "modern" even when he made his first albums. He has a good voice, but is no songwriter and seems to lack any artistic vison or abiltiy to take a step outside that musical formula. In my opinion there's nothing original about him. Maybe SSJ being so predictable, reliable and "artless" is part of his appeal on some "local" people?
  11. I didn't say (or mean) it was a mistake of Bruce if he agreed to Johnny being there to ride his coattails. My point is that as far as I am concerned Johnny being "New Jersey" in the eyes of the locals is besides the point. Johnny isn't in the film, is he?
  12. It's not a film about New Jersey, is it? To a non-local like me New Jersey is "Bruce Springsteen", not the other way around.
  13. Fair enough. It was a question based on honest curiosity, that's all.