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  1. Tramps Like Us...

    @Daisey Jeep, I wish you could be a Lady Who Lunches too.
  2. Tramps Like Us...

    Great post Rachel. My first will always be the best, the complete shock of going from ‘who is this Springsteen bloke’ to total adoration in a couple of hours cannot be topped! Other highlights, first time out of UK (Barcelona), Cape Town for my birthday, Florence in the downpour, Kilkenny, crazy 24 hours, Coventry because it was the best fun with friends & family, Roma, such a special night. And then there is Broadway... Regrets, missing D & D. I lost him for a little while around then, life, you know, gets in the way sometimes. I am extremely thankful for all the shows, travel, excitement and pure joy this guy has brought into my life, and I’m thankful that here I have, at long last, met people who really, really understand. Who knows whether I will see him live again? Somehow, I don’t think I will, but that’s ok.
  3. One Or The Other

    Almonds Lark or Owl?
  4. Songs that link

    Hurricane Bob Dylan
  5. Songs that link

    Stormy Weather various artists
  6. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    I didn’t recognise him, but Mr J says it is Jimmy Calderwood. It seems he has Alzheimer’s, poor bloke.
  7. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Football was amongst the many things we talked about and it was definitely better in the 70’s - Birmingham City had their only really good player!
  8. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    We have friends staying with us for a few days. They celebrate their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, so we have been doing much reminiscing. Yesterday we went into Birmingham where we all grew up. We visited some Back to Back housing which has been preserved by the National Trust. I had been before, but they are a fascinating glimpse into life for ordinary working people from around 1800 until the last residents left in 1962. Such awful living conditions, I really need to take the kids there so they might appreciate how lucky they are. Yesterday evening I made a 70’s themed dinner - prawn cocktail, coq au vin with duchess potatoes and baked Alaska. To drink we had Mateus Rose, which was surprisingly good. The whole evening was such a laugh, the sort you only really get to share with really good mates. The music was good too - Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, possibly the best compilation album ever made, Otis Blue, Band on the Run, Supremes Sing Motown. I am left wondering whether everything was better in the 70’s!!
  9. Songs that link

    White Wedding Billy Idol
  10. Enjoyed this. It will be a bonus if they play it when we go to see them.
  11. Songs that link

    One More Cup Of Coffee (Bob Dylan)
  12. How many copies of Born to Run do you need?

    I listen mostly in the car, but like to get the vinyl out when I am at home. I love looking at the sleeve...
  13. Premier League Prediction Game

    Week 31 Bournemouth 1, West Brom 0 Huddersfield 1, Crystal Palace 1 Stoke 2, Everton 1 Liverpool 3, Watford 1