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  1. where i have been (a to z)

    Ingleborough (the top of, not sure I could manage it now)
  2. Post your pictures here,, but only ones you have taken.

    View from my brother in laws balcony
  3. Who's Drinking with me

    When we rescued 3 cases of wine from our neighbours doorstep a few weeks ago he gave us 3 bottles as a thank you. The one we are drinking this evening is a sparkling red, which I have never come across before, so I will be interested to see what it is like. My brother in law was very sniffy about it (before tasting) so I am hoping we don't end up tipping it down the sink!
  4. Songs that link

    Smoke Gets in your Eyes
  5. where i have been (a to z)

    Forest of Bowland
  6. Songs that link

    Under the Moon of Love Shawaddywaddy (?)
  7. Songs A-Z

    If I Were a Carpenter
  8. where i have been (a to z)

    Burton-in-Lonsdale, Cumbria. The next door village to where I am on holiday
  9. Songs that link

    Seaside Bar Song
  10. SAS Join here

    I'm not sure if this fits in the shed thread, but given the size of some of the sheds around these parts, I thought I would post it anyway! It is actually a cabin which has been designed to take two homeless people and will be in a 'village' in Edinburgh later in the year, along with 9 others. It is currently on display in St Andrews Square in Edinburgh.
  11. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    I love this thread, news of Spike brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.
  12. Premier League Prediction Game

    Week 3 Bournemouth 0, Man City 3 Crystal Palace 2, Swansea 2 Huddersfield 2, Southampton 1 Newcastle 2, West Ham 0 Watford 1, Brighton 0 Man Utd. 4, Leicester 1 Chelsea 2, Everton 1 West Brom 3, Stoke 1 Liverpool 3, Arsenal 3 Spurs 3, Burnley 2
  13. Oscar on holiday again, in Cumbria this time. He found the toy on his walk, but, as usual, it hasn't lasted long...
  14. Songs that link

    ^^^^used to love that song when I was a girl... Girl Talk - Dave Edmunds
  15. Songs A-Z

    Atlantic City