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  1. Won't You Come With Me?

    At Newark, trying not to think about when I will next be in bed! At least it will be my own though, and I get to,see Oscar again tomorrow Its been a great trip, but I'm ready for home now. Thanks to everyone who has shared it with me.
  2. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Hi Abbey, Sending you greetings from NYC - the last day of our American adventure. Here's hoping you will soon be well enough to experience new adventures for yourself. Ann xx
  3. Won't You Come With Me?

    Just to bring this thread to a close, until I can hand over the baton, we have just visited Jones Street where the photo on the cover Freewheelin was taken. Mr J had to go into the record store and got chatting to the bloke in there who said Steve lives two blocks away and is often in the shop!!
  4. Bribe them!! You won't regret it
  5. Not the worlds best photo, but this is us just before showtime
  6. Yes, it really came across as a proper protest song. He talked about friends being drafted and avoiding the draft himself, but said whenever he visits The Wall he is happy his name isn't on it, but wonders who got drafted in his place. It was very moving.
  7. Of course I blew him a kiss from the Ladies of The Lake!!
  8. A bloke sitting two rows in front of us got a cancellation. He joined the line at 2pm, was 4th in the line and got a ticket, so I really think it is worth giving it a go if you are close enough to NYC, @BrilliantDisguise @rosiejaneymaryand others!!
  9. There was a chance of a little Bruuuuuucing, when he came on and the standing ovation at the end. Plus we got to shout out E STREET BAND!
  10. Mr J and I were just talking about this. I think if it were to travel to London, it would need to be tweaked a bit, this is very much an American show, aimed at a mainly American audience. I hope the rumours of it coming across the pond or of being extended are true, as more people deserve the chance to catch it. I would doubt it would travel well to non English speaking cities, so I'm still thinking London would be the most likely.
  11. To answer Cecilia question, we were on mezzanine row c. Great seats, but to be honest I don't think there would be a bad seat in the house. It is such a small venue, absolutely perfect for this show. So, a bit more detail. If you love and are interested Bruce, not just for his music, but for who he is, how he got there and what makes him the superb entertainer he is, then this is the show for you. If you just like his music with ESB, loud rock 'n roll, then it isn't. A spoiler warning here, I have avoided reading too much before going and I would advise others to do the same, so bail out now if you have tickets! I guess the revelation to me was that 10th could sound so wonderful with just Bruce and the piano, I simply couldn't imagine how that would work. However, it was a stunning arrangement with a wonderful tribute in the middle to ESB, but mostly to Clarence. I am sure there was not a dry eye in the house. My Hometown was an early highlight, made so much better by having done the Stan tour, as everything he spoke and sang about, I could picture. One of the best performances of Born in the USA I have ever heard, the guitar intro blew me away and then most of the song was sung without any accompaniment at all - just stunning. The two songs with Patti were gorgeous, I really like seeing them sing together, that rapport is something very special. Land of Hope and Dreams had me in tears, partly because I so wish @tie that bindcould see this show and I know she loves that song, as do I. And finally, the Lords Prayer! It fit absolutely perfectly as a homily to his roots (in the copper beech tree!) and led into a wonderful Born to Run. Those are just some of the highlights. I loved every minute and was completely transfixed. He is one hell of an entertainer and I have never spent a better two hours in a theatre. Mr J took some photos which I will post later.
  12. I am feeling kind of shell shocked! It was amazingly good, will write more tomorrow when it has all sunk in.
  13. I dont think I will have time to post anything tomorrow, as we have to drive to Newark, drop off the car and get ourselves to NYC, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Andrew for creating this thread and to everyone else who has followed our travels around the US. I have a sense of nervous anticipation for tomorrow! Will certainly post something either straight after the show or Friday morning. Now I am hoping for sweet dreams...