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  1. Premier League Prediction Game

    We are actually in Cumbria, Kirkby Lonsdale, but possibly Ilkley on Boxing Day. Plans all changed for our family when my nephew and his wife were involved in a traffic accident last weekend, as they were supposed to be with her family in Argentina over Christmas. She is still in hospital, but should be home on Monday, so we have a hastily rearranged festive season!
  2. Who's Drinking with me

    It’s this weekend. Have a kitchen full of food, tripping over bottles in my hallway, and I have no appetite for food or drink following a flu virus!! I have 24 hours to cure myself...
  3. Premier League Prediction Game

    Week 18 Leicester 3, Crystal Palace 0 Arsenal 3, Newcastle 0 Brighton 1, Burnley 0 Chelsea 2, Southampton 0 Stoke 0, West Ham 0 Watford 1, Huddersfield 0 Man City 3, Spurs 2 West Brom 0, Man Utd 2 Bournemouth 0, Liverpool 1 Everton 1, Swansea 1
  4. Premier League Prediction Game

    Well, I don’t know - Yorkshire is a bit different...
  5. Premier League Prediction Game

    And I’ll be out of the country up your way @stevie54uk!
  6. Premier League Prediction Game

    I did forget! But here’s the remaining seven games. Newcastle 2, Everton 1 Southampton 1, Leicester 1 Swansea 0, Man City 3 Liverpool 2, West Brom 0 Man Utd 2, Bournemouth 0 Spurs 3, Brighton 1 West Ham 0, Arsenal 1
  7. Reasons to Love New York

    Those pictures have cheered me up no end (and I need cheering up)
  8. Premier League Prediction Game

    Week 16 West Ham 1, Chelsea 3 Burnley 2, Watford 0 Crystal Palace 0, Bournemouth 0 Huddersfield 1, Brighton 0 Spurs 2, Stoke 1 Swansea 1, West Brom 0 Newcastle 2, Leicester 1 Southampton 1, Arsenal 2 Liverpool 2, Everton 1 Man Utd 2, Man City 2
  9. Premier League Prediction Game

    Week 15 Chelsea 3, Newcastle 1 Brighton 1, Liverpool 1 Everton 2, Huddersfield 0 Leicester 0, Burnley 1 Stoke 0,Swansea 0 Watford 1, Tottenham 1 West Brom 0, Crystal Palace 1 Arsenal 1, Man Utd 1 Bournemouth 2, Southampton 1 Man City 4, West Ham 0
  10. Our next door neighbours have a new French bulldog puppy, very cute, but all I can hear is No, No, No and Down, Down, Down through the walls!!
  11. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    I think Thursday is the big day, Abbey. You will be especially in my thoughts then. Keep thinking about that trip to NYC when all of this is behind you.
  12. Boredway

    That’s pretty much exactly what Mr J said last night when I told him Broadway had been extended again. As I might have started, or at least contributed to this whole goodbye thing, can I just clarify that it feels as if it might well be goodbye from me to him, not the other way round. I simply can’t see myself at another stadium show, if that is what comes next. Other, smaller venues, then maybe, but so much depends on where, when, ticket prices etc... I felt I was saying goodbye to ESB in Rome last year and I feel I have said goodbye to live Bruce in NYC this October, and I can live with that.
  13. Boredway

    So would I. I have to say, I am surprised it has been extended again. Maybe there is more of the ‘actor’ in him than we thought, afterall, they sign up for 6 months to do a play which doesn’t change. This whole venture has surprised me, who knows what is coming next?