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  1. Ann Jones

    Tie That Bind

    Good morning Linda, does it make it easier for you if we use a large font? (B.T.'s idea)
  2. Ann Jones

    Are we strange?

    Interesting topic. Visiting Asbury Park has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and I loved it, for the reasons already mentioned. As for other artists having a similar pull to a place? Mr J would certainly say Woodstock (yes, we know the festival was elsewhere!) but Bob Dylan lived there for a time and being able to stay in Big Pink was his holy grail. Going down into the basement was amazingly special. Similarly, visiting John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's childhood homes in Liverpool was very special. To be in the bedroom where they wrote their early songs, wow. And I always get a kick out of seeing Penny Lane!
  3. Ann Jones

    Just BRUCE!

    That one really is one of my all time favourite pictures. Brightened up Saturday morning no end!
  4. Ann Jones

    Broadway extended... again

    Wonderful stuff. Those wretched flies are back...
  5. Ann Jones

    Tie That Bind

    Fantastic news Linda. X
  6. Ann Jones

    Vintage Photos of Asbury Park

    JF, do you have pictures of Wildwood? Was it similar to AP when you went there as a kid?
  7. He has mentioned it, but no so directly. I can't remember the precise words, but he quotes Martin Luther King on the arc of progress and says something along the lines of it not bending the right way now. Apologies for being nowhere near as coherent as either Bruce or MLK! I guess what he said the other night had more impact because he is not making a direct attack on Trump every night. It worked anyway, The Boss speaks, the President acts...!
  8. 'You don't know what you got til it's gone' I am missing the FC more than I thought I would. I found it really interesting to read the opinions of ordinary people from various parts of the world. I got more of an insight into Trump's America than by reading the papers, precisely because the comments were not from journalists, but there were also thoughtful threads on many other topics. For example, the fires in Portugal which TomJoad brought to our attention - I had no idea that badly managed forestry was a contributing factor. Steve's wonderful piece about what racism looks like from the school teacher in Johannesberg is another example which comes to mind. I appreciate that some posts were abusive and out of hand and I would skip over any in that vein, but on the whole I think it was an informative and interesting place to hang out.
  9. Ann Jones

    the person below me

    No, but I have been to Iguazu Falls (spectacular) tpbm will watch a World Cup match today
  10. Ann Jones

    Songs that link

    Strawberry Fields
  11. Ann Jones

    Songs A-Z

    King of America Elvis Costello
  12. Ann Jones

    the person below me

    No, only a dog tpbm has roses in their garden
  13. Ann Jones

    Tie That Bind

    Email from Jayne. Linda had the op around lunchtime today. She is ok, but still groggy. Jayne visiting this evening, so will let me know either later today or tomorrow how she is. She thanks everyone for their love and thoughts.
  14. Ann Jones

    the person below me

    No, lucky in that department tpbm misses the Fight Club!
  15. Ann Jones

    Songs A-Z

    I'm Gonna Make You Love Me Supremes & Temptations (and the first present Mr J bought me)