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  1. Thanks BD, a moving and interesting read.
  2. Has anyone seen Roma? If so, please enlighten me on what is so great about it. I could only watch it on tv, as it had such a limited theatrical release, but I thought it was boring (as did Mr J and my sister). However, it has been nominated for best film at the Oscars.
  3. Stan and Ollie this afternoon - loved it!
  4. Ann Jones

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    A high scoring week for everyone
  5. Ann Jones

    We need a second-hand vinyl thread

    Oh now, I like that Pink Cadillac one.
  6. Ann Jones

    the question conversation

    I like to watch tv on a Sunday evening, but usually it's something I have recorded. Do you read in bed?
  7. Ann Jones

    the person below me

    Certainly will! tpbm will give someone a present this week
  8. Ann Jones

    the question conversation

    Yes, I do. Do you look at other forums more than a The Circuit these days?
  9. Ann Jones

    Songs A-Z

    Animal Nitrate - Suede
  10. Ann Jones

    game.... describe yourself alphabetically

    Optimistic that I will get through four days of child care without any catastrophes...
  11. Ann Jones

    Songs that link

    America - Simon & Garfunkel
  12. Ann Jones

    the person below me

    Sadly not. tpbm will try something new this week/next week.
  13. Ann Jones

    BBC4 20.00-21.00 Everly Brothers

    Was it any good?
  14. Ann Jones

    A Little Bit O' Motown in my Soul

    I don't know what age you are JJ (and I am not prying) but Motown is the sound of my teenage years. I hear Reach Out and am transported back to my school hall. Endless evenings listening with my mates, dancing round our handbags at youth club discos. Still guaranteed to get me on the dance floor! Ah, the memories - that's why I love it so much. Motown has to be recorded on the Motown label in my view.
  15. Ann Jones

    Songs that link

    Long Haired Lover from Liverpool - Jimmy Osmond