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  1. Ann Jones

    Songs that link

    Baby, it's cold outside
  2. Ann Jones

    Songs A-Z

    My Girl
  3. Ann Jones

    Broadway extended... again

    Oh red shirts are definitely a thing with the Ladies of the Lake
  4. Ann Jones

    Keeping Faith

    Apparently each scene was shot twice, once in Welsh and once in English and Eve Miles (?) had to learn Welsh? Anyway, my friend knows the house and says he will show us that and some other landmarks when we go in September.
  5. Ann Jones

    Keeping Faith

    Ah, I thought it was her husband as well, but wasn't sure. Saw the friend I was talking about on Saturday. He had seen it when it was on BBC Wales and also said the ending is very good. Another series has been commissioned though, so I hope it doesn't mean we get an unsatisfactory conclusion! The sound is certainly an issue with many programmes - we often seem to pause, rewind and then ask each other 'what did he say...' Jamaica Inn was the worst offender, like you @janeymarywendy, I gave up on it for that very reason.
  6. Ann Jones

    Suggestions please!

    I saw the groom's mum yesterday, she is a really good friend of mine. Anyway, I showed her the card and she told me that the groom's dad is singing If I Should Fall Behind during the service! He is a good musician with a reasonable voice, so hopefully he won't murder it...
  7. Ann Jones

    Keeping Faith

    I am looking forward to it. Can you tell me, was the original broadcast in Welsh? We thought it was, but it clearly hasn't been dubbed, so think we must have got that wrong.
  8. Ann Jones

    Keeping Faith

    Slightly off topic, but the town where Keeping Faith is filmed, Laugharne in Wales, is where my friend who died a couple of months ago wanted her ashes scattered. We are going there on her birthday in September to carry out her wishes. I am seeing her husband later today, so must ask him if he knows where Faith's house is. They have a holiday home there.
  9. Ann Jones

    Keeping Faith

    Yes, a week is a long time to keep everything in my head. Plus, we are watching two other crime dramas, Unforgotten, which I really rate and Safe, which is pretty good, but we are tending to muddle some of the story lines! We can binge watch Safe though as it's on Netflix and might do that over the weekend.
  10. Ann Jones

    Premier League Prediction Game 2018-2019

    But gets me off to a winning start...
  11. Ann Jones

    The Greatest Springsteen Song: Round 2, Stage 4

    I am fine with it taking however long it needs to take. It is important that each round is open for several days to make sure we all get a chance to vote. Not everyone checks in here daily!
  12. Ann Jones

    Suggestions please!

    It's not a shit suggestion - I love it! Kingdom of Days is a very special song for Mr J & me!
  13. Ann Jones

    Suggestions please!

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, we enjoyed reading them and taking time over our choice. We have ordered the card with the Two Hearts line on the front and the verse from If I Should Fall Behind inside, mainly just because I like that song so much more than Book of Dreams, but it was a close call! (I could have asked Paolo to do a poll!)