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  1. Racing is my guaranteed to make me cry track, and I am so happy to get it live. Several years ago when my cousin was very ill I used to have a drive of about 2 hours to visit her. For some reason, I always played Darkness on the way home and would drive through some beautiful English countryside with tears streaming down my face listening to Racing. Then last year when my friend was dying of cancer I would do the same. I remember getting back from the hospice one day and posting on here that sometimes, Racing is the only song I need. Although I associate it with two women I loved dying, I love it more than I can say.
  2. Yes, that's Safraz! Also Gurinder in the Athena shop.
  3. Looking forward to this one. Timothy Spall has got very thin...
  4. Saw this today. I really didn't like it for about the first hour (almost left the cinema) I hadn't a clue what was going on! However, I am pleased I stuck with it. The acting was great, Brad and Leo were terrific together I thought. I liked all the period detail and the way it was shot. Terrific soundtrack and a very good and unexpected ending. Brandy was the standout star!!
  5. Mr J is reading a book called a The Wichita Lineman, by Dylan Jones. It's about the song, but he keeps reading bits out to me about Bruce. He says it is a really good read.
  6. Two more friends saw it on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it - neither of them Bruce fans, but they did say to me this morning that they now get what I have been boring them rigid with for years!!
  7. We should open a book on who is going to be the first to see the trailer at a cinema
  8. I think a tie is appropriate. I struggled with which way to go, so I am happy with the result.
  9. I think from the point of view of a sixth form college student here in the UK at the time, Bruce would not have been particularly cool. I was a 'mature student' from 1987 to 1989 and I don't remember any of the younger people in the college at the time listening to Bruce. I don't think they actually said the concerts were not sold out, just that that particular branch of HMV hadn't sold any tickets. And, believe it or not, we really did go into a record shop to buy our tickets back then!
  10. I had to go with songs of hope at the moment. There must be some hope...
  11. Seeing BBTL with Tie this afternoon in a really lovely old cinema (The Electric) in Birmingham.
  12. I think this sounds wonderful. Full marks to Bruce for continually surprising us after all these years.