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  1. Week 33 Norwich 0, Brighton 1 Leicester 2 Crystal Palace 1 Man Utd 2, Bournemouth 0 Wolves 1, Arsenal 0 Chelsea 1, Watford 1 Burnley 0, Sheffield United 1 Newcastle 3, West Ham 2 Liverpool 3, Villa 0 Southampton 1, Man City 3 Spurs 1, Everton 1
  2. Red Roses for a Blue Lady (no idea who sang this)
  3. Good Year for the Roses - Elvis Costello (and others)
  4. Bread and Roses - Kat Healey (I admit to never having heard this song, but I googled it to see if there was a song of the same title on Judy Collins album, Bread and Roses)
  5. Yes, a mixture of sun and cloud. A neighbour came round and we sat in the garden for an hour over coffee and cake - very enjoyable. When did you last travel on public transport?
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head there MM! It wasn't my youth, which isn't to say I didn't enjoy it. I did, but the equivalent show for me would be hosted by Stevie Wonder, with guests Martha Reeves and Diana Ross reminiscing about 60's and 70's Motown! I hope Bruce carries on with the shows, they are something to look forward to each week and I really appreciate the variety and the research that goes into each broadcast. Good work Bruce.
  7. Fun, but I enjoyed episodes 5 & 6 more. I guess I prefer angry, political Bruce!
  8. Thanks @Born To Walk I've just had a trial run and it worked! It better still be working at 3 o'clock...
  9. I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down - Elvis Costello
  10. Thanks Keith. I will be trying tomorrow. Apparently, it was because I was trying through Safari that it didn't work last time - this is all too confusing, but your instructions look easy enough to follow!