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  1. Today with your mum garden peas or mushy peas with my fish & chips (answers by tomorrow, please!)
  2. Seaton, Devon. We have a lovely see view, but you will have to take my word for it!
  3. I think he is/has been ill. I first noticed it when he was in Summer of Rockets on tv.
  4. Flight - I am a coward croissant or pain au chocolat?
  5. And the answer to my wondering question, is that no I can't post a picture - file too big! I might have to see if I can understand JF's instructions, but we have only just figured out how to turn everything on in our friend's caravan...
  6. Yes, both available from Amazon. I thought I might put it on kindle as it would be cheap, but it isn't. I will look for a copy when we go into a town or else I will order one when I get home. Would rather get it from Waterstones. I know they are a big organisation and they don't pay their staff very well, but I still prefer them to Amazon and would be gutted if my local branch closed!
  7. My absolute favourite is Casablanca. After that, there are many! I think Top Hat is my favourite Astaire/Rogers and I adore Singing in the Rain, Breakfast at Tiffanys, African Queen and, of course Roman Holiday. I will think of many more I am sure.
  8. Didn't enjoy school or the college I went to straight out of school, but really enjoyed college as a mature student (aged 34!) so the answer would be college East or West coast of America?
  9. Just finished reading this - so funny! Features politicians Bunter Jolly, Guppy Toad and Plantagenet Greased-Hogg - no idea who these characters are based on.
  10. So do I! In fact Mr J thinks he remembers me saying I wouldn't read it again.
  11. I remember buying tickets (possibly not for Bruce) from HMV in Birmingham.
  12. Only Devon! I might find it in a bookshop there. I have plenty of other books, so it's not that important.