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  1. Just dropped in to see who had won - congrats @stevie54uk
  2. This is my candle. I bought a bunch of lilies today and when I unwrapped them this rose fell out. It must have broken off from a bunch of roses and landed in my lilies, but when I saw it I straight away thought it was a rose for Rosie.
  3. Daisey's talk of candles got me thinking about whether we could all light a candle for her at home on the same day?
  4. Daisey, I'm not Catholic either, but I love to visit churches when I am travelling and have lit candles all over the place for the people I have loved and lost. Some churches have a set price for candles, others just ask for a donation - pay what you want. I have certainly lit more than one candle! I am sure BD & JJ will confirm that anyone is welcome.
  5. That's true but you will also get to a place where you can remember her with joy and be grateful for what you shared without it tearing you apart. There are songs I thought I would never listen to again after my niece died, but now I do and I remember the good times.
  6. Rachel I have just found one and emailed it to you. Let me know if you get it.
  7. I saw some of those videos too - I think she must have been a wonderful teacher.
  8. I couldn't do it on a Mac either. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!
  9. I've just done a trawl back through old messages and found our exchanges around the time WS was released. We both instantly fell in love with it, others were less keen (to say the least) Re-Reading some of the comments we made have had me laughing out loud. I still can't get my head around the fact that I will never again hear my phone ping with one of those emoji filled messages from Marsha.
  10. My big regret was not making the time to meet Marsha when we were in AP. I promised myself that next time... She was one of the best people, even though I only knew her as a 'pen pal' I enjoyed our correspondence so much. RIP Jersey Girl
  11. Dan I am so sorry to hear this. Janeymarywendy just told me, so I dropped by to send you my condolences. That is a lovely tribute and picture you have posted. Take care, Ann x
  12. Roy, I don't come here often, but I am so pleased a mutual friend told me you had posted. Sending you and your family loads of love. Ann x
  13. I guess it's obvious that I am no longer playing. I enjoyed playing the last two seasons, it was a lot of fun. Thanks to @DarknessandHope. May the best man win, as the only woman has left the building! Ann
  14. Week 5 Everton 2,Liverpool 3 Chelsea 2, Southampton 1 Leicester 3, Villa 2 Newcastle 1, Man Utd 1 Sheffield United 2, Fulham 1 West Brom 2, Burnley 0 Man City 3, Arsenal 2 Palace 2, Brighton 1 Spurs 2, West Ham 2 Leeds 3, Wolves 1
  15. Week 4 Chelsea 2, Crystal Palace 0 Everton 2, Brighton 0 Leeds 2, Man City 2 Newcastle 1, Burnley 0 Leicester 2, West Ham 1 Southampton 1, West Brom 0 Arsenal 1, Sheffield United 0 Wolves 2, Fulham 0 Man Utd 2, Spurs 0 Villa 1, Liverpool 4
  16. Week 3 Brighton 1, Man Utd 2 Crystal Palace 1, Everton 2 West Brom 1, Chelsea 2 Burnley 1, Southampton 1 Sheffield United 2, Leeds 2 Spurs 1, Newcastle 0 Man City 2, Leicester 0 West Ham 1, Wolves 1 Fulham 1, Villa 0 Liverpool 3, Arsenal 1
  17. Week 2 Everton 1, West Brom 1 Leeds 2, Fulham 0 Man Utd 3, Crystal Palace 0 Arsenal 2, West Ham 1 Southampton 1, Spurs 0 Newcastle 2, Brighton 0 Chelsea 2, Liverpool 2 Leicester 2, Burnley 0 Villa 0, Sheffield United 0 Wolves 1, Man City 2
  18. Week 1 Fulham 1, Arsenal 1 Crystal Palace 1, Southampton 0 West Ham 1, Newcastle 0 Liverpool 3, Leeds 1 West Brom 2, Leicester 1 Spurs 2, Everton 0 Brighton 1, Chelsea 1 Sheffield United 0, Wolves 0
  19. New album from Josh Ritter - See here, I have built you a mansion. Outstanding cover of Dire Straits 'Brothers In Arms'
  20. Sad Eyed Lady Of the Lowlands - Bob Dylan
  21. Interesting cover versions of Dylan songs - some I like. Excellent album title!
  22. Give me Michelle any day - there's a lady with real style. And she wore that tee shirt about not caring when she went to the border. Unless that was meant to be ironic.
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