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  1. Amazing post! My favorite movie of all time is STAR WARS episode III: Revenge of the sith just because of those reasons. Never imagined that the box-set actually had a dramaturgy...
  2. FYC: amazing band playing some good songs with great attitude before rounding off with a song which reminds us that the greatest songs doesn't need a band. Man's Job Human Touch Lucky Town I Wish I Were Blind Thunder Road
  3. If you could only have 5 of Bruce's live OR studio songs, and they have to be next to each other on the album, which 5 would you pick?
  4. i'd love some more orchestral work. devils and dust is an all time great. according to BS he has recorded a not yet released an orchestral suit. but it may be BS: http://www.backstreets.com/news040107.html
  5. I like this list better since it excludes many of the greatest hits albums on the 2003 list. And my two favorites from the 2003 list make the top 2! And Lucinda Willams 1998 masterpieceis in the top 100. and Bowies Station to Station almost tops Ziggy. Darkness overteakes Born in the USA as should be. Yet I miss The River and Tunnel of Love of course. And Sign of the Times tops Purple Rain six days a week. One could go on forever. 1. Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On - 1971 2. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds - 1967 3. Joni Mitchell - Blue - 1971 4. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of
  6. "Trump is stupid" - unrecorded jam from the kitchen while bruce was cooking 10/21/20
  7. If you vote for someone who is racist and sexist you're quite dumb.
  8. Thunder Road - went in to my sis room 7 o clock saturday morning, woke her up, and said: "Listen to this". "Shut up! I do it later". 11 o clock she's been listening to it at least thrice. I knock on the door and theres a smile I wont forget.
  9. No this is one the great ones. First song by bruce I've listened to seven eight times consecutively in a really long time (others being the one two punch of "Girls in their Summerclothes/I'll Work For Your Love", Outlaw Pete, Queen of the Supermarket and I'm Alive). I'm not kidding, but this sounds seriously better than anything on Born in the USA and takes the sentiment of Bobby Jean and No Surrender to another eternal level. It is probably one of the epicest power music i've heard -- much because of the length and chanting aura which makes it grow and grow and grow.
  10. Listened to Born to Run late last night. Quite a good song. Born to Run This Hard Land The River Brilliant Disguise Badlands Thunder Road Gotta Get That Feeling Devils and Dust I'll Work For Your Love Outlaw Pete
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