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  1. 77-80 is the golden era with the promise, doteot, tracks disc 2 and the river. Thats about 40 great songs penned.
  2. The River Tunnel of Love Nebraska Darkness on the Edge of Town The Wild, The Innocent and The E-Street Shuffle Born to Run Born in the USA Wrecking Ball Human Touch The Rising Magic High Hopes Working on a Dream Lucky Town Greetings From Asbury Park Devils and Dust The Ghost of Tom Joad
  3. And people here were embracing Queen of the supermarket (fantastic song by the way). This is almost not not bad
  4. Human Touch is probably the springsteen album I listen to the most. It's such an easy listening. I do believe though that Human Touch is an album which could have been recorded by so many other artists from that time. I mean: Darkness, The River, Nebraska and Tunnel of Love are albums that ONLY bruce could have made. Human Touch is an unbelievably strong Phil Collins album.
  5. Is a dream a lie if Dont come true or is it something worse?
  6. Badlands — damn i just love how universal it is and still just being sung dialogue with a “baby”.
  7. The setlist looks great, and truth to be told, I like it best when Bruce goes for the 2 hours 30 min concerts. 3 hours 30 min is too much.
  8. March 22 / Cincinnati, OH / U.S. Bank Arena please "A disappointing night in Cincinnati, a far cry from the exuberant, adrenalized performance in Indy just two nights ago. Not that adrenaline was in short supply tonight -- you might actually consider it the culprit. Springsteen took the band through the show at such a breakneck pace, they had barely passed the two-hour mark by the time "American Land" was through. That's not just clock-watching -- it was sorely felt in the performance, with hardcore fans in the crowd wondering all night, "What the... Why is he racing through this?" Pacing within songs, pacing between songs, very little talk... was there a plane to catch?"
  9. Sunny Day from this concert is performed at light speed. Good days come again.
  10. Always forget how great this song really is. over the top heavy. And it's faster than you think. 135bpm only 10bpm slower than Born to Run
  11. Pony Boy? What if bruce replaced every character of his with pony boy? Outlaw Pony Stolen Pony Hungry Pony Gotta Get That Pony Human Pony Cautios Pony We Take Care of Our Ponies Pony on the Edge of Town Devils and Ponies I'm a Pony! It's Hard to be a Pony in the City Pony Of Love Used Pony Pony on Fire Candy's Pony Cadillac Pony My City of Ponies Tougher Than the Pony Local Pony Pony in the USA Pony on the Highway Lucky Pony Pony in the Night Pony Boy of the Supermarket Ponyland Mary's Pony Adam Raised a Pony Land of Ponies and Dreams Pony in the Dark Thunderpony Man's Pony Pony in the Flood She's the Pony Brilliant Pony The Promised Pony Radio Pony Pony Pony Two Ponies Because the Pony Lonesome Pony The E-Street Pony Walk like a Pony American Pony 4th of July (Pony) Pony's back Wild Pony's Circus Story Pony Boy on 57th Street Pony Boy (Come out tonight) New York City Pony Boy My Lucky Pony Pony 99 My Father's Pony Pony on the Hill Things just got surreal....
  12. Let's Be Friends (Skin to Skin) that was horrible a horrible experience....
  13. Congratz! You and I (and another guy here) were almost exactly the same age when we became fans; you when Wrecking Ball was released, we when Magic was released. I wonder how many of us here were fans before the age of 15.
  14. I know Bruce doesn't like his Born in the USA-Masterpiece and I've never heard or read him talk about "I'm Going Down", but it seems as this song is the one he liked the most 2012. It's the only song -- when live -- he seems to have the will and power to reconstruct it nowadays. Here's from sevilla 2012 (with a gorgeous solo from Steve) and night #2 Gothenburg with an even more gorgeous interlude before the last verse (just listen to that roar):
  15. Ah, i thought you meant his right hand. Yes, in his left hand you can see patti.
  16. What are you lookin at exactly? Her nose looks pretty by the way. And the rest of her face too of course. But that nose...
  17. Wow... Just wow... I have never seen this before.... wow... wow... I have never really understood why he's called the boss. But now I do. He is just standing there and singing it with such devotion. And as for the band... They really were (and sometimes are) pros.... Just like this band:
  18. "We Take Car...."The Ties That Bind"!!! First song night #2 in Paris 2012. The drums hinted at "We Take Care of Our Own" which opened up the first night (or "Rendez-Vous -- which would have been a great opening as well).
  19. This Life (2009) The harmonies in the end of the songs are terrible....
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