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  1. I've got 2 tickets for Sunday 2nd if anyone's interested. No charge as I won them in a competition.
  2. Really enjoyed it, very interesting. Loved all the early stories or the upstage and how busy and vibrant Asbury was. Visited a few years ago and last night made me realise how much I want to go back. Sound was also very poor
  3. Showcase cinema Nantgarw for me, really looking forward to it. Trailer looks good
  4. A very enjoyable night. Haven't seen them before but agree with all of Promises comments above. Shame about his voice but a good show and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.
  5. Saw the Cardiff show, my first visit to the Tramshed nice venue and very good sound where we were. Hadn't heard much of Craig but thoroughly enjoyed his set. Brian seemed on top form and made several references to certain members of the crowd in bath, nice set, and plenty of chat and humour which was well received. Finished with 59 sound on piano as a thank you for our good behaviour
  6. Glad you enjoyed, I've seen the singer a few times as 'Simply Springsteen' and always a good show, i always thought a full band would benefit as they can play a more varied set. They are quite local so even though I'm not a big fan of tributes I get a night of Bruce and a few beers, and now I get Loose Ends as well
  7. Saturday 9th EVI Ebbw Vale https://www.brucejuice.rocks
  8. I agree, always loved that song felt lucky to get it in the Manchester 'santa' show