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  1. I just had an email through for 2 tickets. Thanks again for your offer. I hope you see this in time.
  2. Thanks! Starting to feel like the Waterstones meet and greet all over again. Need to remember my mantra - iwenttobroadwayiwenttobroadwayiwenttobroadway...
  3. Are emails still coming through? ...if anyone needs a plus one...
  4. It did but then an update went out last night saying due to high numbers they are closing submissions this morning and first batch contacted tonight. Keeping fingers crossed.
  5. Anyone heard anything? Thought people were being contacted this evening and I’m wearing out my refresh button.
  6. Sorry if I’ve missed this but has much been said about the limited vinyl versions? (The email from Badlands made it sound like there will be two limited versions, but seems to be just the multi-coloured clear vinyl). Also see the CD is just coming in a cardboard sleeve.
  7. Bundles!
  8. Vinyl and cd links now up for preorder on Amazon. Expect the price to drop! Springsteen On Broadway [VINYL] Springsteen On Broadway
  9. Thank you! There are images from inside too which I found via your link - Not the best quality, but I've stuck them into Publisher to print off a mini playbill. Now just to create replicas of the cups and find a British stockist of Asbury Blonde (currently considering Boss Blonde as more readily available alternative).
  10. Anyone who is attending a show from the U.K.: Would you please be able to do me a MASSIVE favour and grab a playbill for me? They’re free and generally give one per person but you’ll see loads littering the place by the end. I’m hosting an event for a few friends to watch the Netflix special and would like to have a playbill to share with my guests. I would of course cover shipping charges. I have one from when I went, however I’m trying to preserve it and would like to avoid it being thumbed through. My alternative plan is it try and find a digital version to print if anyone’s seen such a thing?
  11. Random one - Anyone know where I can order some Asbury Blonde Ale in the U.K.? Want to stock up on the authentic SoB drink ready for Netflix. Thanks!