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  1. Plus I think it’s a bit too late for the anonymity thing when it’s been my real name for 3+ years and you all know what I look like and people already follow me on social media so hey ho
  2. Hmmm glaciale.. perhaps a new song about global warming?
  3. Is there actually anything that even rhymes with my name?
  4. It makes me so happy seeing them two together. I’ll never forget seeing them in London back in December
  5. I’ve had that said to me a few times!! The first time was actually Tina from the Danny Clinch gallery! Every time I go someone says it... if that ain’t a sign... If I was to change it I definitely think it’d have to be that! But I’m not good with change!
  6. Love that too! I’ve always been tempted by something that could relate to me as well. Sadly my name doesn’t get a mention in any Bruce songs!