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  1. Yeah Woody was struggling to get up and walk around much at all.. he’d started crying very early in the morning for my mum so I think the end was near anyway. I’m just glad we had such a long time with him and I know he’s in a better place now
  2. thank you everyone my mum said that after they’d taken Woody away, she went into the kitchen and my dad went upstairs and when he came downstairs there was a white feather on the carpet where he’d been lying.. No idea how it got there but it’s a sign he’s left us and that he’s okay i hope
  3. Thank you.. it hasn’t fully hit me yet knowing he’s not in pain anymore is what’s important though
  4. Said goodbye to my baby Woody yesterday after 15 years... I begged my mum and dad for a dog every single day growing up and I remember the day they told me I could have one. Going to pick him up as a puppy, he was the one that came to us. My mum was crouching down looking at all the puppies and he came running into her nearly knocking her over. Do we choose the dog or do they choose us? I remember spending forever just staring at him in disbelief I finally had a dog. It’s going to be weird going home from now on not being greeted with a wagging tail and feet tip-tapping on the floor.. It’s going to take some adjusting, I’ve had him for most of my life but at least I’ll always have him in my heart and have the memories 15 was a good age!! he’s at peace now...
  5. You were also someone I wondered about as I know Broadway didn’t interest you. I’m glad you found a positive in the end though.
  6. I agree about the audiobook, I’m amazed that he took the time to sit and record it himself. That’s another big part of why I loved the book so much. I know a lot of people said that they didn’t like the way he sounded on it, but I could just sit and listen to him tell his stories for hours. I listened to the audiobook for the second time on the flight on my way to America for the first time and it was so special. It sounds strange, but I wish I could read the book for the very first time again.
  7. I wondered about you because obviously you got to go to the book tour, so wasn’t sure if that would play a part! But I guess that’s separate from the book itself in this sense. You’re going to love the film Ann, believe me. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
  8. I think you’ll like the live album. I loved the production quality of the studio album, but there’s something about the rawer, less perfect live versions that you just can’t beat. Especially with Stones and Western Stars.
  9. So last week at the London premiere of Western Stars, Bruce said how in recent years he’s been doing a lot of ’one-off’s’. He won’t do another book, another play or another movie. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how incredible each individual project has been and how lucky we are as fans. It’s been a special time, in my opinion, and I feel like we’re coming to the end of the ‘reflective’ period. I guess I’d just really love to know which out of the ‘one-off’ trifecta you loved the most, meant the most to you, was the most surprising etc.. what are your thoughts now knowing that there is confirmation from Bruce himself that he plans to record and tour with the E Street Band next year? I know with the likes of the book and the Broadway show that people were just wondering what it meant for the future of the band and if there would be another tour. Has your thoughts on Broadway changed at all, now you know the future plans? Are you glad Bruce took the time to do these creatively different things in the mean time? For me personally, I have a very hard time choosing between the Born To Run autobiography and Springsteen On Broadway. I loved his book almost as much as I love BTR the album. It was a mesmerising insight into Bruce’s life and journey and I think a lot of things in that book, I needed to hear. It helped me a lot. The Broadway show on the other hand, was an incredibly special thing for me. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of, and has provided me with memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. The reason Western Stars for me is lacking behind is because as much as I loved it, I’m not sure it was entirely a film for me. Which is totally ok, don’t get me wrong. I just feel like this film will mean a lot more to his older fans, and the ones who have lived life. I absolutely love that he’s made this film though, because it is phenomenal. The way it’s filmed, the sound, the album coming to life... it’s beautiful. I just don’t have the story yet, and I think that’s what’s missing for me. I can’t however wait to watch it in years to come, with more years behind me and reflect on that time I watched this beautiful film with the man himself a few rows behind me. So yeah... thoughts? I’m just really intrigued to know how other people are feeling right now, now that we know what’s coming next.
  10. Also after my little accident I walked out the right door and was waiting in the little entrance bit for my friend who I didn’t know had already gone outside and Sam Fender was stood like right across from me too and we made eye contact but I was too shy to say hi to him
  11. He literally held the curtain open for me and was like ‘hi how are you doing?’ And I wasn’t even paying attention I just saw a wall ahead of me instead of like the outside bit and was like oh this isn’t the exit?!? Turned to my left and Bruce was right there