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  1. Well I’ve had tickets for the Clarence movie premiere for about 2 years now and it’s finally happening, so I’m going over for that for a few days! Then this was announced yesterday and it’s straight after that film, so it’s all worked out. It’ll be a nice Bruce-filled day in Asbury! I’m excited, it’s almost been 6 months since I was last there! Plus Jake is going to be there for the Q&A afterwards so that’ll be cool
  2. Me and @rosiejaneymary will be providing the scoop
  3. I’m bringing this thread back, because it’s only bloody finally happening 2 years later!! https://www.apmff.org/tickets/2019/3/11/clarence-clemons-who-do-i-think-i-am Tickets are on sale for it now - https://www1.ticketmaster.com/apmff-clarence-clemons-who-do-i-asbury-park-new-jersey-04-27-2019/event/00005669A939469B I’m excited! I’ve also just found out from Facebook that Jake Clemons is the special guest for the Q&A also. Its been a long time coming...
  4. https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2019/03/20/bruce-springsteen-archives-show-never-seen-and-rare-boss-footage-apmff/3220738002/ Really looking forward to seeing this, especially the footage from the early days. I definitely think the Q&A will be interesting after!
  5. These sets of photos from the book I have are some of my favourite ever. Bruce is definitely such a dream.
  6. This is definitely the hardest one so far. I would’ve solely stuck with Winterland if we had an archive release of it.
  7. Slightly sad that with the little stands they have, they didn’t make a trampoline one specially for Nils
  8. Haven’t had much spare money to be spending on records for a little while, but I went on a trip to Camden a couple of weeks ago and picked up a few things & have managed to order a couple from eBay too. From Camden: already had the 7” BITUSA single, so was just filling gaps by getting the 12”. For £5 and mint condition I’m not really complaining! From EBay: Patti Scialfa 7” Spanish promo single. Her music on LP’s is quite hard to come by I’ve found, so when I saw this, and it being one of my favourites, I had to order it. I’d really love to get the actual Rumble Doll album too. And last but not least... Rosalita 12” Maxi single. Not rare or anything but I really liked that it came with Night and Racing in the Street.
  9. I was watching both of these on eBay! Congrats on getting them.
  10. Edit button exists again, we’re alright it’s because I read you wrote 1985 ok
  11. The Kansas ‘84 campaign has been officially started
  12. I’m honestly embarrassed to say I still have not watched it! But thank you for the interest you’ll know when I’ve watched it as I’ll post on here my thoughts. Funnily enough though I’ve been watching clips from it on YouTube every now and then.. I think I actually forget that I have the dvd. And glad you found your clip!
  13. Only had to go back to page 110 to find it for you @tie that bind, but here you go!! and some more.. because a girl likes options!