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  1. I’m going to be in NJ in 10 days but that didn’t stop me when they announced this again! Managed to get all of us tickets at the front.. Fingers crossed it’s as good as last year!
  2. I’m jealous!! I’ve never had them wrapped in dough? Sounds nice though! My whole house currently smells like turkey and bacon so I’m happy Same to you American mom!! Xxx
  3. Well everywhere in town closed early except for us because we’re a pharmacy! It definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas all that much but the busyness is kind of nice sometimes because it makes the days go quicker definitely some relaxing now!! I’ve just come back from a winter walk with my friend and her dog and I think that’s all the exercise I’ll be doing for the next few days Merry Christmas to you too!! I hope you have a great time and get some rest too
  4. I’ve just finished work.. day number 4 of hell on Earth. So busy. So so busy.. is it too early to start drinking for tomorrow? Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it’s a good one! i’m off now until Monday so you’ll catch me in bed for the foreseeable future eating chocolate and not much else I’m ready for pigs in blankets.. and what are they wrapped in?!? American bacon I believe
  5. Has anyone listened yet?!? How’s it sounding? I need my Preachers Daughter into She’s The One
  6. I can see my photo now but not yours!! It’s a sign you should change it
  7. This is my favourite show ever and I currently have 31p in my bank account payday Monday... this is gonna be a long weekend
  8. White boxes for me on my phone! Except for you. You are the chosen one.