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  1. I had an email response from Seat Geek about the app issue for people outside of the US. Here’s part of it: “The App Store uses your IP Address's location to dictate what you can and cannot download. When you get to the United States to attend this event, you should be able to download the SeatGeek app once you connect your phone to any local, US based Wi-Fi. In addition, the barcode will only be made available after you've successfully completed the COVID survey, which will show up in the app 24 hours prior to the event. If you continue to have issues, the Box Office will also
  2. https://shopuk.thekillersmusic.com/*/*/DUSTLAND-T-SHIRT/70NG0000000 Only available for a few days to pre order! I got one. I’d love to hear them perform this song live one day
  3. Okay thank you I’ve now set an end date for the money pool! I will of course screenshot everything to show you and I think you get an official email or something once it’s all done? So hopefully I can print that off too. Thank you everyone, I can’t believe we managed to do this for her and I’m so grateful
  4. I guess after the year I’ve had I was just desperate for something to look forward to. I’m well aware of the high possibility I can’t go, but I also know I can sell my ticket.
  5. Hi everyone I’ve been thinking a lot about Marsha lately and how usually I would’ve been talking to her about Bruce tickets and everything. It felt so weird trying for a ticket without her. It felt weird getting my vaccine and not being able to share the news with her. I feel like I’m always going to have this bit of emptiness inside me now because for so many years she was there for me to share everything with and I just don’t know when I’ll get used to her being gone. I don’t think I ever will. it’s so nice to see her friends getting to visit the bench, and I think eve
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/16/world/bruce-springsteen-broadway-vaccine.html#click=https://t.co/w3VKL3GlYC
  7. I just read this and I don’t really know what to do they never responded to my email or direct message on Twitter I guess it’s my own fault for thinking that I’d be able to go
  8. Can we pray to the music gods that 1. I’m allowed in the country and 2. I can get my second vaccine 2 weeks before I’m terrified because I want this to look forward to so much
  9. I just managed to get a second ticket for someone for $300 so keep clicking on the date and coming back out and all different prices come up. A few times a $200 ticket came up
  10. Does anyone have a link to the seating chart with all the numbers and rows?
  11. Thank you!! I emailed them but they haven’t replied yet but that helps a lot. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get there or not yet, we’ll see. I need to try and schedule my second vaccine at least two weeks before too so Im really risking it completely. I guess that’s just how desperate I was for something to look forward to I’m sure I can sell my ticket if I have to though. im glad you’re doing better and are fully vaccinated!! thank you! You too!
  12. I think you have to actually have your iPhone set to living in US I’m going to see if I can change anything on my old phone
  13. Running into an issue already though - it says I have to show a barcode to get in to the show using the app but the app isn’t available on U.K. App Store.. help i just messaged them
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