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  1. I’m not 100% sure when mine expires, I’ll have a look this week and let you know! I assume that it will have, I think they only last for 2 years
  2. November I can travel!! It’s been 19 months since I was last in Asbury Park! I can finally see the bench! My heart is going to burst
  3. I have a VIP ticket for sale for Sea Hear Now in Asbury Park this weekend - $510 I’m unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Ticket can be picked up at will call, ive confirmed this with the ticket agency and I will provide all the details. Message me if interested
  4. http://www.borderkitchen.nl/event/stevie-van-zandt/?fbclid=IwAR08ngjL6bMJi9mo6hxyUzYuB9sJydmIgQ5wWneK9u08q4d5hIcNJ10K67U Netherlands on 6th October
  5. Marsha actually gave me her tshirt from the MetLife show that was made in honour of Rich. She sent me it as a gift along with another one before the two of us had ever even met. I never knew him only what she told me but every time I wear the tshirt I think of his memory and all the great things I’ve read about him on here. I need to find the documentary online so I can watch it
  6. I remember being 5/6 and taking the lyric booklet out of the Abba CD and learning to read through that I was obsessed that would be fun! I don’t have a pod though I got the dance floor next to the stage .. some may call it ‘general admission’ (but actuallt the most expensive because it wouldn’t let me book it without booking it as a hotel package)
  7. I just saw you tagged me in it so I had a read!! Thank you I didn’t realise maybe other lakers will be there the same night and I’ll get to say hi. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to say hi to anyone! awwwww that’s so cute!! I’m starting at a new chemist on Monday. I’ve been transferred to a little one. Maybe it looks like the one next to you! That’s so nice. I’m really nervous, I’ve been at my work for so long and it feels like a big change. Hopefully a positive one!!
  8. Yes first night!! dance floor tickets! I’m so ready!
  9. Don’t go too wild!! I’m glad you got what you hoped for. I on the other hand plan on perfecting my dance moves for the next 8 months If they are, I will probably pass out. I know Agnetha and Frida going is a long shot but if they did, I don’t think I’d ever recover. I think Benny and Björn will definitely pop up here and there, they really love it and they like engaging which is nice. I’m sad it’s so long away, I’m excited!
  10. I’m glad you managed to get in eventually! Did you get the date you wanted? I saw that the first night was sold out before it went on general sale, so I feel super lucky to have got those tickets. I wonder if any of the members will be there, or if there will be a show before that for press etc
  11. Oh I know, i was looking at the hashtag on Twitter and it seemed like every single person had a problem paying except for me. I got on at 10 and there was only 1000 people in the queue ahead, and by 10:06 I had two tickets for opening night. I had to buy the hotel package though because they didn’t have standard general admission.. I’m excited to dance and sing my lil heart out though
  12. Wait whattttt? Is there a full list of places he’s coming to somewhere?
  13. Happiest of Birthdays @Daisey Jeep!!! Sending you all the love and hugs from across the world. I hope your day is as wonderful as you
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