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  1. I went to visit the bench on Christmas Eve so I could say merry Christmas to Marsha. I also went on New Years Eve too
  2. So update I’m still in NJ, my flight was cancelled yesterday and I tested positive for Covid! So I’m not sure when I will get back home yet. I’m super sick, so hopefully it doesn’t last too much longer. Just thankful I’m vaccinated
  3. We went and saw Darlene Love last night in Red Bank! I’ve wanted to see her for so long and it was one of my Christmas dreams to see her sing her song from Home Alone 2 that the ESB played with her live. She told some good Bruce stories and oh my god she does not seem 80 years old at all!! Her voice is probably the best vocals I’ve ever seen live. It was magical and so much fun!! IMG_0939.MOV
  4. I’m not staying in a hotel thankfully!! Once this week is over I have a whole week to relax and do nothing before new year
  5. I think this trip is going to be a lot more relaxing just eating nice food and relaxing and I’m probably going to stay away from New York City after this week. I want to go and see the Rockefeller tree for the first time so once I’ve done that I won’t need to head back into the city! I’ve heard Covid is awful there at the moment and things are starting to get postponed/cancelled again and it’s making me so nervous
  6. I think it might just be!!! I need to get my traditional empty boardwalk pic
  7. Update: I’m on the plane to New Jersey! By some miracle I’m actually spending Christmas & New Year here so I will definitely try to get some photos for you all and it means I can get some more photos of the bench too
  8. Thank you! I’m just so glad I haven’t ended up with Covid at the same time. I’ve been so terrified of catching it, especially with the new variant and I don’t think my body would do well fighting it right now. I’m so happy I got to see the bench and I can’t wait to visit it again and spend some more time there
  9. Awww thank you Daisey! yeah Christmas I always think of Marsha because every year she would send me a huge box full of stuff all the way from NJ including peanut butter Santa’s which were my favourite. I looked forward to them every year! I still have a bunch of stuff I’d collected over the past year of stuff I’d got for her to send over for her birthday and for Christmas. I’ll have to find a way/someone to gift them to! I’ve had to work so haven’t really had much time to rest although I did go home sick a few days because I just couldn’t even stand. The last couple of months has been super tough health wise and I’ve never had to really worry as much as this so I just feel exhausted! I hope you’re doing well though & can have a happy and healthy rest of the year
  10. Thank you I really hope if and when the tour starts and people come from all over to start visiting Asbury again everyone will get to see the bench. I’m just so thankful that we all could make it happen and it’s comforting to know that there’s a place for her always in Asbury
  11. Hi everyone!! super super sorry for not being on here, I ended up getting sick with a chest infection which then spread and made me sick like how I was when I was in hospital and it’s been a nightmare. I’m on my 5th round of antibiotics in the space of a month.. not fun. Just fingers crossed I feel better soon! NJ was amazing!! It was so weird to be back but even though it had been so long it also felt like no time really at all. It was a dream. I finally got to see the bench. I met up with Marsha’s husband Ray and her friend Jay who I know in Asbury and we walked over to the bench together. As soon as we saw each other the tears came and it felt impossible to hold them in. I didn’t want to be sad though because I know Marsha wouldn’t want me to be sad in Asbury, so I tried to be brave and take some deep breaths. The bench is so perfect. It’s in the perfect location, I couldn’t have asked for it in a more perfect place… I just couldn’t believe it. I knew visiting it, everything would finally sink in which hurt a lot. But Jay brought her guitar with her and she played a beautiful song called Miracle which she wrote in memory of Marsha. We joined in with some of the words and all sat on the bench and got photos. Leaving a space for Marsha in between of course. Even though it did sink in, everything that’s happened, it still doesn’t feel like she’s really gone and I don’t think she ever really will be. Her spirit and presence lives on in everything I do and every day I think about her and speak to her in my head. I’m so so grateful I got to finally visit the bench and grateful to everyone here that’s a part of it. We as a community now have a place to go in memory of Marsha and somewhere to pay tribute to everything she was and that makes me so happy. I hope to see pictures of more people visiting in months and years to come!!
  12. I wore layers yesterday and was nice and toasty it says in new York it’s going to be 18 degrees today which is like British summer time? Surely not
  13. Ok I am exhausted!! We’ve had two days in NYC, we went to a Rangers game at MSG on Tuesday night & I had pho for the first time! Im officially a real hockey fan though I even bought a tshirt and a hat! Then yesterday we got the subway to brooklyn and walked across the bridge, went shopping in Times Square & then headed to Central Park. We had our traditional Olive Garden too.. those breadsticks are up there with American bacon
  14. I have plans to see Ray and Marsha’s friend Jay on Monday so I might not see the bench until then, I’m not sure yet. I don’t know whether to wait or not
  15. I’m alive and well and in the great state of new jersey! I’m heading into New York today though for a couple of days to be a tourist
  16. 25 minutes to landing!! I can almost taste the American bacon
  17. I did not see the pony sadly but I didn’t go to any fancy lounges aren’t they just for inner circle??
  18. I’m on my way to the airport! I managed to get up and get ready but it was definitely a struggle can you believe I fly to New Jersey today?!?
  19. My test was negative so I’m all ready to fly tomorrow morning!! My alarm is set for 3:30am. Pray for me please
  20. Made it to london! Just checked into the hotel. I have to go and get my PCR test so wish me luck
  21. I’m on the train to london!! I haven’t been to london since the last time I flew to America. This is so weird. It’s like so much time has passed but none at all
  22. So now I’ve rebooked everything I just started organising all of my stuff and started packing. This is my first time going to New Jersey in almost 2 years… Before I started, I came across a card that Marsha gave me and on the envelope it reads ‘Welcome Home’ maybe a sign? Maybe not. But I’ll take it. It made me cry It’s from the first time I flew by myself back in April 2019 to stay with Marsha & Ray, and when we went to the APFF. She really was the most thoughtful and sweetest person ever
  23. Thank you so much, I do feel better just being very careful!! I rebooked for Monday so hopefully everything goes well
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