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  1. Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your kind words. I appreciate all of the thanks, I just really feel like I don’t deserve it because it’s the least I can do for Marsha and for Ray and for us as a community to remember her. Having you all here and your kind words has really helped me the last month and I want you all to know that I have really good news, the proof of the plaque has been confirmed and I’ve just sent the payment for the plaque. We should see the bench ready by July, but we’re hoping for June. I’m so happy that I could make it happen, and I want to thank you all again for your incredibly kind and generous contributions that made this so special. I don’t think I will post the proof of the plaque, because I think it’ll be more special to wait and for you all to see it when it’s been made and when the bench is ready. All I can say is that it’s beautiful, and it made me cry.. a lot. My heart is in this and knowing that Marsha will always have a place on the Asbury Park boardwalk fills me with so much happiness. I miss her so much and I wish that I could be there with her physically, but having that there for her and knowing that she will always be there with me spiritually is so special too. Now that it’s been paid for and confirmed, I have a lot of relief and knowing that it’s really happening now makes me happy here’s the confirmation of the payment for you all: I still have the PayPal contribution pool page up, with the excess for the money to go to St Jude’s in it. We actually reached £999! That’s before of course I transferred the money for the bench to the APCoC. I will keep the page up until we are all ready for the money to be sent to St Jude’s on Marsha’s behalf thank you all so much again for helping to make this happen
  2. I think that video might just be the most beautiful thing ever. To see her at her happiest with the biggest smile. I can’t watch it without crying, but I know that video is how we should remember Marsha
  3. Hi everyone Just an update that the proof of the plaque is on its way, and we will hopefully see the bench before summer. Sorry to not have spoken for a little while, I’ve been a little overwhelmed and it’s 2 years ago today that me and Marsha were in Asbury, front row, seeing Bruce at the AP film festival. It was one of the best days of my life and I’d do anything to be back there right now. It was the perfect day, with perfect company. I’ll remember it forever. I’ve talked to Ray and he sent me something he would like to share with you all, as he has now read this thread and all of your wonderfully kind messages about Marsha. I will copy and paste it here: Greetings to all--- my name is Ray and i am the very lucky husband of Marsha, better known as RJM to most of you on this Greasy Lake site. Rachel has been my main connection with you all since March 22. She has shared a link with many, many messages from all of you expressing support and heartfelt words for my bride. I am extremely grateful that you have taken the time to share your collective feelings. I realize only a handful of you have actually met Marsha in person and got the chance to know this warm and miracle of a human being . When i first met her, i immediately recognized her selfless and caring ways. She was an amazing educator, teaching children in grades 1-3 for over 30 years. I used to visit her classroom every year to get the chance to know her kids and see how she managed the multiple personalities and create an amazing bond with them. I realize I am not objective when it comes to complimenting my wife but she truy had a special gift when it came to teaching and connecting with children. We had 21 wonderful years together and of course we assumed we would have at least another 21 or more to share with each other. But when her health began to fade late last fall into this past winter, it was all too apparent our time would be cut short. ALS is a very difficult diagnosis to get and we had no chance but to deal with it as best as we could. We were told many patients get anywhere from 1-5 years or more once diagnosed. But in Marsha's case, it was a terribly fast decline from the initial symptoms until she was called home. So for her sake, I ask you to take some comfort knowing her suffering is over and she is no longer in distress. And this is the most important thing that matters most to me. She really enjoyed all of her correspondence with you over the years regarding Bruce as the main topic along with several other life issues I am sure that were discussed as well. And regarding Bruce, to see Marsha at a show was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Watching her joy and passion come to life made me smile as wide as I possibly could every time. I feel compelled to share a video below of Marsha at a show we attended together. I shot it with my phone and it tells you all you need to know about her complete dedication and love for Bruce. Lastly, as you know, Rachel came up with the idea of an inscription on a bench in Asbury Park in memory of my bride. When I found out about this I wanted to reach across the Atlantic ocean and hug her for thinking of such an appropriate and inspiring act of love. I thank you all for your generous donations . Rachel tells me the amount came in well over the initial request and the balance will go to St. Jude's Hospital here in the US. I can promise you Marsha is beaming with joy. Later this summer I will drive to Asbury Park to see the bench as they told us it will take approximately 10 weeks to finalize. It is a relatively short drive of about 75 miles or approx 120 kilometers so this will be an easy thing to do. I am sure it will be bittersweet the first time I go to Asbury without Marsha but knowing she will have a permanent place on a bench on the boardwalk gives me another reason to smile and feel so lucky that she blessed me with her overall goodness and love. With sincere appreciation to all of you, Ray IMG_2171.MOV
  4. So we all know of Marsha’s love of all things Peanuts.. she would always send me a card at Christmas with a Peanuts sticker or send me Peanuts quote pictures and cards. Well I went into the town next to mine for the first time since December, into a little store I’d never been in, or really paid much attention to before. It’s one of those independent stores that is like a house inside. So I went up the first set of stairs, and they had an abundance of American candy and snacks. Heaven for me. I haven’t had those things in over a year, so of course I stocked up on airheads, Pepperidge farm goldfish etc. Up to the second flight of stairs, and the first thing I see is a corner full of vinyl records and a Bruce record staring me in the face. I’m On Fire to be exact (which I was tempted to buy, despite already having it in about 3 different versions). I turned the other way to a small room and in there on the top shelf was a selection of Peanuts mugs. The kind of mugs that you keep forever, if you know what I mean. Mugs that are always at the back of the cupboard, survive moves, marriages, families etc. They had 3 different ones, and I chose the one in the middle with all of the characters on the front. I went back to the record section and looked for Bruce, where they had 3 records. Two I had, but I didn’t actually have a vintage Darkness record yet. Singles and promos, but not the actual album. So I bought it.. and a Billy Joel one too. Today I got some nice coffee, a new cafetière and made myself a beautiful cup of black coffee in my new mug. One of the things that bonded me and Marsha together, was our love of Gilmore Girls, and if you’ve seen it, you know coffee is a big role in that series. I often referred to Marsha as the Lorelei to my Rory. Where she leads, I will follow. Well, I made my first cup of black coffee for months after quitting drinking it, in my new mug, and the first sip was like a warm hug encasing me. I let the tears come to my eyes, and then I began typing this. And here we are. I took some pictures of the mug to share with everyone, because I hope that I have it forever. I hope that it survives moves, marriage and families. I hope that one day in the future, maybe my future kids will point to the mug and ask about it.. and I’ll tell them this story, and all about our friend Marsha.
  5. Rach is cute! I like Rach thank you.. WE did really well! It’s the power and kindness of community
  6. You are the sweetest Daisey! I really don’t want you to feel bad about the fees, I feel bad they were even a thing for you. Ive just treated myself to some black coffee (I quit drinking it many months ago) in memory of Marsha and my new mug.. I’ll post pics in a minute!
  7. Awww!! Beautiful.. I always look out for signs too. It’s comforting to think they’re always with us
  8. Still receiving contributions (which is just incredible) so I wanted to show you where we are at now. We’ve almost raised £1000 in Marsha’s memory, which I think works out at around $1350... I can’t believe it. Once the bench is paid for, which should be the next day or so, it looks like we’ll have around $700 to do a memorial donation to St.Jude’s. Everyone’s kindness and generosity has been so overwhelming. I never expected this.. especially with how hard times are right now. I think it just shows the impact that our RJM had here and I hope that she is smiling somewhere.
  9. I really had no idea about the fee for you so I will donate an extra $10 to cover the amount you spend on fees so it can go to St Judes on your behalf
  10. Thank you so much Daisey and Rob! ❤️ I got the notification to say that it worked. So sorry about the fees, I had no idea about that and no one had mentioned they had to pay any before
  11. Don’t worry Daisey!! There’s no rush I don’t think you need a PayPal account to contribute? At least, that’s what I read when I set up the contribution pool. I’m not sure if anyone on here has done it without using a PayPal account! that’s so wonderful thank you! I’m trying to keep note of every person who has been kind enough to contribute so Ray knows
  12. Also wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who have contributed in the last few days. At the moment I think we’re almost at $600 to donate to St.Jude’s in Marsha’s memory which just blows my mind. I’m not sure if there’s a few more people who still want to contribute? I’m losing track because I made the names anonymous on the PayPal. I’ll leave it open for a little bit longer just incase! thank you so so much again
  13. Thank you, I really feel like it’s the least I can do. I just want to make sure we can all remember her in the best possible way and honour everything that she was. I hope that we all get to visit the bench one day
  14. I know it will be hard but I do look forward to seeing her bench in Asbury. It was ‘our’ place, and always will be
  15. Hey everyone Sorry to have disappeared for a few days, no I didn’t run off with your money! I just got really overwhelmed and felt kind of numb so took some time out to try and deal with my feelings. I’ll read through all my notifications in a sec, I just wanted to update and let you know that Ray has emailed me with what he would like written on the plaque. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll email it to the APCoC so we can get a proof of the plaque for the bench. hope you’re all okay
  16. Of course we will wait for you! I’ve not put an end date on the contribution page so that people can continue to contribute despite reaching the goal. You’re going to be part of it just as much as everyone else, no matter what you contribute ❤️ Marsha was our friend and this memorial bench in her memory will be for all of us to remember her ❤️
  17. Update: The AP COC have replied and they’ve said that I can PayPal them the money which is great news as it will go directly from the memorial plaque fund!! I was a bit worried about sending a check all the way from England, more so now that it wasn’t just my money. So I emailed and asked if I could send it another way and they’ve given me their PayPal address. They also said that you can choose where on the boardwalk you would like it to be placed, so I have just emailed Ray to let him know. Also, once me/Ray have confirmed the proof of the plaque, it will take around 8-10 weeks but potentially even sooner depending on the manufacturer’s workload. So the bench should be ready maybe just after Memorial Day?
  18. I believe it’s St. Jude’s the Children’s Hospital: https://www.stjude.org But I need to clarify with Ray that it’s this one. @Skin2Skin will be able to confirm it, as I know she made a donation there! There is an option on the site to make a dedicated donation:
  19. We’re now at around $450 to donate to St.Jude’s oh my god!! I can’t wait to let Ray know! Thank you so much!!
  20. Me neither.. some days it hits, some days I just feel like it can’t possibly be x
  21. It really feels like the least I can do for someone so special. I wish that I could do more. There’s so much more I’d love to do, if I had the resources/Covid wasn’t a thing Well, it was played on my town’s local radio yesterday and it’s very rare I hear any bruce or current music on there, so it always feels a little bit more special when I do hear it. One of the few times Bruce has been played on there was as I pulled up to my driveway after visiting New Jersey for the very first time. It’s definitely going to be a song that will stick with me forever
  22. I just emailed the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce again, so I’ll update once they’ve responded
  23. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8yg4bbvGF7 I have updated the description so that everyone is aware/can see where the excess money will go
  24. Hi again! I’ve heard back from Ray, and he said that he would like the excess contributions to be made to St.Jude’s as Marsha and him would make a donation there every year at Christmas. At the moment, I think the money to be donated stands at around $350 which is amazing, so thank you so so much. If you are still wanting to contribute towards the donation to St.Jude’s on Marsha’s behalf, then the contribution PayPal page is still open and will stay open until I have paid for the bench. I’ve sent Ray the form that you fill in for what is written on the memorial plaque, and I’ve said he can take as long as he needs to get back to me. I’m going to email the AP chamber of commerce today and see if they can give me any more details about when we can expect the bench to be ready I just want to say again how grateful I am for all of you and all of the contributions. The kindness that’s been shown has just been incredible. also if anyone has any questions about anything please ask! I’m trying to keep you updated as much as possible ❤️ I was at work yesterday and I’ll See You In My Dreams came on my local radio... it’s the little things like that that help you get through the day. ❤️
  25. I think that she will be smiling down on all of us, it really will be so special knowing that so many of us contributed ❤️
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