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  1. That’s maybe one of the nicest things that has ever been said to me, so thank you so much for making my day. It’s so nice to have this place still after all these years. I feel like I have kind of grown up a little bit on here! I hope you have a great weekend too. Thank you so much for contributing. I’m excited for the first picture of Marsha’s bench to be taken! I wonder if they will tell me when it will be ready. It would be nice if we could have an idea so we can go and visit
  2. Ah ok, I didn’t realise it gives you the option to be anonymous? Maybe I should leave it so people have the option to tick anonymous? Or should I make everyone anonymous? If you still have trouble later, I can give you the link to my PayPal and transfer it into the fund myself if you would like. Just let me know
  3. https://paypal.me/pools/c/8yg4bbvGF7 If you click on this link does it come up ok? It should show the page with a button to ‘contribute’. I’m not sure if maybe because I’ve edited the amount it’s just having a moment
  4. Update: I’ve changed the goal amount to £475 based on the exchange rate and I’ve also turned off showing names of contributors so you can donate anonymously
  5. this is what it looks like for anyone interested so it’s kind of similar to a go fund me just less public
  6. Oops! I’ll see if I can change it!! I just saw your contribution, thank you so much!
  7. Ok, I’ve figured out a way to do this! Through PayPal money pools where you can start a collection between friends. I’ve set one up titled ‘Marsha’s Memorial Bench’ and if you contribute your name will be shown and you will be able to see how much is raised. I haven’t put an end date on it so there’s no pressure to contribute straight away or even in the next week or so. Of course I will post updates about this collection on this thread and I will get back in touch with the people in AP who are responsible for the benches to let them know the situation. Is this okay with everyone? here’s the link to the collection pool: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8yg4bbvGF7 thank you again ❤️ Edit: I also put £600 as the target because it wouldn’t let me change it to dollars and I’m not sure what $650 converts to in pounds??
  8. That is so wonderful thank you ❤️ I really hope that it all works out
  9. I’m happy to do it through PayPal if people are comfortable with that. I of course will provide all of the proof of everything because I know that’s important. I have to mail the check from England, but I’m not sure if I emailed the AP chamber of commerce again if I could maybe do a bank transfer instead. that is so so kind of you Mikey. It really means so much to see people wanting to contribute and I know that Ray is going to be blown away by everyone’s generosity on here I will wait a few days before I begin anything to give people the chance to see the post and then I will go to Ray and let him know what we’ve managed to gather together. Of course if there was to be surplus then I would ask him which charity he would like it to be donated to
  10. You shouldn’t feel bad at all! It was good to have something so special to read today. I hope that we can meet one day in AP! That sounds perfect. I’m sure wherever we meet, whenever we meet, Marsha will be there with us
  11. I really feel horrible asking people for money during these times but I didn’t want to not give people the option to contribute if they would like to. I know how much she meant to people here and it seems only right to ask if people would like to be involved. Of course if it’s okay with the mods too
  12. I will check with Ray to make sure that a Gofundme would be okay with him, but if there was anything to send to a charity as well that would be incredible
  13. As I mentioned above, I’ve had a tough few days now dealing with everything and it’s honestly been one of the worst weeks of my entire life. I’ve felt however that I can’t just sit around and do nothing, and not do something to honour @rosiejaneymary and everything she was and loved. So I thought to myself what can I do? What came to mind, is that I would like to get Marsha a memorial bench dedicated to her in Asbury Park. Of course my first thought was to check with her husband Ray to make sure that he was ok with it and he loves the idea which makes me so happy. For Marsha to have her own presence on the Asbury Park boardwalk, where we spent so much time looking out at the ocean, breathing in the salty sea air and being at our happiest. I know that’s where Marsha was her happiest, so this is something I really want to do for her. I emailed the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce and they said it would be fine for me to send a check for the cost of the memorial bench from England. It’s $650 and I’m totally fine paying it by myself, but I’ve been thinking about it and I just felt like it would be wrong of me to go ahead and do it without mentioning it on here and asking if anyone would like to contribute. I’m not asking for contributions, I know money is tight now more than ever, but I know how much Marsha meant to so many people on here and it just felt wrong to make this something that was just mine. She was our Rosie. I’m not expecting anything from anyone, so please don’t feel obligated. I just wanted to give people the option to be involved if they would like to be. I’m not sure how I will work it out, but I guess someone will know how to. Anyway, I hope that I can get the memorial bench organised soon. Due to Covid I think the benches might still be removed from the boardwalk? But the site says they will be placed back when it’s safe, and the memorial plaque will be there for years to come. Perhaps if any of us visit Asbury we’ll be able to look out for the bench, and take some time to say hi to our dear friend. ❤️
  14. Thank you so so much for sharing that with us. I’ve had such a tough few days dealing with it and reading this really put a smile on my face because it just summed up everything Marsha was. She told me the story about you too and that’s something that I loved about her. She was so proud of the connections she had made and the people she knew, and in turn, I felt the same way. I hope that sometime in the future, when it’s safe, we can all meet and pay our respects to Marsha and honour the person that she was. She really was taken too soon and did not deserve to suffer with the things that she did and it breaks my heart that someone so special had to deal with that. What you wrote has really stuck with me, especially the bit where you said ‘it’s hard to explain how you can form a bond with someone after one meeting’. I think Marsha just had a natural gift for making connections and friendships. She is everything I hope and would like to be. Thank you so much for taking the time to write something so lovely, it’s really made my day reading that
  15. Upside down! She would’ve laughed at that. The way it should be!! ❤️
  16. So beautiful. Thank you so much everyone for doing something so lovely ❤️ seeing all the pictures has really helped me today. I’ll print off all of the pictures for the impending scrapbook
  17. That is so beautiful Daisey ❤️ I will do the same at 7pm tonight.. I also have the same coaster! I have to say I find it so strange that before, I never really had a personal connection with I’ll See You In My Dreams, I only loved the song based off of the connections that were told to me. Now I have my own personal connection to it and it just sinks in so deeply. I have a feeling it’s going to be the song I’ll associate with this time forever
  18. You can call her Rosie!! Don’t feel like you have to say Marsha on this thread
  19. One of my friends who came with me to NY/NJ back in 2018, and met Marsha gave me this today. It’s like a beach pebble, and she had it personalised for me. It’s so beautiful I wanted to share it here
  20. Well, a couple of years ago for Christmas I got given a scrapbook made out of a Greetings From Asbury Park record. I left it blank because I wanted to save it for something special enough to fill it. I’m glad that I waited because I think that it would be perfect to save the memories of her and to put these kinds of wonderful messages in. It can be a book that honours her memory and everything she loved I’ll definitely try and make it as special as I can
  21. I will definitely make sure he’s aware and all of her family too. I know he knows how much she made a difference here, but I really would like him to have something physical as a reminder. Marsha even renamed their downstairs where I would stay the ‘Laker Suite’!
  22. I was thinking of all of the wonderful messages people have written on this thread and thought it would be nice to print them off and eventually give them to Marsha’s husband when the time is right. Some of the things written have been so beautiful and so heartfelt, I feel it’d only be right for him and her family to read them as they were written. So if everyone is okay with me doing that, I will make something nice to one day give to him and her family. If anyone would like to write a message or even PM me a message to honour @rosiejaneymary’s memory, then I would love to be able to include that too
  23. It’s actually Marsha’s birthday today. Usually I would stay up until midnight or wake up super early so I could send her a huge birthday message right at midnight with various Bruce pictures or Gilmore Girls pictures and remind her of how much I love and care about her. It seems weird this year not being able to do that and I’ve spent a lot of the time thinking of all of the things I would’ve said to her today if I could. I’d always hoped that I’d be able to give her a birthday as special as the ones she gave me 2 years in a row. The most delicious chocolate cake from Wegman’s, all of her favourite snacks and a Bruce show playing in the background. She deserved it too. I still have a whole bunch of presents for her that I’ve collected over the past year, ready for when she was comfortable for me to send her mail again or when I could see her. I so wish I could’ve seen her face when opening them. Although I can’t celebrate her life and her birthday with her or the way I wanted to, I know that I can have my own little celebration of her life today with a listen to Bruce and maybe even a slice of cake. I’m determined to make today a day of celebration rather than sadness ❤️
  24. I understand completely. In the time I’ve been on the Lake I’ve built some of the most important friendships of my life, and I’ve never felt so supported and cared about until I came here. I just really really hope that with Marsha gone, we can reflect on ourselves in this place and remember to be kind and caring towards others like she always was. You have no idea what a difference some kindness can make ❤️
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