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  1. Does anyone know if its possible to watch the Danny Clinch Behind the Lens that he did for the Morrison Hotel Gallery on Instagram TV. Saw him advertise it but it was on at a time I couldn't watch
  2. Not everyone did though LOL. It is a great basis for the essay how Bruce presents himself as a working man but his jeans are designer. The idea of the jeans is that they were one of the first fashion items in Rock n Roll and therefore symbolic.
  3. Trust you. How the devil are you, long time no see.
  4. This was a serious question, I know it doesn't matter what jeans he wears but my student is looking at the relationship between fashion and music, the role image plays in music and fandom, how people identify with the artists. She wants to look at how Bruce has gone from wearing ordinary 501 jeans to designer jeans and wants the brands to research prices etc. What was interesting was that even before Born in the USA, Bruce was styled by Tommy Hilfiger according to a book by Lynn Goldsmith.
  5. I am helping a student who is writing a piece on fashion in music and has asked about Bruce because of his blue collar image and the way that he seems to have moved from Levi jeans to designer brands. Does anyone know the type of jeans Bruce wears, I know there are probably loads but he does seem to wear similar ones in various shades from what what i can see. thanks Steve
  6. He was in court in London trying to gain back ownership of some of his early music. I remember it making the news over here.
  7. I think the main difference is that Nils writes his solos whereas Bruce and Stevie tend more to improvising, that doesn't mean to say that Nils can't improvise. I think Stevie's onstage role has changed as well since Clarence passed, he has become an onstage foil for Bruce as well as a guitarist. In terms of sound I don't think any of the guitars sound particularly muddy, one thing that does stand out to me is that they all tend towards Fender guitars, if they were all playing Gibson guitars for instance then the sound would get muddy. Nothing against Gibson by the way just my observation and I must admit to having a preference for Fenders myself and Gibson for acoustics.
  8. Hi  Please accept my apologies I completely forgot about the Songs book.  I lost my job the week before Christmas so my mind was on other things and I just realised today when I logged into the Lake for the first time since then.

    I hope you've found a good home for it and once again sorry I didn't mean to waste your time.



  9. Alive out there