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  1. Hi Does anyone have the first Amnesty show at Wembley 1988-09-02 - WEMBLEY STADIUM, LONDON, ENGLAND Not sure if it exists but I seem to remember having a cassette version years ago thanks very much
  2. I bought the digital version of the book and can't watch this, does anyone have a link please
  3. Thanks I'll get the official download if its still available
  4. Does anyone have a copy of Helsinki 31st July 2012, apologies for asking if this was released by Nugs
  5. Does anyone have Manchester Apollo 13 May 1981 please
  6. Sorry for the late response. Not looking good for next year, but theyre always going to be a yoyo team without the money some of the other clubs have.
  7. Up the Millers another Rotherham lad here
  8. Not sure if I've missed it or if it was available at all but thought Bruce inducting Landau would have been available on You Tube
  9. Been a while since I've posted on here about the band but we have an actual LIVE gig. The Toolmakers Brewery, Sheffield Tickets are very limited to make sure we meet government restrictions and are available here https://www.wegottickets.com/event/505117 We will start earlier than usual to make sure we can play our long set and meet the curfew and make sure we leave no one alive. The venue is sorted for social distancing and have had other events during covid so have got the safety side of things sorted Hope to see you there EastStreetBand.uk
  10. Can anyone please post Philadelphia 03/09/2012 Many thanks in advance
  11. Yes that's me, I front the East Street Band, say it out loud it makes sense. We've been going around 11 years now, the picture was from the Mayfair Hotel in London I believe Www.eaststreetband.uk Or we're on Facebook
  12. Thanks I wasn't sure if it would be against the rules or not. I'll create a play list and listen to them that way. Is there a compilation of covers from through the years available.
  13. Streets of Fire studio version is just sonically beautiful
  14. Is there a compilation of the covers from the Wrecking Ball /High Hopes tour. I'm looking forsuch as Stayin Alive, Don't Change, Friday on My Mind. I know some of the were posted on Bruce's site as videos so hope this isn't against the rules.
  15. i I recently downloaded Coventry 16 from Nugs for the second time, having lost the first one when my hard drive crashed taking with it many other things as well. I have downloaded the files, and eventually got around to playing the show discovered that a number of songs are missing, I have contacted Nugs 3 times so far but get nothing back except that a ticket has been created. Does anyone have anuy ideas as to what i can do to get this matter resolved, anyone else had issues with downloads from them.
  16. Strange request, I bought the Ricoh Arena 2016 show from Nugs for the second timelast week, having already lost one download to a broken hard drive. Finally got round to playing it today and Save My Love is missing. Could someone help me out with this song, I've contacted Nugs to see if they can help, I thought i might just not have imported it into iTunes properly but its missing from the originals as well.
  17. He played with Southside and others for the Just Before The Dawn film premiere party and used a Les Paul. That was only a couple of years back, if you look on Backstreets setlists its on there and loads of You Tube videos as well.
  18. Thank you sorry about the date, I'll include it in any future requests.
  19. Could someone upload Paris Dust Night please. Thanks
  20. Sorted, I just left it and it sorted itself. Thank you very much again for your generosity in sharing these.
  21. Sorry to be a pain but I've tried downloading the Live 75-88 Outakes 3 times and it gets to 99% and says temporary error. Any idea why this could be I've tried different computers as well so I don't think its my end. Thanks again
  22. Could someone upload Live 75 -88 the Outakes compilation please. Thanks in advance
  23. No problem, I'll buy it again from Nugs
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