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  1. QPR ! - 2 Aston Villa Terry and Kodjia out injured still win
  2. Villa v noses is not a friendly match more like a fight from start to finish (Unfortunately on and off the pitch)
  3. I haven't given up on Villa, i just reached a point in my life where sitting on a plastic seat outside on a freezing wet Wednesday night, didn't seem quite as appealing to me any more. I used to book my holidays so i wouldn't miss match and followed Villa away and across Europe. But now i'm happy with just watching the odd game on tv
  4. blues 0-0 Aston Villa Highlights of local derby was watching idiots throw clappers on the pitch, and Davies hitting underside of bar and the ball staying out!!!!
  5. I spent over 30 years going, Now the money i save i can go to extra Bruce shows including Braodway
  6. Aston Villa 2 - 1 Fulham John Terry scores his first goal and into play off positions for first time this season, and next game is ...............................................
  7. 77 against Liverpool i remember that game as it was first year i started going to Villa games, it was 5-1 and it could have been 10 Neale Cooper played for us in about 86
  8. Aston Villa 1 - 0 Bolton Wanderers Four league wins on the bounce Whats happening? We are winning some games
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