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  1. After all we have endured in all our different countries over the past 18 months - what a great video, a breath of fresh air and actually giving a bit of hope and positivity to a song I had grown to really dislike! Love the vid, I hope Bruce sees it too - we all need that sunny day.❤
  2. You might be onto something here - Spurs have an NFL pitch they can slide out on top of the grass football pitch. It is part of the long term design of teh place to allow for NFL and possibly gigs too. This is one stadium in England that actually could host a Bruce gig without damaging the playing surface - I just hope the acoustics and sound are better than Wembley!
  3. Totally- across the whole world, this song now has a new and more deep a meaning. I bet he has been thinking of this for weeks and crossed off so many songs before settling on one that just makes everyone sit up and notice once again.
  4. What a spell binding and inspired choice of song for today. Beautiful.
  5. Thanks Oli! What a night in Milan and what a great our that was - would love to be back to days like these once again
  6. Thanks for the post Daisey, always good to get a nudge and be reminded of just how good this album really is. Having been fortunate to take my kids to their very first gig on this tour the album holds some amazing memories. The songs stand the test of time and I still find that Rocky Ground, Jack of all Trades and This Depression surprise me each time I return to the album. We take care of our own and Wrecking Ball were live favourites but I still prefer the LINYC version of Land of Hope and Dreams as it always takes on a huge life of it's own when played live. Might not be high on everyone else's list but it is an album that still ranks highly and needs a revisit every now and again as a reminder of how good it is.
  7. Second time in a week I have been introduced to Jack Antonoff. Amazing talent and what is good enough for Taylor Swift then great to see Bruce support a fellow New Jersey singer/ songwriter/ producer. Love this song.
  8. Simply beautiful, appreciate you posting the Bruce songs to avoid trawling through the whole show. Long Walk Home keeps coming back to us - a big part of Hilary Clinton's election campaign 4 years ago and so much more resounding now. Yet released 13 years ago with so many other non- political; meanings for so many. A wonderful song that needs greater respect and love.
  9. That was one emotional watch. To see the themes of each song play out in front of your eyes was one thing, to add the narrative just pushed it over the limit. Beautifully filmed and some rather dark overtones throughout which JL showed in the end and George Thiess does throughout. Simply beautiful to watch a band of blood brothers make such a remarkable album.
  10. The into to to Don't Give up - in The UK and just found a way of listening to this show online, those words mean as much from this side of The Atlantic as they do from Bruce. Labor Day in 2020 - Don't Give up is such an amazing sentiment.
  11. Never tire of listening to this - still my go to version of Racing, just makes you wonder where did those 11 years go! Never to be forgotten performance and the last time I saw Clarence.
  12. Love Maria McKee and I'm just glad I read through all the comments, before I posted. Awful is possibly the most polite description of someone who I thought could nail those high notes and make it her own. When I saw the thread title I was thinking we were onto something - alas not - no offence to those who try but why piss about with something that has taken an age to get to being recorded in the first place and is deemed as perfection on release. Lesson to nearly all - not worth covering a Bruce song
  13. The songs that followed all had the same sentiment and the whole show became his statement. Typically Bruce! From the heart and as he has always seen it.
  14. Would never had guessed that one. Of all the songs that U2 and Bono have ever written, they needed a bit more of a thank you to Bruce, for the inspiration than choosing that Having said that - writing to the artist or family to explain his choice sounds like something that would fill my next week of lockdown in the UK. Leaving aside the shite song choices by Bono , there are some tunes on his list that are worth a revisit - Echo and the Bunnymen , This Mortal Coil, Joy Division, New Order, Taking Heads, Arcade Fire and a few more. Shame he spoilt it by adding in the gobshite stuff - to get everyone to react! Otherwise nobody would have noticed he was 60
  15. I have posted this before and in order to remain consistent will concur with the OP - Hyde Park is just the most incredible version of Racing - but is enhanced by the visuals looking back. I was there , The Clarence, the mood of the crowd and the time of day just made it at the time. On the DVD the look on Nils face as the complete wall of sound encapsulated the band sums the whole song up - no matter where you hear it, it has the ability to just strike a chord in every single part of your body. My 15 year old son is doing some Instagram challenge that involves nominating a song for every day of the month. Greatest song he has ever heard? … Racing in the Street by Bruce Springsteen . Proud Dad moment!
  16. Try clicking on this and see if it gets you to free Sirius Xm - its free until the middle of MAy in the UK which is pretty darn good news as we usually cant get to listen. https://player.siriusxm.com/now-playing
  17. Something spiritual about the choice of songs and the performance too. LOHAD is just the biggest kick up the ass we all need - an injection of hope , of our future and of all of our Bruce moments either listening or at a gig. One of my most favourite songs and now has added meaning. Jersey Girl - well I think he even had Tom Waits welling up, Amazing! I have often been critical of Patti in the past but her vocals ( and guitar playing) on both songs were beautiful. We live in an ever changing world and if any of us look at this and it is our last 'live' Bruce moment - it was a good one Stay safe and stay alive xx
  18. Great call!! As long we can download it though - Tracks 2 would be exactly what all of us need in these times .
  19. Just listening to the night before the newly released Nugs Gothenburg night 2 from 2012 - Springsteen Vevo site has been showing Drive all Night for years and still gives me goosebumps - Jake nailed the sax in that song as a tour premiere and then in his first Jungleland the night after. Simply beautiful.
  20. I watched the film for the first time last night - took a while to explain to my kids that the racist way of life in the early 80's was a true depiction of life in major UK cities at the time. They also were bedazzled at my knowledge of all the 80's incidental music throughout the film. As a film it was a good use of time with the story being a traditional growing up tale that John Hughes would have been proud of - back in the day! The intertwining of Bruce in the storyline and the passion of his music became a singalong that I'm glad we were not in the cinema for. Being based on a true story - and the music carried it all the way! Just like it has for many of us in real life too.
  21. ...and so possibly finds itself reworked into the very artistic essence that will make a new E Street record based on what is happening in the world right now. Who knows, but along with the REM song - "end of the world" seems quite appropriate in these times.
  22. The sunset, the sax, the moment, The Big Man. Just tear inducing and magnificent at the same time.
  23. Love the song - simply something different that did not fit the albums being produced yet something that still holds its own today. Great to reference it to mental health @ crushonoutlawpete - never thought of it like that but given Bruce's struggle with depression I see it entirely in this song. The inclusion in the Paris gig was so unexpected and yet so welcomed by those who were there who had been requesting on that tour. A great reason to go back and dig out Tracks, so many gems in there and as with opinions on here - songs we either like or don't - and that is a good thing!
  24. I've said it before and I 'll say it again - I just love this version of Racing and so glad it is available online again for everyone to enjoy. Just beautiful and that look on Nils face just about sums it all up!
  25. Maybe they will keep us all waiting and release Racing and Jungleland as the final, double instalment once we have been through the rest of the DVD
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