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  1. Just watched Blinded by the Light and realised this was the programme in the film
  2. Just watched this film at last. I think they managed to convey the inspirational impact of Bruce very well, something we can all relate to. But incredibly cheesy at times and a bit over simplified but hey it’s a musical ! Good fun !
  3. I don’t understand why it is necessary to be like this toward people who have a faith . Disagree with them and choose your path but don’t be scornful about it .
  4. Not bad, drags on a bit, couple of great performances, wouldn't have banked on Spielberg rolling out Duel, Jaws, ET, Raiders, Jurassic and Close encoutners after this though!
  5. .....could you explain what this is in laymans terms ???
  6. Haha it’s for all seasons ! Anyway your winter is our summer so if I was in NZ it would be my winter playlist too
  7. He was only ever Bilbo, not Frodo , that was Elijah Wood..... Nevertheless, I agree , he was a go to actor to pull off an excellent performance.... Ash in Alien, Greystoke, Chariots of Fire...very sad news
  8. The Waterboys also played Because The Night during live shows in the 80s (as an ode to both Bruce and Patti, obviously) Ah yes of course Because the Night , it’s on the live adventures of the waterboys album ... forgot about that , thanks
  9. @TheBoss @Paolo's Circus Story you got me wondering about Mike Scott and fanzines so I tweeted him and got this reply straight away !
  10. Didn't know he edited Springsteen fanzines, that looks more Punk... Im a big Waterboys fan and I've only known him cover one song...a great cover of Independence Day.