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  1. Brilliant ... but I wouldn’t fuck with Silvio ! Bit of a weird thread for me , I don’t really speculate on Bruce’s personal life , I prefer to mind my own business . I don’t really get these holiday snaps and stuff , it’s his private life .i guess that’s one if the reasons I didn’t lament missing BOB . I do respect enormously his love for his mum and his family though . for me it’s all about the music .....
  2. Not so sure about intermissions , it would be like a sports match , half time and queues out the bogs ! Anyway we can rely on waitin on a sunny day to take a toilet break !
  3. Yeah Pearl Jam ... 1 date in London , As usual Eddie forgets about the other 60 million people living in Uk ....absolute bollox .
  4. Sam Fender Jan 30th Brum sisters of mercy Leeds March 10 Machine Head June 6th Brum Tom KeiferKeiferband July 17th Buckley
  5. Oh Patti that was incredible ! My favourite Neil Young song ..... thanks for sharing ludomichel
  6. I think it’s naughty gremlins. Sitting there realising how much fun they can have by putting Bruce Springsteen pretend dates on websites and watching us all go into meltdown !
  7. The Brits are an embarrassment . If he does win I reckon his second cousins pet gerbil will accept the award on his behalf. If he does appear then it will be the coup of the century for the Brits, and I don’t say that lightly. He could single handedly make the Brits credible again if he did appear, but I reckon he would not waste his time.
  8. Is it too soon to make a joke ? . Some of those titles made me smile... and then tell my self off ...... is billy Joel gonna play ???
  9. I love music . I love live music . I have an eclectic taste . I listen to Bob Dylan, Machine Head, the sisters of mercy, Rammstein , arch enemy, yeah yeah yeahs, pistols , the clash , floyd and zep but no one and I mean no one speaks to me like Bruce does . Bruce reaches my soul , his words are simple but they resonate stronger than all, he is like a friend and on a stage he’s the godamn most badass mutha on this planet..... NO ONE can touch him . If my friends don’t get it tough on them. So my obsession is one of appreciation and thankfulness .