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  1. I hope not! Since HH is the worst Bruce record out there !
  2. It’s still below WS for me . There is not a bad track on that album . This one has one or two ‘skippers’ already !
  3. The weakest song on this album is Last Man Standing. It’s just a plodder , a forgetful one I’m afraid . It’s weird that the power of prayer is an improved version of LMS . I’m going to give Rainmaker a bit more time but it seems a plodder too at moment . The rest of the album is superb.
  4. Magic has some great songs on it GB, RN, LWH but way too many very average songs . Similar opinion to the Rising . It’s early but LTY appears to have at least 7 absolute cracking songs and 3or 4 decent songs and only 1 or 2 stinkers . Even the poor melodies have great lyrics. still WS will take some beating . An album which I listened solidly to for a good 12months without skipping a single track. It remains for me the best release since BITUSA.
  5. House for me. I have a vision in my head of a big wooden mansion full of guitar heroes !!!
  6. Still the best song on the album for me. Followed closely by 1000 guitars.
  7. I disagree . I like it , it’s quirky and to me adds to the emotion of the song . Along with Ghosts it seems the most heart felt song on the album. The song is a few clicks away from Bruce perfection.
  8. It’s closing on Ghosts as top track. Who knows in the long run ! But I spent a good part of a 16. 5 mile hike humming it yesterday !
  9. Ghosts just nails it for me . Best new song in many a year .
  10. You’ve nailed it!‘ Soozie orchestration’ Exactly what I think , it’s just an annoying part of his 21stcentury releases . I’ll add that having listened to that wonderful early rendition of Thundercrack on the lake this morning I would add that Jakes sax playing is just nowhere near Clarences ... maybe explains why it’s not so prominent on the new album .
  11. That is outstanding . I love everything about that footage ... the shirts the haircuts the 5 piece ESB , Vini’s drumming . It’s tight man and what a song !
  12. Maybe. But I think Ghosts would be a better opener . I find Burnin Train an incredible song , but the chorus is just frustratingly not up to the rest of the song its just a little of a letdown. This may change over time as I give it more listens!
  13. Great thanks just seen I can get the Apple TV + as part of a 3 month free subscription to iTunes
  14. Bruce’s vocal is tremendous in parts of this album . Western Stars clearly gave him wings to evolve his vocal style with his onsetting years . I particularly hear it in the wonderful house of a 1000 guitars .
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