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  1. I would have thought singing affects your speaking voice since its with the same vocal chords.....
  2. Im not surprised his voice sounds a bit used and worn...he's been hammering it for 50 years!!!!
  3. the BS .net site? When I went on there it only gave me a US option. I ll try again , thanks!
  4. SAw it the other day, I expected a bit of a stronger plot, in fact the plot is paper thin until the secondary plot surfaces and gradually moulds the finale. A bit long and indulgent...but I guess thats Tarantino, I actually think he has got better with age. I have been quite averse to Dicaprio in the past - trying too hard to be the next de Niro but heck he is good in this.... I think I will enjoy his future films now that he has matured a bit and isnt as much of a pretty boy.......Brad Pitt is likeable as ever..... as I reflect on the film I realised one thing was high quality film making and a change from all the CGI superhero / computer game pants dominating cinema
  5. Never thought I would see our little nation on top of the rankings ..... pinch myself and take a pinch of salt too! Balch i fod yn Gymraeg! Cymru am Byth!! Men's World Rugby Rankings v t e Top 30 rankings as of 19 August 2019[1] Rank Change* Team Points 1 1 Wales 89.43 2 1 New Zealand 89.40 3 Ireland 88.69 4 1 South Africa 86.83 5 1 England 86.79 6 Australia 84.05 7 1 France 80.58 8 1 Scotland 79.01 9 Japan 77.21 10 Fiji 76.98 11 Argentina 76.29 12 Georgia 74.42 13 Italy 72.04 14 United States 71.93 15 Tonga 71.49 16 Samoa 69.08 17 Spain 68.15 18 Romania 66.69 19 Uruguay 65.18 20 Russia 64.81 21 Canada 61.36 22 Portugal 61.33 23 Namibia 61.01 24 Hong Kong 59.64 25 Netherlands 58.46 26 Brazil 57.84 27 Belgium 57.35 28 Germany 54.96 29 Chile 54.56 30 Switzerland 53
  6. Perhaps not up there with some of the suggestions but Ive always enjoyed Sherry Darling into Jackson Cage..... infact I have always been very fond of the thefirst three tracks of the River.THey are all quite similar in style and set the tone of the album nicely.
  7. Yes ....evolving the idea intolive shows.....brilliant....and you are absolutely right Racing into Thunder Road '78 is almost perfection and if it isnt't then he throws the knock out punch with Jungleland...... THE HOLY TRINITY!!!! ....Now you are talking......
  8. I mentioned in another thread that I was after the Nassau Colisseum River tour shows particularly the 31/12/80 show on cd. Any idea where I can get copies shipped to UK? Much appreciated,
  9. Looks fabulous, yes he does sound different, reminds me of Woody Harrelson at times...... I love the snippets of the home movies.
  10. Its quite alot today! Especially with the £:$ exchange rate!!!
  11. I was an 8 year old boy in my grandparents house in Gorseinon, Swansea sitting on the floor listening to the radio with my grandmothers dog Candy, I heard it on a wireless . Its my first memory of Elvis and I knew from the gravity of the radio presenters tone it was a significant moment . Elvis was not a big part of my household but I guess he was such a star I suppose I must have heard of him..... I never became an Elvis fan but 15 years later I visited Graceland and I had a bit of an epiphany....the whole thing was quite an emotional experience and seeing his life through the tour of the grounds and house and ending up by his grave was pretty moving.... instantly became a fan.
  12. Like someone said... each to their own, but I would put Incident in my top 10 Bruce songs, its beautiful and Im sorry it does not connect with you....Main point 1975 brings a tear to my eye every time I return to it after a break....
  13. A John Cazale thread...fuck yeah!!!! Jeez what a hit rate..... 1. Godfather part 2 2.The Deer Hunter 3. Dog Day 4.Godfather 5.The conversation