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  1. You’ve all forgotten G I G A T O N best album beside LTY !
  2. Yes no Garry .... felt like a hole in the stage . As anonymous as he is in terms of stage shenanigans , he is sorely missed .
  3. Just saw Ghosts .... oooo . Not great vocally as everyone has said. And Steve seems to be intent on distilling a 3 hour show of ‘Bruce’s right hand man ‘ into 1 song - he’s like an excitable puppy !
  4. Happy to contribute to this platform , where wisdom from the fab Bruce community is prolific .
  5. We’ve been starved of our beloved Boss live experience and as we come through the tunnel and the light at the end in the form of a ESB tour gets brighter I am a little anxious . Why ? Well we are currently and during last 2 years not only experiencing the best Springsteen has offered in decades but also existing in the midst of general Bruce awesomeness and we are feeling this globally ! I know no one is more entitled to a ticket (or 5 !) to his shows but I have a feeling demand is going to be crazy . So is anyone else worried , like me, about the bucketlisters and fair weather fan
  6. Unlikely unless Antinoff joins him or vice versa and that would be cool !!!
  7. l am thoroughly enjoying LTY . There are one or two average songs on there but overall it is an outstanding album. however I remember the Bruce albums to compare Western Stars to chronologically just dropped off one by one as I grew to love the album . It easily put 21st Century Bruce output to bed - as does LTY, then for me it took out Tom Joad, HT LT and finally ToL . Making it is best album since BITUSA. So refreshing . LTY is still processing . Once again easily puts away best of 21st century output , but where it will sit finally for me is still undecided . ultima
  8. How great is this video. I love 2:43 when lead singer appears to be starstruck for a brief moment . Wonderful . Bruce looks great . With LTY being ranked amongst the finest of 2020 and his appearances and radio show being lauded he appears to be fast becoming the coolest man on the planet ..... again !
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised , this virus is decimating the hospitality industry in uk and there’s nowhere near the support in us as there is in uk
  10. Could be worse , they could have put Benny Hill in there
  11. Vaccines are a go go ! Few more months of this rubbish and we can start to return to normal . Tour must be on for late 2021/2022. Start saving your pennies !!
  12. House thousand guitars turned into a western stars out take . Loved it ... didn’t think harmonica fitted though .
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