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  1. ....I read this article,interesting article but I wondered why they put Born to Run video up for Thunder Road.
  2. Western Stars made me break lockdown!!! Yes I was getting some items from the supermarket and ona legitimate journey! I had put on Western Stars cd, the first time I listened to the album in several months and ended up missing my exit off the expressway during Drive Fast fall hard!!! Bloody hell its a good album...sorry Mark Drakeford!!!
  3. A stirring powerful film, the back story fascinating. John Ford wanting to film it in the south Wales valleys but due to the war a set was built in Hollywood. Someinteresting Welsh accents ! But the singing was magnificent, brought a tear to my eye ! Apparently it controversially beat Citizen Kane to Best Picture Oscar ..... I did not see any controversey, it was a better film. Also one of CLint Eastwoods favourite films.
  4. I guess you managed to catch a gig or two with Dee Dee? My one and only was 91 with Joey, Johnny, Marky and CJ.
  5. That list is obscene! The Ramones at CBGBs and Lou Reed at the bottom!
  6. ...but no Ramones gigs? Liking Sonic Youth ...another on my wish list
  7. Not a fan as such but she always had a great voice. When you put the put ticket price up I thought bloody Hell! But then I quickly remembered the Bruce on Broadway prices!!!!What was it now, 5 million pounds for a seat in the gods??!!!
  8. Well I gotDisney plus for The Mandalorian and decided to keep it a little longer to watch NAtional Geographic, then for some silly reason (probably Lockdown) I watched this .... struggled to stay with them...the marvel script writers seem to have a formula.... Fight, smug comedy quip, bigger fight, another quip, bigger bad guy, even bigger sillier fight, another comedy quip, ridiculously bigger fight against an even bigger bad guy with even more avengers.... THe End.
  9. Fascinating. I am very envious, but I would have been 2 or 3 and not into Floyd at that stage! It is a shame that there are no live recordings of the 72 tour. Infact I was a very late comer to Floyd fandom, I remember liking the sinister edge of Another Brick in the Wall when it was on Top of the Pops in the late 70s but I didnt really start warming to them until the early 90s and in the shoulda could category, Floyd at Earls Court was within my reach. Now Im a big fan , saw Roger Waters' The Wall about 8 years ago and I was due to see Gilmour accompanying his wife's book reading with music in Birmingham whenever that happens now. Was tempted by Saucerful oF Secrets wuith Nick Mason but pre Atom Heart Mother its all pretty whizzo!
  10. Ive decided not to go Bruce, since at least 4 gigs would get on this list. 1. The Ramones, dec91 Manchester- no Dee Dee but still incrdeible and 30 feet to my left was Kurt Cobain, Nirvana were playing the following night. 2. David Bowie final tour 2003 . Lived up to every expectation I hadof him x5! 3.John Mellencamp , 1992 NEC Birmingham. It disappointing he tours UK so little, but he was amazing that night and it was my birthday. 4.The Fall Oxford Academy 2010. Mark E Smith was a true punk legend, I was privileged to see him. 5.Shane McGowan and the Popes , Heineken Music festival, Leeds 1995. Kirsty McColl came on and did Fairytale of New York, just one of those moments that will stay with me forever -perfect. I would have loved to see THe Clash, Floyd, and Zeppelin (seen Plant, Page and JP Jones in separate gigs though)
  11. What can I say lucky lucky people.... great thread
  12. I think it will resist this, the 'cute' factor is turning out to be a bit mischievous, and a source of humour (ref biker scouts scene )
  13. Just finished watching this wonderful series. Well written, brilliantly executed and full of respectful nods to the original trilogy. The Rise of Skywalker in my opinion was a terrible end to what started as a promising third trilogy but the Mandalorian restored my faith in Disney's capability of handling Star Wars... Werner Herzog, Carl Weathers, Nick Nolte, Pedro Pascal and that concept art at the end of each episode!!!
  14. Forgot Roll of the Dice wassuch a great song.!
  15. You are taking the mickey , right?? Purchase of an album containing songs like this can surely not be a regret?