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  1. Did they get bored of cards and just pick up their guitars ???
  2. I’m gonna keep it simple - I love it !!!
  3. Thought it was not Bruce’s finest moment first time round - elitist and over priced . Was hoping we could confine it to history but unfortunately not . Roll on the real tour .
  4. 2 of my all time favourite artists getting on well and collaborating . Things are looking up
  5. Another Great weekend of rugby. There are very small green shoots in the Italian game but Wales starting to look slick. We are getting better week by week. Very excited for the future. Great weekend of rugby. There are very small green shoots in the Italian game but Wales are starting to look slick. We are getting better week by week. Very excited for the future. Great result for England yesterdayFirst half outstanding second half French really faded. England deserved winners. Players are far more disciplined this week. Wales have got their work cut out to beat this French side in Paris. But I believe we can do it! Another good game this afternoon in Murrayfield. Ireland just had enough. But that Scottish team is getting better too. They are getting into a habit of leaving themselves too much to do though . If the Lions goes ahead this summer I think it will be the most balanced side nationally for many years. Several players challenging for most of the positions.
  6. Convincing win by a Welsh team getting better by the week . Dodgy first try but luck goes round ! Triple Crown in the bag now for the slam !
  7. I’m glad it’s all over, he’s had his slap on wrist and hopefully he’ll think twice about drink driving . Not sure about those on their high horses saying ‘Shame on those who doubted Bruce’ etc . At end of the day he admitted to dropping 2 shots of tequila in quick succession . I personally would not get behind the wheel after that . It’s not big and it’s not clever .
  8. Just turn to the judge and say - how about a five song set to your home via zoom ..... Bound to let him go ! Id start with Racing in the Street , This Hard Land , Brilliant Disguise, Price You Pay , and then Thunder Road .
  9. That’s cool, I recall @Jertucky also stating his relationship with Bruce is purely a business one . I agree to an extent , I’m not bothered what he has for breakfast but I do believe he communicates to our hearts and souls and we communicate to him in shows and fandom and that’s a little more than a transaction .
  10. Just read this . A good read. Makes a great point . Who else at Bruce’s fame level would go out on his motorcycle on his own , no security and just stop for a group of fans spontaneously ? Not very many if any! And that includes the famous of much lower standing . I mean even Taylor’perfect’ Swift contrives her ‘fan meet-ups ‘ He is Bruce and there is no one like him . We should be grateful of this
  11. They look like they have dribbled their liquorice all sorts !!
  12. No Italy are just shit ! Argentina beat your lot last rugby championship ! Italy would struggle to beat themselves !
  13. I’ll tell you something for nothing ! You can tell it’s lockdown as I’ve read all 27 pages of this thread and made over 50 contributions....... and I’m none the wiser !
  14. Well it’s attention seeking I guess or justification for making accusations and not just wasting time .... I mean look at the Trump impeachment trial
  15. As for England didn’t see game but beating Italy by 23 at home vs France beating them by 50 away says how good France must be . maybe it’s time Eddie Jones goes
  16. Scotland were the better team in parts of the game , but they were outplayed in other parts . Welsh defence much improved I’m glad to say .Scotland have vastly improved at last - the signs were there in the autumn- I sense sour grapes since England embarrassed themselves last week , mainly due to shouting that they were going to win by so many points - that’s never a clever move . England fans do it every year , they never learn .I’m waiting to hear now how much Eng will beat Wales by ! what is a banned slam ? Something to do with red cards given to players who broke rules? That’s sport - play by the rules or lose .Tournament finishing and history depends on points not cards . A turning point for Wales? Possibly but too early to say . France for the 6 nations quite comfortably but they still got to play a hurting Irish team today should be a good one .
  17. What about eating heads off bats or snorting ants or snorting urine ??? I certainly don’t condone this behaviour but it makes good reading !
  18. Great win by Wales over Scotland , a little harsh on the red card but best game of the 6 nations
  19. Absolutely . But equally bad would have been if he had maimed or killed someone whilst DUI. That would have been a career killer .
  20. Well there’s the jumping the walls at Graceland , driving a car unfit for the road circa 1977 - promised land and all that , and potential public indecency with those girls under the boardwalk unsnapping their jeans oh and what’s the cake thing !!!???
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