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  1. Is that the opening statement of his defence lawyer ? Seriously though it seems pretty straightforward to me he was caught pissed whilst behind the wheel by a police officer not a lot to contend with really. It’s not like he’s Johnny 99!
  2. Huh? So because it’s a Bruce site you think he’s above criticism from us? In my time on this forum people have praised where praise is due and have criticised where they feel it is appropriate. This is a site for Bruce fans but on the whole I don’t believe most of the members think is he is sacrosanct and that is one of the reasons I keep coming back.
  3. Furthermore, and this is speculation, what an earth was he doing in the current climate getting drunk in an ‘enclosed area’? I mean he has been at the forefront of encouraging people toAdhere to advice regarding the pandemic and then he goes and does something silly like this! Not good news Bruce !
  4. No offence but are you questioning the integrity of the officers ? It’s not a case of he said she said , it’s several pretty reliable sources concurring he was charged with intoxication whilst on charge of a vehicle . Unless the sources are lying and that’s quite an allegation then it’s not a question of guilty but how bad was he? With his money he could have afforded a driver for crying out loud . God forbid he hurt someone ! That would be quite a blow to his reputation . I drunk Drove once about 20years ago , luckily I was not caught. The next day I was devastated and I scared myself into never doing something stupid as that again. He should have known better . Let’s hope he goes public with how stupid he was .
  5. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I have not picked up letter to you for two months now and not felt the need to. It’s not that I didn’t like the album it’s a good album but western stars resonated with me for a good year/ 18 months after its release I kept re-visiting it .I don’t feel the same need to revisit letter to you. Western Stars was and is a key moment in Bruce’s career.
  6. I’d like to add that it’s about time Bruce became more involved in environmental issues . Jeep do not have a great record on manufacturing greener cars . ... and although I look forward to and hope he will tour again I also hope he looks toward innovative ways toward neutralising his carbon footprint . no more bloody car commercials !!!
  7. Can’t disagree with you there Daisy but then again I haven’t seen another Jeep ad
  8. I just laughed when I read it. It’s like a written version of that crazy channel Fox! Factually incorrect - Bruce has been a success 5 decades not 4 and what’s with the bitchiness over plastic surgery ?
  9. I haven’t read all of the posts on this feed so I don’t know if this has been put up before. so here you go! https://thefederalist.com/2021/02/08/the-3-worst-things-about-that-terrible-jeep-super-bowl-ad/
  10. Wrong ! Middle is the middle said the cat on the fiddle !!! what a muddle in the middle !
  11. happens every year !!! made hard work of it but got the win ! Well done Scotland too. France’s tournament to lose .
  12. Anyway all sport is rubbish at the moment with no spectators. I’ve lost interest in most sports in empty stadiums.
  13. League and Union on the same thread!!!!!
  14. Bruce did say there would be a big surprise this year . BITUSA and Nebraska box sets. not a fan of him going on adverts though , integrity and all that! Oh but hang on Didn’t a lot of that go out the window with Broadway ticket prices!
  15. In all the years they were together , other than stage shenanigans Clarence never really sang a song with Bruce . When you think of how much Steve and Patti contribute , giving Clarence a full share of vocal would have been interesting . I mean I love this song featuring the gorgeous Mrs Neil Young!
  16. I hear you, but it’s not the actual song but everything around it . The improvisation the energy the build up . If I was uninitiated it would certainly grab my attention !
  17. .... has to be this version of Twist and Shout. If you could bottle up the atmosphere , enthusiasm , and sheer joy of this performance , it would be an elixir for the world. I can’t recall seeing 2 giants of rock look like they are having as much fun as Sting and Gabriel ... and the crowd oh my oh my
  18. You’ve all forgotten G I G A T O N best album beside LTY !
  19. Yes no Garry .... felt like a hole in the stage . As anonymous as he is in terms of stage shenanigans , he is sorely missed .
  20. Just saw Ghosts .... oooo . Not great vocally as everyone has said. And Steve seems to be intent on distilling a 3 hour show of ‘Bruce’s right hand man ‘ into 1 song - he’s like an excitable puppy !
  21. Happy to contribute to this platform , where wisdom from the fab Bruce community is prolific .
  22. We’ve been starved of our beloved Boss live experience and as we come through the tunnel and the light at the end in the form of a ESB tour gets brighter I am a little anxious . Why ? Well we are currently and during last 2 years not only experiencing the best Springsteen has offered in decades but also existing in the midst of general Bruce awesomeness and we are feeling this globally ! I know no one is more entitled to a ticket (or 5 !) to his shows but I have a feeling demand is going to be crazy . So is anyone else worried , like me, about the bucketlisters and fair weather fans buying up the tix for the upcoming tour leaving us high and dry ???
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