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  1. General feeling for Episode 3...... Brienne, Theon, Grey worm and Lady mormont are goners (possibly Bran too!), Eurons fate looks dodgy as Night King will attack Kings Landing on his dragon..... and the white walkers will win the Battle at winterfell...... These are all speculations and not spoilers ...can't wait to see what happens PS my big bet is that Daenerys will die before end of the season! Cersei's death is inevitable but how is anyones guess.
  2. I think one of the reasons that GoT is so successful is because it is a beacon of equality, it has powerful successful women who are strong and driven. Yes there is violence toward women, but there is also violence towards men, children, dwarves wolves and Dragons.... the context of the show is somewhat barbaric so this violence is to be expected and is not for all!
  3. Glad you said it, we can put that into the annals of history and eventually we can look at SOB more objectively. I felt frustrated by not being able to afford the ticket / travel etc and became a ittle annoyed toward the end when competitions were fleecing people for the last shows and it became a celebrity watch event. Invariably the celebrity would meet Bruce back stage and said celebrity would put a picture on their twitter feed, then Netflix rubbed our noses in it!. All the 'it was the greatest show he's ever done' bollox too, almost as a justification, every show we attend is special to the individua and inclusive and I prefer the 'normal' Springsteen shows anyway.... SOB was far from inclusive but was exclusive and Im very glad its all over.
  4. Does the girl in the spiders web live up to the dragon tatoo trilogy, I cant quite picture anyone as Lisbeth other than Noomi Rapace.
  5. Bit cheesy at times but a great fillm overall...Kurt Russell superb as usual!
  6. yes but we persecute and threaten people who don't wear a poppy !!!
  7. I love the atmosphere of this song, if ever a song painted a picture of the boardwalk in Asbury Park in the early 1970s this is it and this is a great performance .Here's to Danny........
  8. What a little gem.... when I looked into this performance , apparently he came on stage in a coffin for Halloween
  9. @Paolo's Circus Story did you see the new Halloween film? Interesting take on the story..... that Michael isnt some death defying super bad cartoon maniac but a psychotic killer no more no less.... loads of nods to the original and a plausible plot line ..... liked the way the iconic mask is used to give an indication of the personality of MM. Great to see Nick Castle reprise his Michael with his slow deliberate movements.
  10. Just watched this great film for the first time...…. ...what we've got here......
  11. I have to disagree with this. For me as much as I love TCM, The Exorcist is the greatest horror film ever made. Obviously we were a little more of a traditional religious society then, so a lot of the 'headline' themes were pretty socking at the time, but looking at the film as a whole I just think it is a true masterpiece in horror. Yes it a slow starter, but I think that is part of getting the normal life Regan lives with her family, and hence forward the transition . I still find many of the the scenes eye opening even by todays standards .And ironically despite the far more secular society we live in today I don't believe a scene with a 12 year masturbating with a crucifix would get made.
  12. .....the trailer , as retro as it is does not do justice to this fabulous film..... got a smoke?
  13. ....100% agree. Texas is the greatest slasher movie out there..... but you got to love Michael!
  14. Based on the sudden death thread it has to be TPYP and I love the alternate verse
  15. The Killer Inside Me.... the surname Affleck normally made me run a mile, but since seeing younger brother Casey beguile in Manchester By the Sea, I realised that I certainly should not tar the family with the same brush. Casey is on top form in The Killer Inside of Me, he genuinely seems psychotically delusional, the end is a bit daft but well worth watching.
  16. He was superb supporting the GAslight Anthem this year......
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