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  1. I agree, although I did see one review video of season 8 ep 3 which was quite good, it basically claimed that the show has moved, in seasons 7 and 8 into investing more into short term emotional reactive tv rather than actually following the logical plot and character arcs, thus losing much of the integrity of the show, and and looking back on the show in years to come this will be damaging to the legacy of the show.I must say I can understand this point of view.
  2. Well perhaps we will be a ble to see wtf is going on in Kings Landing ..... I did like this part of The Long Night though.......
  3. The old ones are the best gritty, dirty, nasty, realistic ..... you want a piece of British Television history with arguably the greatest police drama ever made with the legendary John Thaw then get a load of this......
  4. Hmmm not heard that term before but there is plenty of that going on with all those stupid predictions on tinternet
  5. GoT is Premier League but whereas Sopranos is Manchester City, GoT is probably a Spurs.... brilliant at times but frustaratingly can let you down at other times!
  6. If someone gets upset about the death of the NK spoiler, just say calm down dear, no one kills the Night King !
  7. PS ohand why didnt any of the dead rise from the crypt at Winterfell???
  8. I have to present an alternative view.I think the whole Night King thread is a load of twaddle invented when the show became Hollywooded, I for one, am glad he has buggered off.This is why He does not appear in Martins books, he clearly relised the idea was dumb. The whole night king story has more holes than a dart board- Why has he waited so long and how have all those Wildings, Thenns, Giants survived beynd the wall so long with a maurauding pack of dead people running round and a Night king who can just raise his arms and BINGO! The night King controls the dead.... he orders them to make a bridge of bodies across the firey moat so why couldnt he order them to swim or sail or float around the wall years ago, I mean he found 400 feet of heavy duty chain to raise Viserion (bloody ridiculous) so I' m sure he could find afew rafts or boats or even logs to float the dead around the wall... What the hell is his motive? To wipe out all the living ? If so he has a zillion zombies wandering round (so 21 st century Hollywood) who incidentally are still decaying so by science will ultimaltey become skeletons and then dust..... what then....? He flies round on his fckin dragon admiring his 'empty ' world? Pointless to me. Viserion was stabbed with the ice spear and his belly almost exploded , implying that the fire is generated from the stomach area..... so why wasnt the fire pissing out of the gaping holes left behind from the injury? All the dead kept their 'death injuries' the night king did not 'heal' any of them.... Hollywood again. The whole thing stinks of Hollywood with no substance. Yeah blue eyes, zombies, lots of death and destruction.... makes no sense and has very little back story .... sod it ....LETS DO IT PEOPLE KIDS LOVE ZOMBIES AND CLIFFHANGERS THESE DAYS'. I love Game of Thrones and I am not averse to a few sinister Whites wandering round north of the wall , with locals making sacrifices in the cold night to keep them at bay.... but the Night king army of the dead thing just ruined the whole thing,because quite frankly it was not thought through. He does not appear until season 4 so technically you ve been waiting 5 years not 10. I am glad Arya dealt with NK (and it was a cool moment, a whoop whoop hooray for Arya, albeit pure Hollywood ), I think Arya is cool as fuck but lets get back to the meat of the story ...politics, power, relationships, characters ...and Queen bitch Cersei. Don't get me wrong I thought the Long Night was a great piece of television even if it lifted loads from Lord of the Rings (Mainly the battle at the Black gate - where Aragorn and co are literally about to be crushed by the forces of mordor until the one ring is destoyed and thus Sauron is destroyed and so is his control over his legions who literally run off at the last second of imminent victory. Oh and the waht do we say to the God of death... not today - is basically a derivative of Aragorn's speech to his army at the black gate..... death, destruction, etc .... NOT THIS DAY) . The charge of the Dothraki made great tv visually but tactically it was a foolhardy move and Jorah was a bright bloke but he went off with the rest of them into the black without a clue what they were facing....dumb!!! Well I feel better thats off my chest now
  9. I can't wait for this album if hello Sunshine is a sign of the standard!!!
  10. ...hmmmm really? Not sure, I think thats too obvious. Theres a strong rumour going about that Bran gets it in ep 3 , although there was also a strong rumour that Bran was the night king, which is ridiculous!!!! I think we can all agree its going to go badly for all our heros in the next episode...I mean they ve still gotto keep us hooked for 3 more epidodes!!!
  11. ....very true..... just Gender equality then..... all those scummy poor people smelling of toilets !!!!!
  12. Geez that would have wound me up!!!! Hit the nail on the head there I think!!
  13. General feeling for Episode 3...... Brienne, Theon, Grey worm and Lady mormont are goners (possibly Bran too!), Eurons fate looks dodgy as Night King will attack Kings Landing on his dragon..... and the white walkers will win the Battle at winterfell...... These are all speculations and not spoilers ...can't wait to see what happens PS my big bet is that Daenerys will die before end of the season! Cersei's death is inevitable but how is anyones guess.
  14. I think one of the reasons that GoT is so successful is because it is a beacon of equality, it has powerful successful women who are strong and driven. Yes there is violence toward women, but there is also violence towards men, children, dwarves wolves and Dragons.... the context of the show is somewhat barbaric so this violence is to be expected and is not for all!
  15. Glad you said it, we can put that into the annals of history and eventually we can look at SOB more objectively. I felt frustrated by not being able to afford the ticket / travel etc and became a ittle annoyed toward the end when competitions were fleecing people for the last shows and it became a celebrity watch event. Invariably the celebrity would meet Bruce back stage and said celebrity would put a picture on their twitter feed, then Netflix rubbed our noses in it!. All the 'it was the greatest show he's ever done' bollox too, almost as a justification, every show we attend is special to the individua and inclusive and I prefer the 'normal' Springsteen shows anyway.... SOB was far from inclusive but was exclusive and Im very glad its all over.
  16. Does the girl in the spiders web live up to the dragon tatoo trilogy, I cant quite picture anyone as Lisbeth other than Noomi Rapace.
  17. Bit cheesy at times but a great fillm overall...Kurt Russell superb as usual!
  18. yes but we persecute and threaten people who don't wear a poppy !!!
  19. I love the atmosphere of this song, if ever a song painted a picture of the boardwalk in Asbury Park in the early 1970s this is it and this is a great performance .Here's to Danny........
  20. What a little gem.... when I looked into this performance , apparently he came on stage in a coffin for Halloween
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