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  1. Unlikely unless Antinoff joins him or vice versa and that would be cool !!!
  2. l am thoroughly enjoying LTY . There are one or two average songs on there but overall it is an outstanding album. however I remember the Bruce albums to compare Western Stars to chronologically just dropped off one by one as I grew to love the album . It easily put 21st Century Bruce output to bed - as does LTY, then for me it took out Tom Joad, HT LT and finally ToL . Making it is best album since BITUSA. So refreshing . LTY is still processing . Once again easily puts away best of 21st century output , but where it will sit finally for me is still undecided . ultimately however we appear to be in the midst of a golden sunset of his wonderful career and I am savouring every moment - and May it be a long long sunset .....
  3. How great is this video. I love 2:43 when lead singer appears to be starstruck for a brief moment . Wonderful . Bruce looks great . With LTY being ranked amongst the finest of 2020 and his appearances and radio show being lauded he appears to be fast becoming the coolest man on the planet ..... again !
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised , this virus is decimating the hospitality industry in uk and there’s nowhere near the support in us as there is in uk
  5. Could be worse , they could have put Benny Hill in there
  6. Vaccines are a go go ! Few more months of this rubbish and we can start to return to normal . Tour must be on for late 2021/2022. Start saving your pennies !!
  7. House thousand guitars turned into a western stars out take . Loved it ... didn’t think harmonica fitted though .
  8. @stillilllife @ProveItAllNight747 so you were right Bruce had some shoegaze in him after all . Very Jesus and Mary Chain vocal from this band . Great song ! Love it . Bruces’s vocal fits in nicely .
  9. If anyone’s interested Ron Aniello mentioned on Twitter they are drinking patron in the film
  10. That is an incredible bit of footage . Question is what’s going on with his eyebrows at 7:40 onwards
  11. Very true - does not seem to fit musically in this album . I see it did not make the LTY film either .
  12. I think Rainmaker will evolve in the live environment .... I just love the passion in the song, lyrically it’s probably the best song on the album . Sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad so bad so bad they’ll hire a rainmaker
  13. Millennial? They turned 18 in or around 2000 so they would be in late 30s now ? Generation snowflake are the kids now are they not , where musical tastes are dictated by tik tok and third rate talent shows .
  14. Having really belted this album out and listened lots of times now for me Ghosts is still the best song on this album. it’s a perfect pop song with great lyrics . Gets a lot of radio airplay in Uk , it’s a great rocker for the radio . Rainmaker has had a kicking but for me it is a grower ... still not a fan of the ‘Suzy orchestrations ‘ but the lyrics are powerful and he’s spitting anger at times . The film made me reassess album a little . I’ll see you in my dreams truly is a poignant song . Song for Orphans is superb track and the Burnin Train finale is brilliant. One minute your here lovely . if I was a priest enjoyable . The only skip is Last man standing ... it’s a real dud . I’ve tried but can’t get it .
  15. Interesting does that mean children dictate the mainstream ? I always thought the birdy song was a bit commercial !
  16. I think that list has been compiled as rock/ female/ non rock .Then the three lists were merged . As the list makes absolutely no sense whatsoever . Joni Mitchell blue the third greatest album ever !!! Drake in any top 100 listing - give me a break ! Beyoncé is a pop icon but great albums - nah. and hunky dory is a better album than ziggy and blonde on blonde is a better album than blood on the tracks . oh and kid a is the third best Radiohead album
  17. My first ever Springsteen show in Sheffield ‘88 included Shes the one did enjoy the version from ‘78 radio broadcasts though
  18. I think we can safely say it’s a success ! who on earth is Luke Coombes ??
  19. I blame Trump he’s probably snatched it and broken it !
  20. Do I detect some cynicism there ? in answer to your question I don’t believe the mighty Lawnmower Death have been inducted yet !
  21. I don’t hear the Lucky Town sound with this song but it’s a beautiful song nonetheless .
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