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  1. Managed to get round to watching the film. The first half I found a bit pedestrian, then it warms up around If I were a priest which is superb in the film . Towards the end his elegies were beautiful, poetic and moving . I’ll See you in my dreams was quite frankly stunning and very emotional . Jon Landau’s reaction was most appropriate and Bruce seemed genuinely moved by that moment too. Finishing on BurninTrain was perfect . I was very happy to hear his desperation to get back out there on a stage until they put him in a box- puts all the final album theories some people have alluded to to bed
  2. NY and crazy horse going on too long ..... impossible!!!
  3. Give him a chance. Trump had to go , it was getting farcical and dangerous in America . We in Uk look forward to his Presidency.
  4. Get your bronzer boy and get outta this house !!!
  5. I’m thrilled LTY is receiving such widespread appreciation especially on this forum . It’s a real gem of an album . I’m part of the WS fan club and with LTY is an outstanding standard of output for someone into his 6th decade of music . For me the last two records are far and away the best of post reunion era . Several very average albums with only a sprinkling of great songs . I’m relieved too .
  6. It strikes me as quite an achievement that for me he has produced his best 2 albums in 36 years over the last 2 years . He truly is the Boss
  7. Lucky Town up 3 or 4 places The Rising down at least 5 places and Western Stars up 1 place . LTY up 3 places Tunnel down 2 places
  8. I’m going to do some canvassing here ok so Badlands is by far the best song on this list but Clarences sax input is quite small . It’s much more about Max’s drums and guitars . Be True on the other hand Clarence anchors this song and it’s a far better rep of his sax playing so judge the sax input not the best song ..... just hinting
  9. Not sure about this . From what I can gather schools are pretty well organised to deal with outbreaks . In order to keep as many people working as possible then kids have to be in school and we can’t have a generation of kids ill educated . A lot of people believe the schools should never have been shut . The real cock up was sending thousands of 18-20 year uni students all on heat into halls of residence and freshers week and plied them with alcohol . A disastrous decision . Unis could have done remote learning . The youth are very unlikely to die from Covid so many don’t give a monkeys and so it’s no surprise that the 18-25 year olds have driven the second wave .
  10. Looks like we re getting another pissin lockdown in uk.... for Gods sake . Last chance for this government to sort it out !!!! lock the borders we’re on an island for Pete’s sake !!!! simplify and enforce the rules- masks social distancing hand sanitizers bans on large gatherings including protests . get the track and trace system going PROPERLY.
  11. I would not read too much into this. I believe he’s just painting a holistic picture of a western style story or metaphor , not to be taken too seriously he does this from time to time ... I mean have you heard Outlaw Pete !
  12. The fact that after many listens of the album in the car from start to finish I still nearly crash the car when Max’s drums kick in and Bruce announces ‘ I hear the sound of your guitar .....’ says to me Ghosts is the song of the album . I think I’ll lose it when I hear it live !!!! the volume goes up too .... funny that
  13. It’s a foregone conclusion that it’ll be number 1. In addition the competition includes the vamps and Edna ! I mean it’s not a fair fight really !
  14. All I know is Bruce won’t be moving anywhere ! Have you seen that studio at Colts Neck !!!
  15. I agree. Everything about the song is superb but the chorus seems a little flat.
  16. I hope not! Since HH is the worst Bruce record out there !
  17. It’s still below WS for me . There is not a bad track on that album . This one has one or two ‘skippers’ already !
  18. The weakest song on this album is Last Man Standing. It’s just a plodder , a forgetful one I’m afraid . It’s weird that the power of prayer is an improved version of LMS . I’m going to give Rainmaker a bit more time but it seems a plodder too at moment . The rest of the album is superb.
  19. Magic has some great songs on it GB, RN, LWH but way too many very average songs . Similar opinion to the Rising . It’s early but LTY appears to have at least 7 absolute cracking songs and 3or 4 decent songs and only 1 or 2 stinkers . Even the poor melodies have great lyrics. still WS will take some beating . An album which I listened solidly to for a good 12months without skipping a single track. It remains for me the best release since BITUSA.
  20. House for me. I have a vision in my head of a big wooden mansion full of guitar heroes !!!
  21. Still the best song on the album for me. Followed closely by 1000 guitars.
  22. I disagree . I like it , it’s quirky and to me adds to the emotion of the song . Along with Ghosts it seems the most heart felt song on the album. The song is a few clicks away from Bruce perfection.
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