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  1. Western Stars is great, Working on a Dream isn't. In fact the only songs I don't like on WS are the ones that sound like they came from WOAD; There Goes My Miracle, and Sundown.
  2. Interesting to note on the Philly release, Bruce hits the exact same bum note on the guitar intro to Incident...that he did on the LA release. Muscle memory working in reverse!
  3. Aah, the enduring mystery of the lack of Rising releases! Is there no way somebody can ask Nugs if we will ever see another one?!
  4. I’m aware of the ‘too time consuming, not cost effective’ theories, which is why I said the reasons remain, ‘unclear’. I’d never considered that maybe they had tried again and lost the files. Whatever the reasons The Rising tour still remains one of the most under represented.
  5. If that was the case, surely Helsinki proved that it can be done? In which case, the reason as to why there hasn’t been more from 2003, and nothing from 2002, remain unclear.
  6. One of the things I enjoy about following the Archive series is the opportunity to compare shows. I've been listening to the LA show and I think, so far, Philadelphia doesn't come close to the intensity of the first set in LA.At the same time I really like Atlantic City from this release, and I would rather have that in place of LA's The Promised Land. I may also just prefer the Youngstown/Murder Inc pairing from Philadelphia; Bruce really seems to go for it vocally after the initial flub on Youngstown. If I had to choose one I'd go with LA, but if course I don't. I'm looking forward to revisiting Chicago and seeing how that holds up.
  7. Both sides of the argument makes sense. Personally, I was underwhelmed by the track listing but I'm one of those people who wants a complete concert and bonus disc with all the other songs played during the stand type of person. Now the Archive programme is in full swing I can enjoy Live in NYC for what it is, although I don't play it very often, in fact never!
  8. I feel sorry for Erik. He has to come up with something new and hyperbolic once a month. It must be getting difficult to say something new! They could farm these reviews out to different writers to get different perspectives, but I guess they are really not ‘reviews’, in the sense that there will never be anything critical on them, anyway. I do think, especially as multiple shows from the same tours become available, that there could be more links made between them.
  9. These blogs going live may cease from now on, especially if management are reading...
  10. Surprisingly good, but it isn’t toppling Stockholm ‘88!
  11. This thread may gain a bit more discussion if you can actually include a clip of the version you're talking about...
  12. I was completely oblivious to this performance until fairly recently, when I saw a thread on here about it, but it quickly became a favourite. Firstly, it's a great song to begin with, and I'm not a Sting fan (not a hater, just never really gotten around to listening to his music in any depth), with all the themes that made Springsteen's songwriting so evocative around the Nebraska period; sin, guilt, repentance (or in this case lack of), it could easily be a Springsteen song. The song has a great melody, and Bruce sings it perfectly, and Bruce's guitar poses are well judged; the subliminal Darkness...riff is just the icing on the cake.
  13. In terms of opening with Reason To Believe, given that he follows it with Devils and Dust, it makes sense thematically, given that maybe devils and dust is what happens when you can't find a reason to believe. I'm sure it was also a great visual spectacle at the start of the show also. That being said the complete lack of melody means it does not translate to audio only, and I usually skip it whenever I listen to a D+D show. I don't need to hear Bruce hollering at me for four minutes straight. I'm not opposed to the bullet mic when used effectively as it is during Reason to Believe in 2007/2008. I also love its use on Good Eye. Both Van Morrison, and Tom Waits, have also used it to dramatic effect.
  14. It isn't just that mistakes are made, although he does fumble a few chord changes on Downbound Train, I just think the emotional connection isn't as strong when delivering the lyrics.
  15. This is a worthwhile addition, but for me Grand Rapids is still the most consistent listen, followed by Trenton. Interesting set lists are fine, but really it’s the performance that counts. A lot of the one offs on this tour sound like one offs. I love the 2007/8 Reason To Believe, and the bullet mic is perfect, the problem with the D & D version is not the bullet mic, but the fact it has no melody! I do like All I’m Thinking About though.