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  1. The live version doesn't come close to the album version. Hard to say what is missing, it's nicely performed but doesn't have the same emotional punch for me. I also disagree w/Bruce. He made entirely the correct decision leaving Patti off the album! This isn't a slur against her singing voice, although I do dislike her singing voice, just that her vocal parts add very little to the songs, and detract from Moonlight Motel in my very humble opinion.
  2. Wild Billy on this show is fantastic. One thing about the acoustic shows is that they really highlight Bruce's vocals. He sounds great on this. The phrasing 'like a great grease paint ghost on the wind' is similar to the line in Thunder Road. I always expect him to follow with, 'So Mary climb in..'!
  3. The three Joad shows released so far complement each other nicely; Belfast is the pure shot, while the New Jersey shows offer more variation, and some excellent versions of less commonly played songs too.
  4. So the last song of the last Archive release, is now the first song of this one; coincidence? Probably.
  5. The lyrics clearly state, 'it was one more shot POURED...' so he suicide interpretation is nonsense.
  6. Older acts I've seen relatively recently; Paul Simon, voice pretty much what it always was, although wasn't overly impressed with setlist, venue, or audience (Hyde Park 2017?). Roger Waters: great, sounded as good as ever, but apparently he lip synches so....Neil Young: Good as ever (London 02 , 2016), The Rolling Stones: honestly, they were terrible, Keith can hardly play these days, and the venue (London Stadium 2017 and crowd were horrible. However, if you want nostalgia and fireworks, or attending the 'even' over the actual music, The Stones are an enjoyable night out. Van Morrison: I've seen Van a lot, and yes his voice is still in good nick, but it is nowhere near what it was, despite what some of the devotees may claim, and his band/setlist recently are really boring. Saw him at Oxford last Sunday, it was ok, nothing more. Bob Dylan: seen Bob a lot, not going to try and convert anyone here, and at this late stage, but in Bob terms, from 2013 on ward his performances have been remarkably consistent. Where does Bruce fit among this lot? I would say the closest is the Stones, in that it is energetic, rock and roll, for the most part. From what I've seen of Bruce lately, I just don't see him being able to put on that kind of show anymore. Expect a set where he is pretty much stationary. Now, that may be the norm for a lot of musicians, but not Bruce. I just can't see him in stadiums any longer, but no doubt he'll prove me wrong and/or there will be lots of 'band is playing better than ever', here's looking at you Keef, claims when anyone with eyes, or ears, can see that isn't the case.
  7. One of the women at the screening of Western Stars got audibly excited when Bruce said it was, 'time to return to the day job'. It'll be interesting to see what shape it takes. Let's hope it's not Greatest Hits again.
  8. High Hopes still had The Wall, Hunter of Invisible Game, Frankie Fell In Love, American Skin, ok a lot of the rest are average to awful, but treat it as Tracks Disc 5 and it's actually pretty good. I rate it far higher than WOAD.
  9. WOAD is awful, most of the songs are mediocre at best. TOL has nothing in common with WOAD or WS in my opinion. Western Stars is a very, very good album, because it features (mostly) very, very good songs, and maybe one or two masterpieces; the storytelling in Moonlight Motel is songwriting at its absolute finest, and then the vocal/arrangement. Brilliant. The strings just enhance the album, especially if you like (which I do) that western sound. In fact, seeing Western Stars has made me dig out all those old western movies; I started with the remake of The Magnificent Seven today, tomorrow it's Pale Rider... That being said Drive Hard is a retread of The Wrestler, or any other of his down at luck character songs, I will never be able to enjoy Miracle or Sundown because that type of pop song just does nothing for me. I love the rest of the album though, even Sleepy Joe's Cafe, which, although inconsequential on its own, provides a little light relief.
  10. I was thinking more of the western feel, and the similarities in the sound of the score! He did walk a few horses though.
  11. Agree about Moonlight Motel, good but didn't come close to the album version and Rhinestone Cowboy, nice but not really necessary, oh, and camp as hell! I expected there to be more to the spoken interludes, and was surprised by the brevity of them. Hitchhiking is an amazing song, and really needs more praise! I also thought Chasing Wild Horses (definitely with the pronounced 'h') may have been the highlight. Still wanted to fast forward through Sundown and There Goes My Miracle. The whole thing was kind of like an expanded version of the Hunter of Invisible Game video he did. The Q+A was rubbish and the interviewer particularly pretentious.
  12. Full house in Basingstoke. Loved the film, hated the Q+A. Thought the Q+A was on first and I'd missed it, but no. Pretty superfluous and it watered down the impact of the film that preceded it. Brilliant film though. Been said a million times, but Pattie was stunning when she was young (still can't sing though, sorry, just my opinion...).
  13. I was just making the point it can, and has, been done. I don't expect to see long tours anymore anyway. I think we'll see a similar approach to how The Rolling Stones tour these days, but you never know. I just think it's a shame he won't tour this album, a first set focusing on the album, then a second playing E-Street material could have been amazing. Instead we're going to get E-Street greatest hits in a stadium again.