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  1. The rest of the concert may be superb, but it may be awhile before I get past skipping Frankie. Such a beautiful song. I don't know where he could have put it, but the Born in The USA era version deserved a place on an album proper. For me, one of his finest 'unreleased' songs. The live version is exceptional too.
  2. Excellent review. Agreed, to my ears the concert starts off pretty rough vocally but picks up massively with We Take Care Of Own. I’m up to the Wrecking Ball material now and it performed very strongly. Sound quality is better than Helsinki too.
  3. Musically first few songs are pretty rough vocally, sound quality seems to take a leap for the better around My Lucky Day. Non-musically, amongst all the uncertainty it’s reassuring that the First Friday Rollason regardless.
  4. It is missing Twist and Shout. I'm not really bothered, I never listen to it anyway. Who is going to tell Nugs?
  5. What that list shows me is how quickly the time goes! I can pretty much recall where I was, and what I was doing for most releases. I think they haven’t released pre-75 because they don’t think they’ll shift many units, but who knows?
  6. Obviously, in the grand scheme of things a release is insignificant, but it would be nice to get one nevertheless. Being on lock down means having more time to pay attention to it also. Of course, there would be no complaints if there were no release.
  7. The sound quality is as good as the best of the Archives. The horns are mixed a little quietly for me, but it is a very minor criticism.
  8. In terms of the 1988 releases, MSG sounds the most warm to my ears. I would say Detroit follows, although I do agree with those who feel the horns are a little quiet, with Los Angeles a distant third. From the Euro leg, Stockholm is very good, but a little harsh sound wise in comparison, although song for song the performances are just so much more intense. I also agree that the original Stockholm broadcast is still better (I realise all these terms are subjective, and I'm no audiophile), although of course the second set is vastly superior to the audience recording. If you were looking for one release from the US leg for me it would MSG, of course there's subtleties to all the releases that make them all worthwhile in one way or another.
  9. The splitting of tracks on the Archive series has always been an issue. Some people use software to edit the tracks themselves, but I don't have the time of the inclination. It's a shame because it does spoil the listening pleasure for some tracks; I like All That Heaven Will Allow, but I don't want to hear the 'park bench' story ever again! There's a great version of Growin' Up on one of the BITUSA releases but I won't listen through the bear story to get to it. I'm sure they were reasonable enough on the night, but it doesn't translate to audio only. Surely for whoever does these releases it isn't that difficult to do?
  10. Stockholm is the gold standard for me in terms of overall performance, but I am partial to Light of Day from the NYC show; the performance of Born to Be Wild in Light of Day is amazing, I also think the One Step far superior to Detroit. I am liking the performance of Spare Parts from Detroit though. Of course you need the early shows for the additional TOL material.
  11. One of the things that struck me about the Tunnel...shows is that, initially at least, I felt they lost momentum in the second set; I didn't really like I'm A Coward, Part Man Part Monkey, or the rockabilly You Can Look...Although I'm not still fully sold on I'm A Coward, both Part Man..and You Can Look..have really grown on me (although I prefer the intro for You Can Look...from Stockholm) with repeated listens. Part Man...particularly fits in with theme of the Tunnel of Lust tour. Oh, and Patti was mighty fine in '88. They also tend to be the shows I listen to most from start to finish, because they are just so well constructed.
  12. I love the slight variations on this tour; Born to be Wild in NYC and the alternate lyrics, the intro to You Can Look from Stockholm. Plus the standard set is consistently impeccably performed. Have to wait until Monday but can’t wait to download this one.