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  1. They also say, 'with a full slate' which implies the series is set to run for awhile yet.
  2. I vaguely remember when the series started the releases were very sporadic, with no real rhyme or reason behind them. Then we got the twenty five shows things, and the releases started to appear regular as clockwork. Now, we've passed that mark there doesn't seem to be any real direction behind the series. It feels like it could go in any direction. It could even cease all together.
  3. That seemed to be the model when they had the releases lined up and lots of people complained that too many of the 'essential' tours eg: 1978 were being ignored. Someone else suggested maybe more recent tours were not selling as much as earlier shows which is why we are now getting more 'classic' shows released. This is all conjecture of course. What isn't conjecture is that you could sit somebody down with no knowledge of Springsteen's music whatsoever and a copy of LIve 75-85 and they would be able to figure out a release schedule based on those recordings alone. At the moment the gaps are clear; '81, '84, 2002/2003.
  4. I think Nugs are basically winging it at this point. When we had the '25 concerts lined for release' the First Friday was really consistent. Since we passed the 25 mark, delays have become more and more the norm.
  5. Ha ha ha ha, I've been off work for ten days and only just realised today is Thursday!
  6. I don't think we'll be getting a release today, so soon after the Winterland releases.
  7. 78's not my cup of tea so I'll be skipping these, but from a purely scheduling point of view this must be the most covered tour from the Archives point of view? How many shows from the tour have been released now?
  8. Funny thing is I hardly noticed the deaging process for Pesci, and even Pacino, but with De Niro it stood out. There's a really good documentary on youtube: The Irish Man the official documentary. There's a lot more to the story Scorsese could have tackled, and in all probability Frank Sheerhan was probably full of c!"£ I know Scorsese wasn't trying to be historically accurate, and the film was as much about aging as anything, but still.
  9. Where did those five years go?! I remember getting an e-mail or something, I wasn't part of Greasy Lake then so it was the first I heard of the Archives. Then I remember being really disappointed with the sound quality that did not match the glowing review written about it.
  10. Wracked my brain trying to figure out what song these lines came from, and realised I've been mishearing it as ' LA days there ain't no more'...
  11. Surely the longer this goes unreleased, the less likely we'll get a First Friday in Jan? Are they going to release multiple shows in such a short space of time?
  12. Last time we got the cryptic, 'dive deep enough you get the bends', it was the Bridge School '86 release. Just sayin..
  13. I'm no film critic, but if you like Scorsese's work on Goodfellas and Casino, you'll like (most) of The Irishman. It's definitely worth watching, but I like gangster movies generally so...I may go back and watch Hoffa with Jack Nicholson now, just to compare. However, that scene is awful Think about, well take your pic, of any of the violent scenes in Goodfellas and it's clear Scorsese can do violence, but this is like something out of a comic strip. Where is the Steve cameo?!
  14. Firstly, where is the Steve cameo? I totally missed it! Secondly, I agree totally with the DeNiro giving the bloke a kicking scene, it looks absolutely awful, and I'm amazed they never picked up on it. However...overall it was a lot better than I thought it would be. The deaging process isn't as bad as I feared, and I thought Pacino actually pulled a great performance out of the bag long after I thought it was passed him. Joe Pesci was great also. Even as an old guy he can carry menace. I don''t think Scorsese was going for something like Goodfellas, seemed to be more a film about regret and aging.
  15. Even that is half a day too long for me now. I can no longer be bothered turning a day out into an endurance test.