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  1. The Rising on this release has a riff I've never heard on the song before, I think it's keyboards. Maybe it's just the mix but I've never heard it before, puts an interesting spin on the song. It's the little things with the songs that get over exposed, and I think The Rising is a great song anyway, but it has been played a lot. Both of the versions (Seeger and now this one) of Devils and Dust have been outstanding and it does make you wonder how this never became a staple of the set in the same way The Rising did.
  2. Don't forget a lot of songs are three chord wonders, and relatively simple to play. Anything too complicated in terms of chords/key changes they are going to swerve, at least until they can get some rehearsal in.
  3. Ha, of course there is The Sopranos connection, which I completely forgot about, but still...
  4. Totally agree; derivative melody, lyrics that sound half-finished, although I did hear a version from 2013 (I think Paolo posted the link) that almost redeemed the song. That's the only version I've ever heard that I can listen to from start to finish.
  5. ‘Rock n roll consigliere’ though? I always cringe when rock stars hijack mafiosi terminology. Ok, Italian antecedents notwithstanding, you haven’t been advising on who to hit, most profitable new rackets to enter into, or where best to lam it in an emergency! Call it what it is: musical director!
  6. Thundercrack is the keeper for me, the only other Archive version is Leeds 2013, and this one just seems to have much more energy to it. Beyond that I'm not a fan of the full album concept (by Bruce or any other artist) they just seem too contrived and too nostalgic. It's not a bad show overall.
  7. It’s an odd one with Bruce because his music has always gone hand in hand with his physical presentation. The Who and The Stones are probably the closest comparisons but even they are nowhere near their peak live, despite what the reviews say. Understandable, they are in their seventies but you have to accept their performances on those terms. The band sounded sluggish, Bruce had a lot of reverb on his (already croaky) vocal, his movement seemed very limited, and the stage lighting, and Patti’s leather trousers, can’t disguise the fact they are all getting on in years. Oh, and I don’t like I’
  8. I just think he sounded his age, which is no bad thing as long as you aren't trying to sound like you're in your thirties. The band looked, and sounded, their age. I didn't really see anything that made me think they could still play 2/3hr shows, certainly not at the standard of tours past. Of course, they haven't played together for ages, and that could be a big factor, at the same time Bruce's voice is a shadow of what it once was. I was surprised by how well it came across on the new album, but the studio is a totally different thing.
  9. I don’t think we will see a release tomorrow. The recent pattern has been to tease the release for about a week beforehand.
  10. Burning Train and If I Were the Priest for me, though I'd take Ghosts in there.
  11. Sad Eyes and Loose Change are better than half the songs on Himan Touch that are so mediocre, nondescript I can’t even name them.
  12. Sad Eyes and Loose Change would have also improved Human Touch immeasurably.
  13. Rainmaker is great but if I had to choose just one it’s a toss up between Burning Train and If I Were The Priest.
  14. 2007/8 seemed to be a great year for Trapped. This version will definitely be a keeper. Interesting to also note the subtle differences as we get more releases from the same tour; Bruce alters the lyrics slightly on Darkness...and then absolutely rips into the line, 'Tonight I'll be on that hill...' It might not replace the version from Boston in 2007 but it runs it close. I've listened to the Magic tracks numerous times, but songs like Devil's Arcade and Last To Die still leave me cold. I do find myself warming to Long Walk Home on this release though, even if Stevie's idea of soul is just to
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