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  1. Not for me. Atmospheric song, with the killer line: 'let me tell you something the rich don't know, sonny, sooner or later it all comes down to money...'
  2. "Better Days" "Lucky Town" "Local Hero" "If I Should Fall Behind" "Leap of Faith" "The Big Muddy" "Living Proof" "Book of Dreams" "Souls of the Departed" "My Beautiful Reward" There’s actually nothing I’d take of there, although Book of Dreams is slight, but I’d add: Human Touch With Every Wish I Wish I Were Blind The Little Steven remixed 57 Channels from Tracks Sad Eyes Loose Change
  3. Always loved Lucky Town, although I do think it’s in need of a remaster. It’s Human Touch that, odd song aside, doesn’t work for me.
  4. Ha, true or it’s a tour you’re not necessarily interested in.
  5. That’s my issue with cancelling the First Fridays; the build up is missing.
  6. Fair point. I know there’s been a debate around whether the quality dipped when Clearmountain stopped doing them but I thought the No Security and two Bridges..shows were fine. The Voodoo Lounge show was shocking though. I still think they are far more substantial packaging, and content wise. TV shows or not you are still getting DVD and CD content, nicely presented, for the cost of a Nugs Bruce CD.
  7. I don’t think the fact he’s got three songs from circa Greetings From Asbury Park on an album called Letter To You is a coincidence. Maybe this is the closing of the circle.
  8. Yes, you could say much the same for Dylan’s Bootleg Series, and The Rolling Stones From The Vault. I started out buying the CDs but soon realised they represented terrible value for money; the ‘packaging’ takes minimal to new levels. Leaving aside the complaints over sound quality, which will always be subjective, the lack of editing, leaving minutes of audience applause at the end of tracks, not putting in a break before a spoken intro, all show a lack of overall care. It’s the little things...
  9. I don’t think that’s the case at all, especially for recent tours. Personally, I think Bruce took entirely the wrong approach to releasing archival material. All of his peers, Dylan, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones are releasing far superior sets. Nugs, although enjoyable enough, are amateur hour by comparison.
  10. There’s no mention of one show per month. Also you need to take the typo ‘a’ out of the sentence so it reads ,’There will be new shows’.
  11. Strange, I don’t remember Western Stars affecting the schedule. Seems like we are returning to the way the early Archive shows were randomly released. Shame, I liked the build up of First Fridays. It’s always nice to hear a new show has been released but not as much fun when you find out accidentally.
  12. A Rising show, or a show with a number of Rising tunes would be appropriate.