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  1. Very strong show, and as always the small details. The, slightly amended intro, to ‘I’m Going Down’; one of my favourite Bruce songs and another great version. The slightly changed phrasing on ‘Dancing in the Dark’, plus the minor key intro. The organ/piano interplay at the conclusion of The River. Consistently strong vocals throughout. Hindsight is everything with the BITUSA songs, here ‘Working on the Highway’ is still fresh and is just a fun, slightly silly song. Ok, the shows from this tour will always be slightly synth heavy, but it was the eighties. Hard to complain about this one, unless musically it just isn’t your thing.
  2. Haven't compared closely, but to my ears this is the best quality sounding release from the '84-'85 tour so far. I love the versions of 'Trapped' and 'I'm Going Down' from this tour. I understand when a tour isn't particularly to your liking (I skip the '78 releases for that reason), but to judge a show by the set list on paper alone is crazy; Bruce has never been an artist who regularly mixes up his set. If you follow that logic then the Archive series would be wrapped up very quickly. Ok, 85 may not have the intensity of '81 but there's still plenty to recommend it. The Nebraska songs sound very fresh, and powerful, as does the Born In The USA material. As mentioned already, 'Trapped', and 'I'm Going Down' are great.
  3. A No Nukes DVD would be great. At this point I’d rather have an official DVD/CD than another Archive release. Proper packaging, professional mixing job….Yes, please.
  4. He should have, but I think Bruce was really focused on maintaining his self imposed 'narrative arc'. There was enough first rate material between -79-85 to put out more high quality albums.
  5. Yes. Exactly. For a long time the practice was to announce delays, then we had the whole 'clue' phenomenon. All of which seems to have died a sudden death. I no longer believe they have a long term plan for these shows, or any kind of reserve. I genuinely think they are just going on a month by month basis, and at most just not repeating a tour in a calendar year if possible.
  6. At this point it isn’t a delay as the First Friday schedule is pretty much defunct. At best it’s now any given Friday…
  7. What a great story. I'm seriously impressed by your diligence. Strangely, I lived in Basingstoke for several years. It must have been something of a comedown after the thrills of London, and Wembley!
  8. I think it was always wishful thinking to expect a show two weeks after the last release. They did announce the delay of the last one, but there was a fair amount of radio silence after in terms of how long the delay was actually going to be.
  9. I don’t think we’ll see one today. Whenever there’s been a delay in the past it has always had a knock on effect.
  10. See, all the comments you make for ‘78, I would apply to ‘80-‘81. Ialso agree that ‘84-‘85 was a step down, although the ‘88 shows are pretty intense at times. I also think age has something to do with it; at twenty years of age TOOM may not have spoken to me in the way it does to my 44 year old self. I love ‘76 Dylan though. Way out there on the wire.
  11. I'm aware of Bruce's history. I've listened to all of his music, from every period. I do that with all artists whose music I like, and what usually happens is you find after awhile you prefer certain periods to others. Yes, Dylan doesn't get to make TOOM without Highway 61...but that just means H61 is historically important, or relevant to the artists overall trajectory. It doesn't actually mean the music recorded is inherently better. Similarly, you may feel some artists have a clear peak, I agree with you about The Rolling Stones for eg, although I would still say history has been a lot kinder to Goats Head Soup than the initial reaction upon its release. With Bruce, I can accept from an academic position the tour was an important one, and he doesn't get to The River without it, but for me, removed from its historical context, the music doesn't stand up in 2021. Then there's also the completely subjective reaction that I just don't like the sound of his voice on that tour. Nothing is going to change that.
  12. It is the rumours thread, and in fairness I have no interest in this month’s (already delayed!) release.
  13. You're defining the peak, based on a historical consensus, that doesn't allow for disagreement, and based largely on mainstream music press journalism. You can disagree with an opinion, and say why, but you can't state that someone is 'wrong' for disagreeing, well you can, but you're wrong to do so. For instance, Springsteen is Springsteen for me based on Born In The USA (I was an eighties kid) and Tunnel of Love, retrospectively I found I loved The River. I never listen to Born To Run, or Darkness on the Edge of Town (although I love those songs live post-78. I'm a big Dylan fan, but I'd take Time Out of Mind, and its outtakes, over Highway 61 Revisited. If Springsteen as a performing artist had, for some reason, stopped playing live in 1978, the only music of his I would have listened to would be the first two albums, historical importance or otherwise.
  14. That’s pretty much my take on ‘78. You’re the first fan, other than myself, who have said they don’t like the sound of Bruce’s voice on that tour!
  15. Just because a tour is older, doesn’t inherently make it better. Just because there’s a general consensus that the ‘78 tour was a career peak, doesn’t mean everybody has to agree. Personally, I feel that both the ‘80 and ‘81 tours were superior. I love Bruce’s vocals on those tours, I think he really found his ‘live’ voice, whereas ‘78 grates on me. It’s music. It’s subjective. I’m not particularly a fan of 2013 either but if a fan has a fondness for that era, and prefers it to ‘78, or ‘81 or insert your own era, I’m always interested in hearing why. I don’t agree with the, ‘we don’t need any more releases from that era’ argument, as already stated that would mean a swift end to the Archive series, so I don’t express disappointment with that. If it’s a tour I’m not a fan of, I just don’t comment on that releases particular thread. On that note: when do people think we’ll get the next Archive? It surely can’t be a First Friday release, can it?
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