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  1. Ok, let me rephrase that: what is the rationale for not releasing it? Why do they not place the same importance on the ‘live’ legacy? If they released Tempe I do believe it would become one of the most important recordings in the officially released canon. We have No Nukes. Why not Tempe?
  2. I was thinking Sony, or whoever Bruce’s record company is these days. Not Nugs. It’s clearly mixed and ready to go. Why not put it out? It can only add to Bruce’s recorded legacy. Who exactly are they saving this music for?
  3. Tempe should be available. Crazy that it isn’t.
  4. Sorry, I didn't comment on his guitar playing because, truthfully, it isn't that interesting to me! Bruce obviously has a distinct style on the acoustic, but I find it quite non-de script after a while; I've never noticed the particular note you have focused on (!) but the whole dampening of the strings thing, which seems like it's his default way of playing bores me. One of the limitations of his solo acoustic shows is that he doesn't have the technical chops to offer enough variation in his guitar playing, even with the alternate tunings used on Joad, anyone using open g would come up with some of the basic parts that he does, to keep it interesting. If you want a point of comparison, compare what someone like Paul Brady has achieved using the same tuning. Of course Bruce's lyrics, vocals, whole delivery, pick up the slack, but it's the guitar parts at times that are the weak spot. I was interested in the performance because, as stated, I'm not convinced he has the vocal range to pull off two hour + shows in stadiums any longer so I was encouraged to see that his vocal wasn't as croaky as say the 9/11 performance.
  5. I thought it was interesting to see what hints it may provide towards future touring. I thought Bruce sounded great on Letter To You but we know the studio can cover a multitude of sins. The few public appearances I've listened to, his voice has sounded really croaky. This was better. Bruce was clearly a lot more restrained in the vocal, but there wasn't as much of the croakiness of his other appearances.
  6. Given Bruce's access to hair transplants, (some) kind of plastic surgery, even if it's only Botox, wardrobe/make-up/hair assistants and personal trainer, we can't. Bruce looks good for seventy plus, but it isn't a natural seventy plus and, even given his own discipline and dedication in maintaining physical fitness, benefits greatly from the infinite resources he has to maintain it. 'Regular putz's' aren't in that race.
  7. Is this release Blu Ray or DVD only? I can only see a DVD link on Amazon.
  8. Oh, I know. The shifting of the tickets was not a problem I was referring to.
  9. I didn't say 'everybody else'! I gave examples of who I would consider to be Bruce's peers in terms of the type of music they play, the generation they hail from, and the crossover in the types of audience they attract. I agree; the big boxes are on a par with Dylan's, or The Stones, or The Band, or whoever, but they are very few and far between. Bruce's demographic is still one that largely favours physical product (I think, maybe I'm wrong), and the Nugs releases are insubstantial in that area. For me, Dylan's people have got the right idea, if you're thinking in terms of 'live' releases, I'd love to see the Springsteen camp adopt The Stones model, or Neil Young (although he has a terrible habit of not releasing complete concerts, and making you pay for the same music in multiple formats in the deluxe boxes), it's just my preference. I've stated what I enjoy about the Archive series, it doesn't mean I can't offer an opinion as to how I think they could be better.
  10. Keith Richards trots out the same line every time The Stones tour. 'At their peak'? Peak of what? As others have mentioned, whatever occurred between 2014-2016, even if it was just Father Time catching up with Bruce, it happened. I personally haven't been interested in any contemporary tours since 2012, after that it just seemed like diminishing returns. It would be nice to think the band would scale it down to arenas, maybe even theatres, but I doubt that will happen. From the few bits and pieces I've heard, Bruce's voice sounds so croaky now, I can't see it filling a stadium, but lights and sound can compensate for a lot; Letter To You sounded great, albeit a little heavy on the reverb. I can see them employing a model used by bands like The Rolling Stones; shorter clusters of dates, rather than long protracted tours. At their peak though? Peak for a group of septuagenarians maybe.
  11. What is interesting is that Van Morrison recently released a live stream of two concerts through Nugs, and then released the audio. Van has been very sporadic in releasing live material and, if Nugs was the only option, I'd love to get a stream of releases. Interestingly the quality was excellent, although it was a 'live in studio' performance so I'm guessing the source recording was impeccable to begin with.
  12. Yes, I get your point, I guess some people would like more than 'live bootleg' quality but...I love the Archive series, if I listen to Bruce's music now, it tends to be the Archives. Anyway...totally agree about The Dylan box. I always go for the deluxe version but the latest release, really is a mish mash in terms of content. In fact the last couple have been like that. Also, interesting in that Dylan's manager ruled out the live download route, saying that they didn't want loads of live concerts circulating. Although, given the variable nature of Dylan's live performances, I can understand this!
  13. I know, and as I've stated, I enjoy the Archive series! I get that they are 'simply official live downloads' but I also understand why some fans would prefer more care was taken with the presentation of what they deem, in some cases, historically important performances. Listen to the Nugs No Nukes against the official No Nukes and I can guarantee there won't be any comparison in terms of sound quality. That being the case, is it unreasonable to want more recordings in this quality? Anyway, I don't know why one release has to delay another! There really doesn't seem to be any need.
  14. Tom Petty's estate have been releasing a lot of material from the studio archives. The 'live' issue has been addressed, but because Petty (generally) never really mixed up the sets from one tour to the next, further releases (in addition to the Live Anthology) have been deemed, to an extent, superfluous. REM have been systematically working their way through the back catalogue, re-releasing box sets of their albums, in addition to the 'Live at the BBC' set, and live DVD set, they often feature a complete live concert. I don't listen to Led Zep so couldn't say and Bob Seger and Queen, I am reading that correctly, right? You are putting Queen in the same league as Broooce (?!), aren't in the same league. It's not really about the artists who aren't doing it, but the artists who are in some fashion :-)
  15. I didn’t say there was. What I did say was that most ‘Legacy’ artists, such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones, and so have their own version of the Archives. They aren’t releasing shows on a month by month basis; that’s my whole point. There’s less releases, but higher quality in terms of sound, content, visuals, and packaging. The Archives aren’t even in the same league.
  16. I think people accept Nugs for what they are, and it is fun getting a regular stream of releases. The pay off though is that they don't always sound as good as they could, and the packaging is non-existent. They might sound perfectly fine to your ears, but they could sound better, and I think that's the crux of the matter really. Every 'legacy' artist has some kind of Archival release system in operation, Bruce's doesn't seem to stand up well against his peers.
  17. I suspected some one might mention the fact they are mixed but ok, let’s say that London ‘81, or the NYC ‘80 releases don’t come close to Tempe ‘80, they aren’t mixed to the same standard. A quick a-b of the Nugs release against the new No Nukes will very quickly show that. I don’t think all the Nugs releases are ‘great’ sounding either. However, I do agree there’s no reason to not release both, unless they are thinking that people won’t have enough time to listen them!
  18. I disagree. What the No Nukes release will show, once again, is the difference between what we get, and what the Archive series could be. I’d rather have a professionally mixed, lovingly packaged, with audio, and visual content, release than the Nugs Archive release. Don’t get me wrong, I follow the Archive series, and get a lot of enjoyment from it, but I’m not blind as to how much better it could be if they went with a quality over quantity approach.
  19. Ok, we'll never know, but if there is a delay every time there is other Bruce related product out there, it may not be a coincidence, although it might be! Be a nice surprise to wake up to a release tomorrow, and if not, I'll spend a little more time in D+D territory.
  20. Wasn't there a delay when the Killer's track was released also? I could be wrong, and as stated, I'm just speculating. I don't think we got one around Letter To You time either.
  21. Ok, well, within a recent time frame :-), and Mellencamp was this week, right?
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