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  1. It really does seem like a lifetime ago. You are so right about that. With your kids out of college and mine being a super super senior and graduating this year, time has flown by! Truth be told, I wasn't hugely into Western Stars and the last time I saw Bruce was on Broadway. That was an amazing amazing experience. One for the ages. I had hoped for a tour this year, but with this friggin pandemic all hope of that is lost! I remember those Philly days and Giants Stadium days and how you traveled often to shows. I think we've slowed down since then. LOL Although if given
  2. OMG!!! Kevin!! I just cracked up with that! I forgot all about that but that was so true, aced the art of Disney on Ice shows and always got crappy Bruce seats. LOL Yes, I think you're right. 2003, Philly. Wow, those were such good times! Yes, my daughter is 23! Lord, that makes me feel super old. I was thinking about those days and decided to check this old place out again. I guess with the days of Facebook and all other social media I had let this go to the wayside. So glad to see your name again!
  3. I was just looking through the memoriam page. Sad to see Miami Mark had passed away! He was certainly a character back in the day. I remember hearing about Firerich. It's nice to be back though!
  4. Well, I can say it's been a number of years since I've visited the Lake. Browsing through I don't recognize many names that were around from way back in the early 2000s. I'm actually surprised I remembered my password to log in! LOL Any old timers around? Balloon Man, Partner Sonny, Redheadedwoman? Those are who I can remember right now. LOL It's been a while but maybe during these times we are all home much more than normal it's time I read through and catch up. This place was one of the best places to be way back, and I have many fond memories reading through the ar
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