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  1. I am massively expecting a curveball and as it is so close to the last release I reckon we are getting a show that only part of the fan base will want. I’m expecting a 92 show and a born in the USA show next month.
  2. Can I request June 29th St Paul 1984 please I think we will get a Born in the USA show this Friday but I really fancy listening to this one!
  3. And.... apparently it’s Stockholm 2005 according to the other forum.
  4. So the consensus is either a response too the BLM movement being either the first MSG show or Atlanta show from the reunion tour. Or a 92 show mentioning the LA race riots. But there has been talk that it’s going to be a standard release with a Devils and Dust show.
  5. I would be shocked if it wasn’t the first show of the MSG 2000 stand, but I’m totally happy with a 92 show featuring I wish I was blind.
  6. If anyone could send any links, everything on Jungleland isn’t seeded.
  7. Hi guys I love the whole Tunnel Of Love Era and this new archive release is probably the highlight of the whole series for me. I have countless bootleg CDs and shows but I haven’t really been able to watch a live show from that era. Can you recommend me any of watchable quality? I have had a look on jungleland but it’s a bit sparse. Cheers!
  8. I have to say 1988 Bruce is the peak for me, Tunnel of Love is probably my favourite album and this release is something special. I wasn’t even born when the tour happened so this has been my holy grail. It was such a fantastic experience to listen to into the late night. To have a pristine verson of Walk Like A Man is what stands this release apart from the other archive shows. I think this release is going to get a lot of airplay in my house.
  9. It really is, I heard so much I’ve never heard in the mix before. I am excited to try a few other albums out.
  10. Also Devils and Dust sounds absolutely gorgeous, I can hear a lot more violin, percussion and other instruments.
  11. I absolutely love Magic but hate the production. But tonight I’ve got a free trial of Amazon HD and must say it sounds a lot better, I wonder if this is potential remaster? Has anyone else heard it? Bits like hearing a church bell on Your Own Worst Enemy. Gypsy Biker seems to have a better separation on instruments and the whole album seems less harsh.