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  1. The guitar tone is stunning, the end of Streets of Fire is quiet simply perfection. I can’t wait to listen to Prove it and Backstreets. Legendary show!!
  2. Can I request Bruce Springsteen E St. Band Got To Be Good Rare Live 3CD Atlanta April 26 2009 and Bruce Springsteen E St. Band Philadelphia Magic Night Rare Live 2CD 6 Oct. 2007. Please
  3. Hi can I request these TOL shows please? 1988-03-20 Pittsburgh (A Prisoner Of Pittsburgh, Ev2) 1988-05-03 Mountain View (The Longest Date, Ev2) 1988 04 02 Mountain View 1988-07-14 Basel (Restless Nights, Ev2)
  4. Has anyone got the 3rd night of the TOL tour 29th of May in Worcester?
  5. With this weeks release being a bit short, I still have the urge to listen to a new show, it got me thinking about my favourite acoustic shows and I wanted to know what your favourites were? My Top 5 1. Brixton 1996 2. Christic Shows 3. Paramount Theatre 2005 4. Assago 2005 5. Freehold Joad Tour
  6. Could I request June 20, 1999 Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands please
  7. Could I request June 20, 1999 Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands please
  8. This album is incredible, i am obsessed with the title track, i really feel like these characters come alive, in their own cinematic world. Bruce has no right making an album this good this late in his career!