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  1. Yeah it’s really good, strong vocals, really nice orchestral strings, really reminds me of Kingdom of Days. Pretty cool bridge in the song too.
  2. General thinking is it’s a good pop tune, in the vein of Kingdom of Days, Queen if the supermarket and girls in their summer clothes.
  3. Apparently according to backstreets it’s already up on YouTube now New Zealand
  4. The 92/93 tour is fun, it’s a great showcase for the HT/LT material and Bruce’s guitar playing is more focused than ever.
  5. Pretty happy with this one, heard up too Darkness’s so far and must say that version is brilliant. Always been sucker for a 92 show, I really like the gospel rock feel.
  6. I’m thinking a 92 show or even a Joad show today
  7. Did Flynn do a compilation for the Session Band Tour?
  8. Did Flynn do a compilation for the Session Band Tour?
  9. Great can you recommend any other shows from this tour? I have really neglected it.
  10. Has anyone got Chains, Hammers & Factory Whistle Kokomo version Date: 07 Oct 2006 Location: Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia, fancy seeing how the sessions band played Factory
  11. Last time I saw Brian the back end of last year he spoke about listening to Bruce’s new album and saying what heard was “Good, like really good” I’m excited to see where this album goes. Brian’s fav Album was Greetings too.