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  1. Hi guys can I request 4/10/03 Shea Stadium please.
  2. Can I ask for the godfather 14/10/03 show please.
  3. I am hoping for a Magic show where they opened with Souls of the Departed.
  4. Thunderstruck was spectacular as the guy in the audiance described it, the outro guitar was beautiful. Frankie and this could be essential hits for a lot of bands, but for Bruce they are outtakes that’s mental. i love this version of Thunder Road too Roy’s piano playing was just perfect.
  5. Really fancy another 1984 show today can I request NOV 16 1984 Bruce Springsteen Setlistat Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA, USA
  6. Hi guys can I ask for the following 2013-07-20 Kings Hall Belfast Cheers
  7. Can I request Nowlan Park, Kilkenny, Ireland 28 July, 2013 Thank you guys
  8. I’m sure this is the most up to date version of the Kansas show https://mega.nz/folder/CV8AGKhT#W_7SXoN3wC1bKw5Rs_LMQQ
  9. Hey guys what is the best version of the Darkness Outtakes?
  10. Do we know if there is any tapes from this run of Broadway? I know links can’t be posted here, but has there been any sightings?
  11. We are only getting half a show? Or you mean it’s a release where we have only heard half of it in decent quality?
  12. Any chance of 2008-04-27 Charlotte, NC - Way Better Than Hannah Montana
  13. Can I also be cheeky and ask for NOV 17 2012 Setlistat Sprint Center, Kansas City, July 18th 2013 Cork I am making an Estreet version of a 92 show.
  14. Can I request 5-7-2013 Borussia-Park, Mönchengladbach, Germany please.
  15. We really are, brings the whole fandom together.
  16. Hi guys I was wondering if we could create a master list of recently performed songs. 2020 Thunder Road Atlantic City Ghosts-SNL -seems to have disappeared Il see you in my dreams-SNL Nebraska snippet -Apple Podcast letter to you acoustic Long walk home-Stand up for heroes House of a thousand Guitars 2021 Land of Hope and dreams Ghost of Tom Joad Across the border Deportees Tom Joad Anyone fancy putting the audios all together and making a virtual gig?
  17. Living Proof is probably the best version I’ve heard the passion in Bruce’s voice elevates the song. The other band totally own the 92 material, they give the E-Street material a good go but it’s always just that for me. I wish that they developed more unique arrangements for the classics.
  18. I think this is my favourite release of the year so far, the HT and LT material are so much better than the studio versions. Lucky Town was stunning, great vocals from Bruce and I love how the synths interweave with the guitar outro.
  19. I’m absolutely buzzing with this release! 16 songs from HT and LT. I can’t wait to listen to the whole show now. Still waiting on I wish I was blind though!
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