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  1. Hi there! Due to travel restrictions, I have to sell my 2 great tickets for the September 3 show. Tickets are mezzazine, close to the stage (Row F, seats 107-108). Price is $1,453.20 USD (total ticket price including fees). My preferred payment method is Paypal. Please, drop me a line if you're interested! All the best, Peter
  2. True. Hence the strange "click" in the beginning of the song on that always irritates me. Not as bad as cutting the Sad Eyes portion from Backstreets on the 75/85 Album, but still irritating IMO. That being said, LOHAD is one of the songs that got me hooked about 20 years ago. Too bad I have this hangup.
  3. Ah, yes! Forgot about 10th ave. That's a good example of a butcher's work. Like someone just said, I always had a problem with the absence of Code of Silence and Blood Brothers on the album. Thank Goodness for the magic of bootlegging and the latter day archive release!
  4. Thanks! Have to agree on that one. BTR isn't exactly an ideal easter egg.
  5. Hi there! After years of lurking, I thought I should come out and say hi to GL. That said, I'd like to hear about your opinion on Live in NYC. It seems to be common knowledge that this album was, well, more or less a compilation of bits and pieces from the stand at MSG in 2000 (which, according to some, makes this album a butcher's work). For example, LOHAD was cut in a pretty bad way. What's your take on the editing of this album? Hit me up with your best (or worst) examples!
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