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  1. I've not even looked into downloading the album. I can wait. Also, I don't feel comfortable downloading content which is, if not illegal, then morally dubious. I don't think anyone on this forum should be promoting piracy either.
  2. I'm hearing tougher than the rest with the guitar solo.
  3. Excellent song. Which lyrical version do you prefer?
  4. Thunder Road This needs no explanation! Holy wars...the punishment due - Megadeth A tale of two halves, a classic and constantly changing song on one of the best metal albums. Orion - Metallica Cliff Burton was a genius and this is one of his finest contributions. Animal - Def Leppard Just a damn fine song off another excellent album Infinite Dreams - Iron Maiden I had a few maiden songs to choose from, but this one gets it for the instrumental section. Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band A nice metaphor. Waiting for a star to fall - Boy Meets Girl A song I've recently rediscovered from my youth. The video is excellent. Temptation - Wet Wet Wet My dad actually liked this band as well. Interesting lyrics. Also there is a naughty word in it. Pull Me Under - Dream Theater Their only hit single, but still musically magnificent. Tunnel of love - Dire Straits This is like a question off pop master, same title different song. The ending is sublime. All this might change tomorrow of course. No Chris Rea, no Beatles, no Satriana...difficult choices!
  5. Incident on 57th street Thunder road Racing in the street The river Glory days Tougher than the rest Ghost of Tom joad Long walk home The promise Moonlight motel
  6. Forgive the heavy metal bias, but the following are masterpiece albums: Rust in peace, Megadeth Master of puppets, Metallica Seventh son, iron maiden Led Zeppelin IV These are all old albums, none of the bands have done anything as good since then (led zep have not had much chance really), does that mean they can't? Possibly. Might they be able to? Certainly. Dystopia for Megadeth, book of souls for maiden are very close to masterpieces. Relating this to Bruce, btr is a masterpiece. Is Western stars also a masterpiece? Just because it is so late in his career doesn't mean it can't be. I would say it is, based on songwriting, production and performance. Is bitusa also a masterpiece? Possibly not. But it is damn good fun.
  7. Can't fault any songs on the album really. Hitch hiking is a good first song, nice melody, simple but endearing lyrics. Tuscon train is a lovely song, every time I hear it I'm more convinced that she is on the train! Nothing more needs to be said about western stars, apart from the sheer balls of rhyming "again" with "again"! Chasing wild horses is the best orchestration I've heard from Bruce since wiess or btr... I like how the banjo (or uke, can't tell which) in the instrumental between the second and third verses is mirrored by strings on the outro. All of the last four songs are brilliant, what a way to end an album. As soon as I heard moonlight motel, I thought "that is a classic tear wrencher, like the river or racing", then immediately thought "don't be daft, those are some of the best songs he's written", but I think i was right the first time. Moonlight motel is an absolute marvel... so simple and get so comp!ex. I've yet to make it through the song without a tear welling up. So thanks Bruce for bringing us such a wonderful album.
  8. Rod Liddle is always controversial. He probably saw all the good reviews and thought he'd annoy people by posting a bad one. I think the deliberate dig about Bruce never having it hard is either a major misunderstanding of the boss's work or him just being a knob head.
  9. The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. Delivered dead pan.
  10. Can't beat Steve's line from the sopranos as an excuse for being late
  11. I would like to use my freedom of speech to say that you're using your freedom of speech to talk bollocks. obviously in a polite and non-judgemental way.
  12. Why would he, if in his dream she said 'its better to have loved'. He has all these memories that he cherishes, he's not going to shoot himself after his wife comes to him in a dream. Also, the 'last night I dreamed...' line suggests that his toast to his wife and the hotel has already happened and it's now the day after (unless he's remembering all this in the afterlife, which seems unlikely seeing as suicides go to hell and he'd be too busy having a poker shoved somewhere unmentionable to write beautiful songs). What is this btx forum anyway? Is it for masochists?
  13. Is the 5:15 train the same one Pete Townsend was on? Maybe we should ask him if Bruce's girl is on it.
  14. Can anyone else hear the guitar part from 'hunger strike' by temple of the dog on hitch hiking?
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