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  1. I came to this thread because I'm at the same stage of the book and just cannot believe what I'm hearing, even knowing it's Steve. I am pleased to see those of you who are further ahead say it will improve, because this is unbearable thus far.
  2. Doesn't seem like the album was coming soon anyway, and with things being as they are now, it would be a great opportunity to release Tracks 2. Would be amazing!
  3. Yes, I noticed it too. I thought he sounded fine, but I cannot deny that I was really surprised by his appearance. He looked old and frail in a way he never has. That would be normal for his age, obviously, but it surprised me because the contrast with the last couple of times we saw him is huge. Just 4 months ago, at the Sting & Friends concert (see below), he looked tour-ready. And he looked fine at Light of Day in January too. I also noticed what you said about his teeth. It looked like he had badly fitting dentures, honestly... I'm really not trying to be negative. It was nice that he did this, good to see him, and his voice was fine. Just hope he's doing okay all around... ).
  4. The first set is the greatest hour and fifteen the band ever did.
  5. A pre-BTR release is what I keep hoping for, but I don't think we'll get it next week.
  6. His greatest song in my opinion. The coda in particular is just breathtaking.
  7. 'Luckytwn' on BTX confirmed that they have been working on this project for a while, that it's definitely not a Western Stars deluxe/expanded type deal but a big box set, and that it is a safe bet that it will be more than 4 cds. The new E Street album Bruce wants to record could derail plans to release this, but it seems like the plan at the moment is to release this for Christmas. Seems like we're really being spoiled this and next year!
  8. Really looking forward to this. Have a lot of work to do this week and can't wait to unwind with a brand new Bruce record. Judging by Hello Sunshine and Tuscon Train, this one's going to be right up my alley.
  9. Hey guys, would anyone happen to have any recordings of the 2008 Count Basie show, where he performed Darkness and BTR in full? Wanted to listen to that show again, but could not find it in my archives. I'm looking for all circulating recordings (according to Brucebase, there are 3, http://brucebase.wikidot.com/gig:2008-05-07-count-basie-theatre-red-bank-nj). If I recall, none of them were very good, so ideally I'd like to compare them to see which one sounded best. EV2 - An Expensive Night in Red Bank Crystal Cat - Count Basie Theatre Magic Night Asbury Parc Discs - Historic Bruce Night 2008 Btw, according to Brucebase, there's also footage circulating of this show. Has any of you ever seen this? I do remember seeing footage of the Bobby Bandiera show at the Basie later that year, but nothing from this special night.
  10. Well, when I go to the site now I get a message that they're updating it, so I guess the download will be available any moment now.
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