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  1. I wonder what Bruce will wear "with a Japanese flair"?
  2. Bruce was at the Freehold showing tonight- he introduced the film.
  3. The night of this screening the weather in NY was awful - a bombogenesis. You can see how wet Bruce’s pants are in the previous photo.
  4. This photo was taken on my corner. And for Beatles fans, that’s the Dakota behind Bruce.
  5. Horse show tickets are free if you are around this weekend. Maybe you will see Bruce on the boat! Longines Global Championship. Have fun.
  6. It's going into theaters first, then Netflix from what I understand.
  7. Hi Joan.

    I'm trombettista.vecchio.

    It's Italian for elderly trumpet player. (I'm 72.)

    At your convenience, please drop me a PM explaining how I become eligible to request inclusion in the Land of Hopes and Dreams forum.

    Is it anything else besides ten posts and thirty days?

    It took a few posts to get assimilated, but I've enjoyed the overall forum in my short time here.  Thanks.

  8. Hello JF!

    I was wondering if I can get approval to post in the Land of Hope and Dreams forum.

    Thank you,