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  1. This photo was taken on my corner. And for Beatles fans, that’s the Dakota behind Bruce.
  2. Horse show tickets are free if you are around this weekend. Maybe you will see Bruce on the boat! Longines Global Championship. Have fun.
  3. It's going into theaters first, then Netflix from what I understand.
  4. Hey Bruce. I know you are reading this. Next tour, use one of these videos to kick off the song. You and the guys just watch, and then jump in mid-song, but keep the video going. Oh, and let’s get going!
  5. She needs more than that. Her shoes are too small and her feet are on the carpet. The sweater is too big. She needs a better bra. And that white purse. Besides that she looks happy and perfect and I think she’s great.
  6. White shoulder bag is a strange choice.
  7. I feel bad for the many people in the back rows of the photo who you can see only a sliver of their face. They'll frame this photo, point to themselves and say - that's me!
  8. The album has now been officially released and it is for sale. If Springsteen does not put a song on, you can't put it here. Posts have been deleted. Thanks for your cooperation.
  9. Which version will be in your head? Bruce, Eddie Vedder and Jackson Browne, or Chuck strung up?
  10. This next season should be the end of the series and Axe and Rhodes.
  11. Bruce dedicated Into the Fire to FireRich. For those who are new - continued prayers.
  12. Flying the friendly skies of United.
  13. And the song is now on Bruce Springsteen's official site:
  14. Please do not post the song. Posts deleted.