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  1. Welcome! Your user name made me smile, remember singing Outlaw Pete driving my car, radio blasting in 'the old days'. Thanks for that great memory. Happy to have you and all our new members.
  2. A nurse from Germany wins the book in the middle of a pandemic, and it brings him some joy. I couldn't be happier to read that. Good luck Sascha!
  3. Of course she has Coronavirus-related problems. She has a super-senior mom, as does Bruce. She has a son on the front line. She has a daughter dealing with disappointment. She is getting groceries from somewhere, putting someone at risk. Same as most of us on GL, give or take. I'm not trying to make her look like anything, this is just my reaction to what I heard. I respect that you feel differently.
  4. Sorry. I cant guess what she meant. I'm sure they are worried about their friends and family, but these are very serious times and they deserve a serious response. That's why people tuned in. See above and around for all the serious responses.
  5. Did I hear Patti say everything was "great"?? Really?? I guess she forgot her son is a first responder in a hot spot. Disappointing.
  6. Yup - in dangerous territory here. Please go wash your hands. Thanks
  7. Welcome to Greasy Lake. You can post an introduction in the main forum, called The Circuit for the most views, or if you have a particular interest, in a subforum as well. Thanks
  8. I wonder what Bruce will wear "with a Japanese flair"?