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  1. And in other news, Tom Cruise became very angry when apparently crew on his latest film stood too close to each other (reportedly wearing masks). It shows the pressure these artists are under to keep productions moving ahead safely.
  2. Not really. The whole story, as this thread shows, is extremely complex: tough decisions, limited resources, haves and have nots, society over self, uncertainty, fear, life is short, the value of entertainment in the worst of times - and probably a few other things that I forgot. Here's to a better 21.
  3. And yet another side - shows like SNL employ hundreds of people, directly (large cast and crew) and indirectly (caterers, drivers, cleaners). Without this work many of these people, and their families, would struggle.
  4. They didn't pull off this show in a vacuum. People here in NYC are still having trouble getting tested, and results take up to a week to get back. Yet there seems to be an infinite amount of quick and reliable tests available for athletes and entertainers. It is a complex issue.
  5. Or maybe someone who already had the virus? I'm no expert, obviously, but there were 4 guitarists on that stage. None of them could've shifted to bass?
  6. Steve is wearing two masks in the video I posted above (like I do), but they are all standing very close together, especially considering there are some 70 year olds in that group. Things are getting bad again here in NYC, and I wouldnt be surprised if nonessential businesses, including SNL, are shut down again very soon.
  7. Bruce about to announce Time Magazine Person of the Year on NBC.
  8. Done, in loving memory of bbb and Birdman T, two friends I wouldn’t have met without GL.
  9. This is such awful, sad news. I think his 95 year old dad survives him. In the spring he wrote to me about how lucky he is to have such a wonderful wife. Jimmy - please pass along my condolences.
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