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  1. Looks like there are only a couple of hundred expensive seats and GA standing area ($3500). Tens of thousands of regular GA, I don't know if it is free to them.
  2. Presale started. 2 tickets in Section F, row 2 with fees $10,250. I live across the street from Central Park will watch on TV.
  3. I don't see anything refreshing about it. I'm watching the parents of athletes sitting in front of the TV in their living rooms as their children compete. These parents gave up everything to buy equipment, lessons and drive their kids to 5 am practices. And they're not there to help prevent the Simone Biles/Naomi Osaka type meltdowns (those are the famous names we know, no doubt there are others). I don't blame the Springsteens for any of this and wish Jessica well, but I wonder if this double standard is why they are keeping a very low profile in Japan.
  4. Jess said her horses fly on Air Horse One. It would seem unfair to me that the "ordinary " parents of athletes can't be at the games, but the international rock star can.
  5. Hey Jim, do you think Jessica would've made the team if Beezie Madden hadn't withdrawn?
  6. Great interview with Landau. https://variety.com/2021/music/news/bruce-springsteen-jon-landau-broadway-born-to-run-1235007957/
  7. Do you really want a public health policy discussion from Bruce? He's qualified to do many things, but this doesn't seem to be one of them. He said his obligation is to keep his audience safe, and I think that explains the requirement for this theater.
  8. Bruce said the vaccination issue is complicated and he feels for the protesters.
  9. Looks like tonight fans with "lousy seats" got upgraded to the first row. It appears that the first row might not have been sold for the entire run.
  10. The seats can be anywhere - side boxes which are close and have a center stage view, great house seats set aside for celebrities or family, orchestra aisle seats set aside to comply with law, or back of the house. Even 'partial view' should be great since he performs center stage front. And only $75, with no fees.
  11. You can try to sell them here in the ticket seller forum for the face value plus the fees.
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