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  1. Most US colleges have convocations - coming together of the college community and welcoming first year students.
  2. I think we were very lucky to have seen that. In non-covid times, some schools make their convocations available on line, but I don't think BC does.
  3. Born to Run Reading Guide sent to all first year students: - Born to Run Reading Guide.pdf
  4. 7pm Eastern. Link to watch is here:
  5. What those stats don't include is how many complete games he pitched, how few extra base hits he gave up, etc. But apparently people at the time didn't find him particularly arrogant or entitled.
  6. There's an interesting article in Sports Illustrated, October 23, 2019, Tom Verducci.
  7. I think if you were in NY in the late 60s, whether or not you were a Mets fan, you loved these guys.
  8. Too young. Sad news. RIP Tom Terrific.