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  1. Absolutely fine to discuss the interview and what Bruce said. Off topic posts will be deleted. Please send a PM to a mod if you have any questions or comments about the moderation of this thread. Thank you.
  2. A gift from the music Gods. Thanks for posting.
  3. There's Bruce's statement. The article that he links is very good, and worth the read. No surprise, right? Thanks for posting Paolo.
  4. Please do not make political posts unrelated to Bruce Springsteen or his music. They will be deleted. If you have any questions, please send a PM to a mod or an admin. Their names are here: I am sitting in NYC as I type this, in the midst of another day of protests and worse. Bruce wrote a heartbreaking song about these times. This is no joke folks, and racist posts will be deleted and the members who write them will be banned. Thank you.
  5. And Max had a piece of drumming history on his first show. Interesting to see his nostalgia. Congrats to him for stepping out of his technological comfort zone to offer fresh entertainment when it is in short supply now.
  6. Thank you Jim for starting this thread. His music is such a gift to me, made better by sharing it with you guys around the world.
  7. I hope that this new album will mean new shows. He's toured so little and almost nothing in the US.
  8. The Hall of Fame ceremony was at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. Now I've been crying lately Thinkin about the world as it is Why must we go on hating Why can't we live in bliss.
  9. I was at his induction to the Class of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The E Street Band was also inducted, but he stole the show. He made a lovely speech and then played Father and Son (dedicated to his son who was there), Wild World and Peace Train with a gospel choir. His matured voice gave additional life to these gorgeous songs. I'd consider myself very lucky to see him perform again.
  10. Bruce shows are different in Europe. All the Americans reading this, save your money now and get to a show in Europe if you can, when we can. You can read the debates about the best audience, but they are all great and nothing like what we see here.
  11. I'd love to read the reflection guide that they're sending with the book.
  12. That cowboy hat! One of the most iconic photos.
  13. I met Bruce after a San Siro show. He told me that the show was so special because of all the musical ghosts still there.
  14. Dollar Bill singing Atlantic City. Billions Marathon