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  1. I feel bad for the many people in the back rows of the photo who you can see only a sliver of their face. They'll frame this photo, point to themselves and say - that's me!
  2. The album has now been officially released and it is for sale. If Springsteen does not put a song on, you can't put it here. Posts have been deleted. Thanks for your cooperation.
  3. Which version will be in your head? Bruce, Eddie Vedder and Jackson Browne, or Chuck strung up?
  4. This next season should be the end of the series and Axe and Rhodes.
  5. Bruce dedicated Into the Fire to FireRich. For those who are new - continued prayers.
  6. Flying the friendly skies of United.
  7. And the song is now on Bruce Springsteen's official site:
  8. Please do not post the song. Posts deleted.
  9. Just a reminder for everyone who seems to have forgotten or are new here - please do not post - or ask for - officially released material. Violators will have to deal with Mikey and may be banned without additional warning. Thanks
  10. What do they call this, wealth porn? They all seem bankrupt to me. For a weekly recap almost as good as the show, check out the column in The NY Times, and some of the comments are great.
  11. Thank you for all the gifts of friendship. Happy birthday.
  12. Hi Joan.

    I'm trombettista.vecchio.

    It's Italian for elderly trumpet player. (I'm 72.)

    At your convenience, please drop me a PM explaining how I become eligible to request inclusion in the Land of Hopes and Dreams forum.

    Is it anything else besides ten posts and thirty days?

    It took a few posts to get assimilated, but I've enjoyed the overall forum in my short time here.  Thanks.

  13. Did someone post Sam's results? He did great.
  14. Great thread! And since the title was very descriptive, all those that don't like it dont open it.