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  1. Jenn Sherman is apparently a huge Bruce fan - she talks about going to his concerts. I think she has a 30 minute all-Bruce show. Good to see you!
  2. Saturday morning, New York City. Stopped doing whatever I was doing. Bruce singing with Sting. Bruce singing with Bono. Very sad to think Marsha will never hear that voice again. Sending love to her family, Rachel and her friends here. May her memory be a blessing.
  3. The photo is Bruce? The note an envelope with an address?
  4. A request: can someone please post a screen shot of the last frame of the new See You video? Bruce's back, photo, note. Sorry nothing to trade.
  5. I was once sort of involved in part of this world. I saw first hand what went into recording - the time, money, lost vacation days, missed shows as you concentrate to get it perfect, only to have the tapes confiscated at the end of the night by security, who were watching the entire time. You would put out the show and the complaints would begin, and they wouldn’t end until the recorders stopped and took with them some of the holy grail. What’s left is some of what is being traded here. it seems to me that there’s 1000 pages of stranger-fans trading with stranger-fans, sharing the
  6. The NY Times has an article with three reporters and a research assistant. Why is this such a big story?
  7. Yes, the title was changed to avoid multiple threads on the same subject of such great interest, and considering the new report, it has been updated. And yes, thank you for your skepticism.
  8. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/courts/2021/02/10/springsteen-blew-0-02-quarter-legal-limit-source-says/6712582002/ Who said no need to rush to judgment?
  9. What do most people drink out of a thermos? The symbolism?Something hot, coffee.
  10. Basic premise of criminal law in the United States is innocent until proven guilty. No question about it. Innocent people have seen their lives ruined - and ended - based on unprovable charges. And there can be lots of explanations about what happened here - from being sick or on medicine, thinking that it was a closed area (like teaching a kid how to drive in an empty parking lot), someone with the same name, or just an out of control rumor. I believe in due process and this will eventually get figured out by the right people. No rush to judgment necessary.
  11. Agree that the message seems inconsistent. Meet on the middle of a 'humane immigration policy'? Rocky ground is now middle ground? He's speaking and not his music, which has long divided his fans. Clint Eastwood did a very similar 2 minute Super Bowl commercial; Eastwood who has very different personal politics and I don't see the alignment. But happy to hear his voice and see Zimney's luscious work for a couple of minutes, so there's that.
  12. Still a rumor? Not one person not subject to a Confidentiality Agreement spot him in the entire state?
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