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  1. Yeah, I don't mean the vocal melody.. I mean the main riffs etc, I try to play them and the chords at the same time. Still trying to work out how to do the solos but it's difficult. I mostly just sort of dead-thumb the bass lines while picking out whatever melodies I need to with my fingers. I hybrid pick so it's easy to get a decent thump from the bass notes. I sing the song, so yeah I'm not playing the vocal melody at the same time. Sorry for the confusion, lol. I wish I was that pro.
  2. Nice collection of TABs mate, great work. I've got 62 Bruce songs in my songbooks at the moment, for solo acoustic stuff, always looking to add more. Hardest one for me is Born To Run. I play the melody and the chords at the same time, and some of the fingerings I use are difficult. It's a lot easier if I just play one part, but when you're on your own, gotta do what you gotta do. I've found his lead work to be pretty difficult to pickup, live at least, because he's so good at picking out harmonics and uses feedback and what not.. hard for someone like me in an apartment to really get it all down. It was a bit of a shock to find out a few years ago, that some of the playing I'd worked out from the albums wasn't played where I thought it was. Oh well, I do it my own way, I guess.. Which is very similar to Bruce, kinda reckless a little sloppy at times, but all from the heart. I definitely can't nail his lead playing from like the Paramore 2009 stuff. It's pretty hectic. To me, playing that sort of stuff isn't about the notes it's about the spirit, I can do that at least. Nils playing is just way out of my reach at the moment, can't play his solos for shit, he uses the thumbpick, he's unique and the best I can do is try capture the vibe/spirit. Absolutely can not play what he plays note for note at all.