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  1. Thunder Road - Solo acoustic night 2 Sydney Feb 2017
  2. Got tickets to see this guy in Liverpool this November, after watching theses clips, really looking forward to it and the album later this year
  3. Roll of the Dice - Zurich 2016 was amazing and one of the highlights of the tour for me
  4. England, Wales, Northern Ireland, USA, Spain, Switzerland & Australia. hopefully more to come, fancy adding Italy to the list
  5. Roll of the Dice at Zurich for me was one of the highlights of the Euro tour, it was fantastic
  6. A bit slow in responding, Coventry too for me, was lucky enough to be at both Coventry and Sydney. Coventry is just spine tingling, I have the live download of it and when stuck in traffic every morning, it still makes me shiver. It's amazing
  7. Sitting in Singapore, wishing we were in Brisbane, but after two fantastic nights in Sydney, our River Tour adventure is over. enjoy!!
  8. Yes Shangri La 29th floor. Arrived in Oz yesterday for both nights in Sydney. It will be nights 5 & 6 of the 'River Tour' after Barcelona, Manchester, Coventry & Zurich
  9. Raced off the Street, you must be staying in the same hotel, picture of a wet Tuesday morning in Sydney