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  1. I've recently become a fan also just by watching these videos so thanks for posting them JimCT. I've now bought Folklore, Red and 1989 albums. All Too Well from the Red album is one of the best songs I've heard for ages.
  2. It's one of those albums I dont listen to that much but when I do I think why dont i listen to this more. Girls in Their Summer Clothes and Long Walk Home are both brilliant songs imo.
  3. Yes it is funny reading it back now! I blame my auto spelling thingy on my phone.
  4. It's a decent rather than outstanding album imo. Best track being Cautious which does sound a little like Bruce lyrically with references to burning the town down.
  5. Hes hardly played for Leeds just a couple of appearances. Dont think he even made bench this last season. Big, strong lad, be interesting to see how he does for Aberdeen.
  6. The Killers Hot Fuss. The Vaccines What did you expect from the Vaccines.
  7. I still listen to this album a lot and it's one of my favourite Bruce albums. When I first heard the single Hello Sunshine i thought it was ok. I didn't really care for Miracle but liked Tucson Train. So i was a bit uncertain what to expect from the album. But for me the sum of the songs is better than the parts, they sit perfectly together on the album which I find a relaxing, soothing listen. And WS, CWH (CWO!) and Stones are great songs. Sleepy Joe's is much better on the dvd, that longer instrumental at the end adds a lot to the song.
  8. The Outsider sequel (although it's a stand alone story) is 160 pages. The other 3 stories are 75, 55 and 75 pages approx.
  9. I've read the first 3 stories and half of the 4th one. I enjoyed Mr Harrigans phone and The Life of Chuck, although the latter was slightly confusing but both stories are a good read. If it bleeds is like a sequel to the Outsider so if you liked that you'll like it. 4th story Rat is starting out promising. So overall I've enjoyed reading it, its better than his last 3 or 4 books in my humble opinion. My favourite king novel is 11.22.63, I adore that book.
  10. Yeah, another belle and sebastian fan!
  11. Born to run Jungleland Thunder road The river Girls in their summer clothes No surrender Tougher than the rest Racing Blood brothers The line Although tomorrow the below might get in! Badlands My hometown 2 hearts The promise
  12. A bump for this, it's on itv (in uk) tonight, dont suppose Bruce will win mind......
  13. It was quite a strong Leeds team, they rested 3 or 4 of their usual first team but brought a couple of them on as subs in 2nd half. The Leeds goalie and a midfielder were youngsters making their debuts.
  14. Yes I might just do that. I find it a calming, relaxing album to listen to, I think that's why they liked it also.
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