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  1. Great film, highlights for me Stones and Sleepy Joe's Cafe but virtually all the songs sounded better in the film.Theatre was almost full, maybe 50 people.
  2. Western Stars is back in the uk album charts, re-entry at no 65.
  3. Just started Stephen Kings new one, The Institute.
  4. Coincidentally I listened to the album Steeltown today. Very good live band back in the day.
  5. Agreed. It's like a Monty python sketch. Dad even looks like John Cleese.
  6. As my first viewing was a free one I went again today as a paying customer. Enjoyed it again and spotted a couple of things I missed first time round. Overheard a couple of woman leaving saying they couldn't stop crying at the ending so others enjoyed it.
  7. Yes I think they missed a trick by not including My Hometown as it would have fitted a number of scenes (and I love it)!
  8. No theres loads of songs in it but perhaps only 4 that get played in their entirety. Although Born to run and thunder road are the only ones I recall being played in full. Born to run was played twice, the second time just before the credits. The river for instance is just a snippet playing on TV.
  9. Just seen this at one of the early screenings Hammersmith75 told us about. I enjoyed it, very nostalgic for those of us that remember the 80s. Pretty funny and heart warming as well. Born to run and thunder road were great scenes. Jungleland a very powerful scene. I was the only one who stayed for all of I'll stand by you over the credits though. Hopefully it will introduce Bruce to new audiences as well as sending out a message of peace and tolerance to all.
  10. Just seen Yesterday myself and can confirm it's a great film. Hope Blinded by the light (which was also advertised) is as good.
  11. Same with me, I actually yelped out loud and was airborne out of my seat for a second in this episode. Bent necked lady also scared the life out of me once or twice in an earlier episode.
  12. These are awesome especially No Surrender. Does anyone involved with the festival post on here? It looks great fun.
  13. In fact the no 17 chart position was in 1985 off the back of Born in the USA success. On its release in 1975 it only reached no 36.