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  1. It was quite a strong Leeds team, they rested 3 or 4 of their usual first team but brought a couple of them on as subs in 2nd half. The Leeds goalie and a midfielder were youngsters making their debuts.
  2. Yes I might just do that. I find it a calming, relaxing album to listen to, I think that's why they liked it also.
  3. Just watched this at my parents who are in their 80s and they really enjoyed it despite not really being Bruce fans.They usually fall asleep watching everything but kept awake for this. My Mum even asked me to pause it when she left the room! Wild Horses was their favourite.
  4. Watched all of series 3 now. Aberfan was probably best episode, very sad. Charles Dance as Mountbatten was very good (although I dont remember what Mountbatten was like he's such a great actor) as was the actress who played Princess Ann, very mischievous. Final episode was also very good, especially last few minutes.
  5. Great film, highlights for me Stones and Sleepy Joe's Cafe but virtually all the songs sounded better in the film.Theatre was almost full, maybe 50 people.
  6. Western Stars is back in the uk album charts, re-entry at no 65.
  7. Just started Stephen Kings new one, The Institute.