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  1. I can't even decide the best 5 on BTR! Thunder Road 10th avenue Night Backstreets BTR Or Backstreets BTR She's the one Meeting across the river Jungleland Then there's No surrender Bobby jean Goin down Glory days Dancing in the dark The last 5 on letter to you are pretty good as well but Rainmaker is a bit weaker than the above IMO. But then theres Jackson cage Two hearts Independence day Hungry heart Out in the street Its just too early in the day to be making s
  2. Since this has been bumped, heres todays; Racing in the street 78 (The Promise) (think I prefer the Darkness version though!). My father's house 2 Hearts (one of my favourites) Candy's boy Brilliant disguise (another favourite).
  3. Another of my childhood heroes gone. RIP Peter.
  4. Well I'm enjoying Later. I'm getting towards the end so will see how this one finishes. I agree that some of his recent stuff has been a bit disappointing, The Institute and Elevation for example. I often prefer his non horror stuff like 11.22.63, and Joyland (although sort of a ghost story I suppose). Agree his recent short stories have been good.
  5. Later by Stephen King. About half way through now, it's not a long novel. Good read, about a boy who can see and speak with the recently deceased.
  6. That's a great run of songs. Mine was equally impressive today. The rising Racing from 75-85 live I'll see you in my dreams Cadillac ranch live Stockholm 1988 Land of hope and dreams The Stockholm 1988 live cd is one I'm particularly fond of. I remember listening to the first half of it live on bbc radio at the time. I taped it and played that tape all the time until it broke so it was nice to be able to buy the cd many years later.
  7. Wrecking Ball Magic Leap Of Faith (probably my favourite of todays 5) Radio Nowhere My City Of Ruins All from the studio albums.
  8. I agree, Folklore has so many good songs on it. Not sure what Taylor's teenage fans will make of it though.
  9. Letter to you. I like Western Stars but theres nothing on it as good as One Minute You're Here, Burnin Train or I'll See You In My Dreams imo.
  10. Good call, first 3 songs are fantastic.
  11. My cd has finally arrived just now! I've only heard the 2 singles so far so really excited to hear the rest of it after reading everyone's comments.
  12. Bruce would've been 14 when the song was released if my maths is correct.
  13. I've recently become a fan also just by watching these videos so thanks for posting them JimCT. I've now bought Folklore, Red and 1989 albums. All Too Well from the Red album is one of the best songs I've heard for ages.
  14. It's one of those albums I dont listen to that much but when I do I think why dont i listen to this more. Girls in Their Summer Clothes and Long Walk Home are both brilliant songs imo.
  15. Yes it is funny reading it back now! I blame my auto spelling thingy on my phone.
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