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  1. Oh ffs. I’ve barely managed to learn your draught beer measures by state and now you tell me that you’re all fucked up in your cans and bottles as well? You people......
  2. That is alarmingly accurate. In fact, after all my caterwauling, the most dangerous creature I met in Australia appears to have been “herself”......
  3. I’d be looking at that and wondering what the hell did I eat last night?
  4. So yes, there is news. I’ve recently become engaged to one of your lot, who I met on the 2017 tour..... She’s a Laker Lurker so no names here but we’re both very happy and both very grateful to Bruce and the wonderful tour that brought us together......
  5. I think I was served one of those as part of the Christmas Day barbie.......
  6. I think I was served one of those as part of the Christmas Day barbie.......
  7. You people won’t believe this, but I’m actually back in Oz at the moment for a few weeks. Place is as lethal as ever. And that’s just the women.
  8. Hello, hello. hello....... Like Santa Claus, I pop round once per year
  9. Having dodged death once, I am never coming to Australia ever again
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