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  1. When we were at SOB Bruce had to speak quite sternly to someone in the audience who was joining in with the show. (a year ago this week) Did that happen on any one else's show? I have known applause at cinemas on quite a few occasions and much singing and dancing at Mama Mia However singing and dancing not allowed at the Tina Turner musical
  2. Happy birthday Bruce. Thanks for all the music Lovely to read all the messages on this thread
  3. Not sure whether to give this a ha ha or a sad face emoji ! And this from the home of Cadbury. I have seen anything like those marshmallow eggs
  4. He's the voice over for Love Island which has only been on our tv due to daughter back from uni
  5. Got mine from Badlands too - just opting for the light blue vinyl. It arrived two days after I ordered it so very happy with that. And half the price of Amazon when I looked there. Sorry to hear about the delays everyone and hope the records all arrive soon I think you were quite near the front Rachel!
  6. Hi @BrilliantDisguise I think you've summed up my own views perfectly. I do love the album and some of the songs a lot but for me it would sit about half way along the tier list and could not outrank BTR,WIESS or Darkness. Perhaps we're just a bit too polite to mention it to date. or haven't listened enough!
  7. My French Teacher used to alternate between Jasper Carrot's Funky Moped and the Belgian Jacques Brel by way of a treat from the regular teaching.
  8. I don't suppose No surrender would have gone down very well with the Principal - learning more from a three minute record than they ever did in school.
  9. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/madonna-and-bruce-springsteen-are-battling-for-number-1-on-this-weeks-official-albums-chart__26628/ Here is the update from the UK Official charts - covers CD Vinyl, downloads and streaming
  10. Thanks Rachel I look forward to getting a copy to read. Oh and a listen to the new album …...