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  1. My second time but what a perfect night
  2. Thank you for posting. I remember seeing this. Exciting times with the concerts the following summer
  3. That's good news. Finally finished watching the stream last night and loved it too. Amazing Grace - great. Bruce duets were brilliant and he totally knocked it out the ballpark so to speak
  4. Thanks for posting. Just watching it now. I've really liked Melissa's music for a long time and saw her London show last February (back in the day when going to concerts was a thing) . she is a great guitarist but didn't mention Bruce once!
  5. we're on that site too and clicked as if we were in Jersey even though we are in the UK
  6. IT Helpdesk not sure at all. We think it may be a live stream only tonight.
  7. IT helpdesk (MrJJ) advises you can download the Apple TV app onto an Apple Device such as Apple I pad