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  1. Count me in too Rachel. This will be a lovely tribute
  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your mum @Captain Chaos
  3. This is such sad and shocking news. Like others I had never met Marsha but loved her posts and the way she made Rachel so welcome.
  4. Done and thanks for all you do to keep this place going, this year more than ever.
  5. I'm pleased to see a few more votes now for Song for Orphans. I think it's just majestic - just stands out for me but all the songs are really great apart from perhaps HOATG and JNAS.
  6. As above for me the film is absolutely beautiful and the music sounds even better than on the album I think. It just seems to have that concert feel to it. Love Patti's vocals which you don't hear so much and think Max's drumming is such a powerhouse. It was great to see how he takes his cues from Bruce and how all the band Loved the album instantly which was not the case for WS. Bruce has captured how we all might feel as we get older. So still writing his letter to us. Song For Orphans is favourite - just majestic. We'll have to take his word for what the lyrics are actually
  7. Hopefully you will be able to watch until the end of the week. We just had to persuade son to access the free trial via his account and are on a hiding to nothing if we don't cancel by the weekend!
  8. I agree with you on this. Certainly in the UK this makes it seem less accessible. Happily we have got a free trial and thought the film was beautiful.
  9. Happy Birthday Boss. Thanks for all the music - our lives are enriched.
  10. My second time but what a perfect night
  11. Thank you for posting. I remember seeing this. Exciting times with the concerts the following summer
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