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  1. Well Dave, I was trying to make a point. It's about COURTESY and ETHICS. You see all involved with this boot worked very hard on it. When someone jumps on the announcing thread with his own artwork as if his cover is superior, it's RUDE. Plus he took the photo that's in the liner notes of the artwork from said boot. That's just INSULTING. There are plenty of boots that need artwork and I'm glad others make them. He could have waited awhile and posted his artwork on JL under the date of the show. OH... but if he took the time to do that he would have seen the cover was already the
  2. Well... I kinda like Garry's much better. and... I wouldn't steal an idea from another bootleg, somehow it seems unethical or plagiaristic... sorta bad Bruce karma. But if I ever get stuck and need a cover, I'll be sure to call you.
  3. Why , do you think that's a better cover than Garry's? That photo is also included in the liner notes. And last but not least ... there is already a boot of the same date with that cover. http://jungleland.dnsalias.com/torrents-details.php?id=38719
  4. 1976-04-29 'The Man That Wrote The Book' will be available Sunday, June 28th on Jungleland and ABMS. The go to boot for this date has always been 'Knock On Wood.' IMHO this is a big upgrade over 'Knock On Wood' and the other boot currently in circulation. This was put together by BoB, it's their 2nd production and a true team effort. Give it a listen, I think you'll enjoy it.
  5. Atlanta GAs for sale now

  6. Hi,

    I have two friends with GA's available.

    9/30 - 1

    10/02 - 1

    10/03 - 2

    See you at the shows

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