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  1. 14 hours ago, davemunday said:

    Can you steal from a bootleg which is by its very nature stolen?

    Through various ways we all steal from Bruce one way or another.

    people now have an option over which artwork to use thanks to Gary and @lilbud for your hard work. 

    Well Dave, 

    I was trying to make a point.  It's about COURTESY and ETHICS.  You see all involved with this boot worked very hard on it.  When someone jumps on the announcing thread with his own artwork as if his cover is superior, it's RUDE.  Plus he took the photo that's in the liner notes of the artwork from said boot.  That's just INSULTING.  There are plenty of boots that need artwork and I'm glad others make them.  He could have waited awhile and posted his artwork on JL under the date of the show.  OH... but if he took the time to do that he would have seen the cover was already there for 'Knock On Wood.  You can try and defend his actions all you want but to me it's a feeble argument, made even more so when you compare the artwork.  I think I've made my point.

  2. 1976-04-29 'The Man That Wrote The Book' will be available Sunday, June 28th on Jungleland and ABMS.

    The go to boot for this date has always been 'Knock On Wood.'  IMHO this is a big upgrade over 'Knock On Wood' and the other boot currently in circulation.

    This was put together by BoB, it's their 2nd production and a true team effort.

    Give it a listen, I think you'll enjoy it. :D


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