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  1. Saw Coop this past Friday and Maiden a few weeks ago. Maiden was the best arena show I'd seen in a long time. Kick-ass theatrics and sound....ENJOY! You're a good parent!
  2. Hey!..........I was (am) going to listen to this album this weekend! It's already sitting on the pool table. This one turned me into a Neil fan when it came out.
  3. Here's an interesting historical tidbit....... Morrissey at 17 – ‘The Ramones? A Bumptious Band Of Degenerates’ An interesting bit of music history surfaced today, via Prefix magazine: a July 1976 letter to music paper Melody Maker from one Steve Morrissey of Kings Road, Stretford, Manchester. Yup, it’s that Morrissey. The future Smiths singer wrote to Melody Maker to proffer his opinion on The Ramones, who he describes as a “bumptious band of degenerate no-talents”. The then-17 year-old continues: “Musically, they do not deal in subtlety or variation of any kind, their rule is to be as incompetent as possible”. Morrissey was far more impressed by another New York act – he was president of the UK New York Dolls fanclub, and in 1977 wrote a feature about them – oddly titled “Poor Little Faggot… Sealed With A Kiss” – for fanzine Kids Stuff. He signed that one “Steve ‘I Heard The New York Dolls And Cried’ Morrissey” . Interestingly, despite saying that The Ramones should be “rightly filed and forgotten,” Morrissey later told The Quietus that their 1976 debut, ‘Ramones’, was one of his 13 favourite albums of all time. Guess some things just get better with age.
  4. Relaxing drive on the way to work today.......
  5. Was not hesitant about saying.... But taking a moment, tough call against.......
  6. They're headed in your direction. Bring Boris! He's a metalhead, right? OCT 31 Auckland, New Zealand Mt. Smart Stadium SOLD OUT NOV 02 Auckland, New Zealand Mt. Smart Stadium
  7. James Hetfield Calls Woman Who Used Metallica’s Music to Scare Cougar Away CREDIT: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Diehard Metallica fans take note: a good way to receive a phone call from thunder-voiced frontman James Hetfield is to use his band’s music to keep a bloodthirsty cougar from mauling you and/or your dog. At least, that’s what Vancouver Island resident Denise Gallant says happened after she went viral a few weeks ago for playing Metallica’s “Don’t Tread On Me” on her phone to scare away the giant cat stalking her while she was out walking her dog, CTV News reports. Blasting Metallica was a last resort move after Gallant tried and failed to shoo the cougar away on her own, as evidenced by the video she filmed of the encounter. “The first three, four notes of the intro and he was just gone,” Gallant told CTV News. It became clear that the band was aware of Gallant’s run-in with the cougar after guitarist Kirk Hammett shared the article on his Facebook page last week. Gallant said Metallica’s rep called her last week to let her know that she’d receive a call from someone in the band, but she was still caught off guard when she picked up a call from a foreign number and heard Hetfield’s voice on the other end. “I was a little bit lost for words,” Gallant told CTV. “It’s surreal how quickly it happened and how far it’s gone. The fact that he’s so down to earth and such a great person, I’m very pleased to find that out first-hand.” Apparently the two got along, especially when it came to their love of dogs. “I can’t believe he knows my dog’s name,” she said. “If you had told the 18-year-old me that this would happen, I never would’ve believed it. I would’ve just fallen out of my skin with excitement.” After the call ended, Gallant received a text consisting of a selfie of Hetfield along with the message: “Thought you might like some confirmation that it was me.” Metallica’s rep confirmed to SPIN that it was indeed Hetfield on the phone.
  8. Hoping they reunite at some point. Too many great songs in their library that need to be played. I don't believe Brian is too keen on this, though....
  9. If you like it, go for it! DC is one of the songs I'd be pleased to never hear again.