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  1. Appreciate the comparison to "Piece de Resistance". As you state, this was one of the premier boots subsequent to the '78 tour. I have a well-played, well-traveled copy of the box set you describe. Occasionally, I would play snippets from it on my college radio show (way back in the day!). Invariably, someone would show up at the studio to see where I got that incredible live Bruce. As has been mentioned by others, it's difficult for younger fans to appreciate how scarce good quality live Bruce recordings were back in the 70's. Those bootlegs were rare treasures back then. Looking forward to hearing this fresh version.
  2. The appeal for me was the cool jam at the end. Much more powerful live than on the studio album. Check out the Barcelona DVD to see it (if not done so already!).
  3. Worlds Apart was always the highlight for me during the shows of that great tour. Don't think he's played it since then.
  4. Thought I'd see how similar/different the book is compared to Al's classic movie.
  5. Watched this today. Those skeletons made a lasting impression on me as a kid!
  6. Nice win by Leclerc, and admirably gracious in post-race interview. As my guy Alonso is lost somewhere in a Black Hole, starting to like Leclerc.
  7. I've always been familiar with this album (who could forget that cover), but don't believe I've ever heard it.......
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