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  1. Honestly to say I am really disappointed - no answer or „sign“ at all from seriesofdreams4
  2. Please write me as soon as possible (going to the beach now but checking my messages every 10 minutes...) Patrick
  3. Hi, what date?? I’m from Germany and absolutely willing to fly over any date but at the moment I’m on holidays with my family in France ... Patrick
  4. And additionaly we got on 27th a whole bunch of old friends back from university and now far away from Freiburg here for a garden party - once in 10 years (ok, not for a lifetime as you wrote - u're damned convincing, u know??! )
  5. Would like it soooooo much - but I‘m afraid I won‘t make it here from Germany to NYC this fast. And 700 is hard, too. But please contact me (anybody! :) with any other later date and ticket