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  1. Lovely! Great to see the band in the video and a great E Street Band sound going that'll hopefully carry through the album
  2. Well very excited for a new album! Not a fan of the cover (but that's nothing new for Bruce's covers for me) but can't wait to hear what he's been cooking up!
  3. Honestly a new album would excite me far more than Tracks 2 I know Tracks 2 will have more content but I'd just love to hear a new record with the ESB at full power! Plus just more insight into where Bruce's head is at these days
  4. I've been a Dylan fan for a long long time (longer than Bruce) I wrote my English Undergraduate Dissertation on his works and compared them to that of Robert Burns This new album is deep, complex, perplexing and beautiful. There are some magnificent turns of phrase and beautiful pieces of music to be found. I Contain Multitudes is a lyrical feast, so many allusions and references My Own Version Of You is brilliantly funny and that snakey descending bass line is wonderful I've Made My Mind Up To Give Myself To You sounds like nothing he's ever done before Black Rider is bleak and mysterious Goodbye Jimmy Reed rocks hard and fast with a welcome return of the 'moothie Key West is big, beautiful and epic Murder Most Foul is one of his most important songs
  5. Album and a half! Absolutely love it! He's still got it! Wish there had been a tour last year with it - Bruce in theatres with a sizeable band with strings would have been a lovely show
  6. Fantastic album - loved it when I first heard it and it's still on regularly in my home! Hope Tucson Train, The Wayfairer, Moonlight Motel and Hello Sunshine make it into the setlist if/when Bruce gets back onstage
  7. Ooooooh a tough one! 1. Rosalita 2. The Promised Land 3. Born To Run 4. Thunder Road 5. Tuscon Train 6. Dancing in the Dark (What can I say - I love singing it) 7. Ghost of Tom Joad 8. Land of Hope and Dreams 9. Badlands 10. The River
  8. I didn't know My Love Will Not Let You Down when I heard it live - that was a fun way to hear it for the first time
  9. TBH if it meant that Bruce didn't have to suffer from depression again I'd be totally fine with any new releases to be sunny, lightweight and happy I'd rather he was happy than see him make *Great* records (Whatever your metric for that is tbh) It's a bit like how I feel about The Kinks at this point - Ray and Dave are on speaking terms again and seem to have reconciled their differences - they keep getting asked about a Kinks tour and record which for whatever reason hasn't materialised - that's OK - I'm just quite happy that two brothers can be friends and not feel obliged to parade that friendship through singing Lola in some concert venue
  10. First and last Would love to see him again but it'd have to be pretty special to top that show in Glasgow Six rows from the front (Or thereabouts), sign request chosen, amazing performances from Bruce and the whole band and a beautiful rendition of This Hard Land to finish and send me and my friend home dizzy Walked to the city center from Hampden in a haze of post concert euphoria
  11. I love it - an absolute classic from the master coming out of nowhere yet again
  12. 10th Avenue Freeze Out - Hammersmith on vinyl Just moved back home from uni due to corona - this is a pretty good tonic Rattling out an essay about Ian McKellen and Derek Jarman with the mighty E - Street Band at full power (THIS is the best version of this song - was never this exciting again)
  13. Oh dear hahaha somehow that bypassed the Reno side of my brain