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  1. Hiya folks - don't suppose there's a tape/footage of The E Street Band backing Chuck Berry at the end of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame show in 1995 I've seen the performance of Johnny B. Goode but I've heard the performance of Rock and Roll Music at the end was a bit of a shambles (Due to Berry jumping key) EDIT - Found it through the Internet Archive
  2. Pretty dissappointed by this tbh Like him or not Bruce could have seriously hurt someone directly because of this. We all make mistakes sure but I think by the time you're Bruce's age you should really know better than to start driving after a drink He's not a child
  3. Yup just manged to get somewhere with it! Thanks for your help - I realise it seems a bit daft bringing this up here so I appreciate the response
  4. Ah OK I see! (I did mean Apple TV+, should have clarified that) I'm on windows so that might be part of the issue - I'll see if I get anywhere on my phone (though it's not an iPhone so who knows) Thanks for the response and info - I'll have a wee mooch about the rest of the web and see what I'd find - just thought I'd check here first since the Bruce film is something we have in common in wanting to see
  5. Hi All Just a quick question, I've been trying to sign up for Apple TV's free trial in order to watch Letter To You - been having some trouble though as it isn't letting me proceed without a credit card (I've only got a debit card) Is there a way around this that anyone knows of? Cheers
  6. Aw Black Water was a great album (Though I think his new one is his best solo album) Lau are my favourite band going just now - so inventive and clever with their music, beautiful tunes and songs and a fantastic collaborative philosophy
  7. 1.Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 2. Bob Dylan - Rough And Rowdy Ways 3. Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter 4. Jenny Sturgeon - The Living Mountain 5. Kris Drever - Where The World Is Thin 6. Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You 7. Salt House - Huam 8. Lauren Maccoll - Landskien 9. Hamish Napier - The Woods 10. Joan Shelley - Live At The Bromhard
  8. Enjoyed it fine Dreams was really really nice Ghosts was pretty messy I won't lie - lots of energy and they were clearly loving performing together but it did feel like a warm up rather than a polished performance - and that goes for the band and not just Bruce (though he really was straining on a lot of those notes) Glad they got together to perform cause it could be another 18 months before they can go onstage again and seeing Nils and Stevie did put a big smile on my face I can't complain really but I was slightly dissappointed by the performance
  9. Got the vinyl and absolutely loving it! Brilliant album, I hadn't heard any of the old songs so they felt fresh and new (And fantastic! Janey Needs A Shooter is fabulous!) Just a quick question - does the vinyl not come with a download code? Bit dissappointed if there isn't one (Given the high price of the vinyl - I couldn't find one in my copy)
  10. Oh great haha! Thank you! Sorry - had tried to access on google and hit a paywall!
  11. Any way for non RS subscribers to read? (Bit of a cheeky question I know!)
  12. Lovely! Great to see the band in the video and a great E Street Band sound going that'll hopefully carry through the album
  13. Well very excited for a new album! Not a fan of the cover (but that's nothing new for Bruce's covers for me) but can't wait to hear what he's been cooking up!
  14. Honestly a new album would excite me far more than Tracks 2 I know Tracks 2 will have more content but I'd just love to hear a new record with the ESB at full power! Plus just more insight into where Bruce's head is at these days
  15. I've been a Dylan fan for a long long time (longer than Bruce) I wrote my English Undergraduate Dissertation on his works and compared them to that of Robert Burns This new album is deep, complex, perplexing and beautiful. There are some magnificent turns of phrase and beautiful pieces of music to be found. I Contain Multitudes is a lyrical feast, so many allusions and references My Own Version Of You is brilliantly funny and that snakey descending bass line is wonderful I've Made My Mind Up To Give Myself To You sounds like nothing he's ever done before Black Rider is bleak and mysterious Goodbye Jimmy Reed rocks hard and fast with a welcome return of the 'moothie Key West is big, beautiful and epic Murder Most Foul is one of his most important songs
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