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  1. Would like to go Might try and grab a ticket for the 27th but not ideal for uni so might try and grab a return for the 26th instead (keen to see what Karine Polwart decides to do!) I'm up and down from Dundee loads for Celtic Connections every year (performing in some small things and watching a lot of big things haha)
  2. Oh plesently surprised! Good pricing considering most of them are at least doubles!
  3. Brilliant! Will be able to complete my vinyl collection with these ones (though I bet the live ones will be pricey!)
  4. Understandable - I saw him in Hyde Park as well and I enjoyed it as a diehard fan but I would much rather have seen that setlist in one of his more usual venues
  5. Well I'll do just that I love Bob Dylan live Constantly evolving, relying heavily on very strong new material, stripped down and tight band, playing small venues that suits his style at this time - sounds like everyone's dream Bruce show
  6. Very true - would work in the same vein as the ESB Johnny 99 (though perhaps with lyrics better suited to the music this time)
  7. Bugger! Was really hoping we'd get Tucson Train at the very least (Can see that working quite well in a new ESB arrangement!)