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  1. top: janey needs, burnin' train, power of prayer, ghosts, letter to you, if I was the priest not bad: last man standing, rainmaker, i'll see you in my dreams, songs for orphans bad: one minute here to you, house of thouosand guitars great sound! great drums and guitars... not so good melody some songs was certainly recorded years ago (janey, burnin', priest)
  2. BIUSA Live 75/85 Thunder Road LA 27/09/1985 Because the night live 75/85 Murder inc. Live in NYC The River No Nukes first night Darkness on the edge of town Live 75/85 Lost in the flood Hammersmith 75
  3. Great song! Amazing!!! San Siro stadium!
  4. Trapped is powerful Badlands, Because the night and Thunder are great performance Top concert!
  5. Do you think it is possible that a second single will be released before october 23rd ?
  6. What love can do Philly 2009... first and last live performance
  7. Leonardo Colombati, an Italian writer and the author of Like a Killer in the sun, says the album will be released on 23.10.2020. With the E Street Band
  8. https://youtu.be/733lnFy9w-c Thunder road... L.A. 85 Top!!!
  9. a few minutes ago in my car... Tenth Avenue and Spirit from Roxy 75
  10. Greetings: Lost in the flood, Spirit in the Night, Does this bus WIESS: Kitty's back, Incident, Rosalita BTR: Thunder Road, Bornto Run, Backstreets Darkness: Promised Land, Badlands, Darkness River: The Ties that bind, Jackson Cage, Out in the Street Nebraska: Reason to believe, Atlantic City, Johnny 99 Born in the USA: Downbound Train, No Surrender, Dancing in the dark Tunnel of Love: Brilliant Disguise, One step up, Spare Parts Human Touch: Human Touch, I Wish I Were Blind, Roll of the dice Lucky Town: Lucky Town, Better Days, Souls of
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