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  1. Los Angeles 85 , absolutely fantastic, powerful and with top version (Atlantic City, Born to run, Promised land, Thunder road, ecc.) A step below Passaic 20.09 and Passaic 19.09
  2. I think It's the best sound of the 3 concerts of 1999: clear and with the instruments you listen to... And the performance is superb (... Atlantic city, Light of day, Badlands, Youngstown and others)
  3. Top Show ! I hope Bruce will release one of The Wembley 85 concerts sooner or later...
  4. Another great show is Oakland 1985 1st night The Shadow of a dream is a powerful bootleg But no multitracks
  5. it's very strange that they have recorded many shows from 1978, 1980 and 1981 and only 20 shows from the great Born In the Usa tour... At the time there was the prospect of making a lot of money with live shows
  6. Are you sure? Stones and U2 recorded all shows Bruce no?
  7. It' s time for Europe stadium 1985 Wembley? San Siro or Slane Castle?
  8. I was there!!! Fantastic... Fantastic night I was in the field... after the flood, my phone was Ko!
  9. ok, but then nugs could publish another concert. why publish a concert with these defects?
  10. This version is very slooooowwwe And Badlands too
  11. Alcune canzoni sono lente Darkness, Badlands and Prove it all night
  12. Private message on FB: Hi Nicola, Unfortunately, this month's release has been delayed. We do not have any more information at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.