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  1. After 3 days Is Los Angeles slightly more powerful? Giants Stadium is better mixed, Nils' work during the verses is heard better Badlands and Thunder road at Giants Stadium are among the absolute top!
  2. I mean the show performance of Bruce and the band, sound of the release, etc.
  3. Personally I don't know ... for some songs I prefer L.A. for other Giant Stadiums maybe Giant Stadium has the most balanced sound and you can hear the audience the most
  4. born in the usa instead has too many keyboards better los Angeles Top version of Badlands Out in the street and Atlantic City But Thunder road is by far one of the best versions ever... epic!
  5. no song is part of the live 75/85 Amazing concert the 30 seconds for every song on the official site is great!!!
  6. bruce in 1985 was at the absolute top he was the most famous star in the world in italy for the only concert at san siro they had received requests for 300 thousand tickets
  7. Tomorrow... is the day ! Backstreets on Twitter
  8. best versions are Nassau 31/12/1980 and East Rutherford 06/08/1984
  9. Don't like this tour Classic songs are not very good BTR is not powerful
  10. yes, it could be so alternatively my dream is 08/19/1985 Giants Stadium or 12/28/1980 Nassau
  11. Maybe it's time for the second release of a Rising tour ? What do you think ?
  12. 30 million records sold worldwide, 7 singles in the Billboard top ten, a global success, a tour with over 4 million viewers. Bruce becoming a superstar! I think Born in the Usa is perfect this way. A record from the 80s. One of the most important records from the 80s. I wouldn't change a song. I was 12 in 1984, it was the soundtrack of my adolescence. ok, i also like Sugarland, Murcer Inc. and My Love will not let, but i'm too fond of all 12 tracks
  13. another 2012??? Are you sure? Where on twitter?
  14. On YouTube they have removed Bruce spot
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