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  1. ok, but then nugs could publish another concert. why publish a concert with these defects?
  2. This version is very slooooowwwe And Badlands too
  3. Alcune canzoni sono lente Darkness, Badlands and Prove it all night
  4. Private message on FB: Hi Nicola, Unfortunately, this month's release has been delayed. We do not have any more information at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. ...Steve's guitar in Tenth Avenue in Hammersmith 75... is absolutely fabulous... and also in The E Street Shuffle...
  6. During the Born in the Usa Tour, especially in the Usa stadium in 1985, Nils was superb... Thunder Road and Atlantic City became the versions that I prefer today
  7. When Steve played Spirit, Tenth Avenue and Jungleland in the 70's... was perfect... great sound and funky... very ricognizable but Nils solo in Cover me, Youngstown or his guitar moments in Murder, Promised Land, Radio nowhere, etc was awesome
  8. I'm not an expert, But it seems to me that in the old songs (Spirit, Tent Avenue, Es Street Shuffle, Rosie, ecc) Steve's guitar is more functional. Nils is better in hard songs (Murder, Cover me, Light of day, ecc), What do you think?