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  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It's a song full of those complex (and yet perfectly simple) contradictions that Bruce so brilliantly draws together in his music. The melody, the band, is a starburst of joy; the lyrics are defiantly full of life and love, yet are leavened with grief and loss. Life and death in the same breath, the same musical phrase. The ghosts are gone. The ghosts live on. As with the best rock songs, it's a reminder of our mortality. Not simply in the Grim Reaper, 'everyone dies' sense, but a reminder that the flip side is also true - 'everyone lives'. So we live
  2. YES. This is superior cropping and the correct way to use this image!!
  3. I love this shot and wish they hadn't cropped the album cover so close to his face! Should have kept more of the background in.
  4. FWIW, Badlands.it says it's an album done with the E Street Band! Can't wait to find out more tomorrow!
  5. I've been refreshing forums all night as news started to trickle in. Glad I can go to sleep now at 3am knowing that tomorrow's gonna bring some incredible Bruce news!!
  6. Very excited by all this and sincerely hoping it's true. Taking it with a grain of salt, but that track listing is very evocative. A lot of fury in those song titles. Sounds like this could be in the vein of Wrecking Ball, which is one of my favourite albums ever. The only outlier is Nancy's Bar. Maybe Nancy here is Nancy Reagan?
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