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  1. I'll second this. Though it is such a balanced album, picking favourites is not an easy task. Love this album from start to finish.
  2. Might be way off mark here but I seem to recall Murder Incorporated was the working title of BITUSA right up until it was shelved from the album. Love the song, ripping raw power. The tempo of the song matches the narrative. It feels paranoid, holed up, edgy.
  3. I've been thinking about this thread since posting yesterday (but yeah, not obsessed). How do I try to describe it? Regardless of my mood, Bruce has got the album match, whereas any other act I need to be in the mood to go to it. And those latter moods die out relatively quick. During the release phase of Western Stars someone on here asked "would you have listened to this album if it was by someone else?" The answer is no. At first listen I was unsure of the country sentiment but I feel like I owe him for the music he has given me over the journey and I trust him to deliver. In time, this trust has been rewarded, and in no small part due to the way the journey was shared. When you can see his characters represent so clearly an evolution of himself, and ourselves, then the emotional investment in every line is powerful. As a young man I was immediately moved to tears by young Janey's triumph over abandonement and fear in Spare Parts but it took me 10 years and fatherhood to be moved to tears by Long Time Comin.' I was an exhuberant, irresponsible young man, an angry young man, a man of growing responsibilities, darkening fears, flaws and selfless love. There is more to come I see, and time to reflect on what has been. Set me up and Ill tell it for you, friend.
  4. Thunder road is my all-time favourite song and it is also my second favourite song. Then, there is a gap at #3 BECAUSE NO OTHER SONG SHALL BE ALLOWED TO BRUSH AGAINST IT. Then Rosalita at #4. Same goes for Bruce. There are a lot of great bands at =4th. Obsessed? No. I did pride myself on a wide taste in music in my youth but I've noticed in the last 10 years the balance seems to have tipped disproportionately towards Springsteen. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it is middle-aged stubborness.
  5. Tom Waits' Whistlin' past the graveyard. It's got a WIESS feel complete with phat sax and a chance for everyone in the band to stretch their legs.
  6. Took the Machiavellian approach by voting for Born in the USA instead of No Surrender because Downbound Train is dangerously exposed to expulsion.
  7. Yep, Clarence had a style all his own on the maraccas. Was there a lagerphone on the Seeger sessions? Should've been.
  8. Had to find my own Long Time Comin' moment: "Reach beneath your shirt, put my hand across your belly and feel another one kicking inside. I ain't gonna fuck it up this time." Cue tears of fatherly joy and hope.
  9. "I don't remember the fear just the breeze." ahhhhh, childhood.
  10. “But just across the county line a stranger passing through put up a sign That counts the men who’ve fallen away to the Price you pay. And girl before the end of the day I’ m gonna tear it down and throw it away” Said it before: this line was one of the first that hit me between the eyes as a young Bruce fan starting out on the back catalog journey.
  11. I can see Daisey and janeymarywendy have already raided Long Time Comin’ which is a treasure trove of lyrical brilliance. Of those not posted yet, I love the poetry of “Them smokestacks reaching like the arms of god into a beautiful sky of soot and clay” I'm having some trouble at home at the moment and this line keeps coming up, like a warning not to fall into a coldness of heart. "When the promise is broken You go on living, but it steals something from down in your soul Like when the truth is spoken, and it don't make no difference Something in your heart turns cold."