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  1. It is believed the Russian's intervened in the American election with the intent of sewing discord. Mission accomplished.
  2. I love lists. Greetings; For You, Blinded, Does this bus stop at 82nd street WIESS; Rosalita, Kitty’s Back, New York City Serenade Born to Run; Thunder Road, Born to Run, Jungleland Darkness; Darkness, Candy’s Room, Adam Raised a Cain The River; The River, The Price you pay, Sherry Darlin’ Nebraska; Atlantic City, Nebraska, State Trooper Born in the USA; Downbound Train, I’m Goin’ Down, Dancing in the dark Tunnel of Love; Brilliant Disguise, Cautious man, Spare Parts Human Touch; Human Touch, Cross my Heart, I wish I were blind Lucky T
  3. Posting with authority was not my intention, hence the disclosure.
  4. Firstly, Funniest.Thread.Ever. To Daisy's point: the only thing I know about Swift is a lot of her songs bitch about ex-relationships and probably without any sense of redemption or how it defined the protagonists personal growth through painful experience. Springsteen explores relationships in intimate, sometimes gut-wrenching depth, and from both sides of the schism. So, If the breakdown of a relationship leaves me heartbroken and in need of soul searing honesty, I'll listen to Springsteen. If I just want to pour a bucket of chicken manure in that persons car, I'll liste
  5. Long Time Comin' Always really enjoyed the Devils & Dust album as a whole. Sometime after I became a father in '13 it struck deep, relating to the fear of passing on the worst in ourselves to our children. Then the way it finishes, with the warmth of a campfire, the love family brings and with the hope of a better man emerging. Now it is one of my very favourite songs.
  6. 'The Losin' Kind' is punctuated by subtle moments of quiet brilliance. Every line builds on small moments and inward feelings, which lead to the sad inevitability of the lead character's surrender to fate. The ominous warning: "it was there in the heart of Wilsonville where I met my fate." The seduction: "I pulled her close, she didn't mind." (One of my very favourite Springsteen couplets. Admit it boys, that little moment in the pursuit when you know - is always intoxicating). "and what I knew kinda slipped my mind." (oh yeah, which often leads to that moment if only)……..
  7. It's a rock song about a balladeer perhaps? I saw one definition of ballad as ' a slow sentimental or romantic song.' If it's based on tempo then is there a technical range ballads sit within? I admit it is hard to classify Jungleland as a ballad but as a third party narration it's hard to beat.
  8. I like the third party narration as a definition. It rings true (think the ballad of queenie and rover, ballad of a thin man, ballad of Billy the Kid). And it forced me to dig deep into the list of songs in which Springsteen sits outside and does not adopt a character within the narrative. Choices were thin on the ground in terms of ‘best’ so for some songs the narrator is present but purely as an observer Eg; Wreck on the Highway and Point Blank to a lesser extent. Jungleland Johnny 99 Incident on 57th street Lost in the flood Reason to Believe Point blank
  9. Thanks Humph, that's an important distinction for baseball players who walk off if they get hit.
  10. The smartest opinion Bono ever expressed in relation to music was to name Because the Night “the song we wish we had written” when inviting Patti Smith and Springteen onto stage at Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.
  11. If he'd only squeezed in "he could bowl that sandshoe crusher by you" it would have more sense down here.
  12. So here I go again with the Thunder road tetralogy. Maybe now a pentalogy? Firstly, Mary does get in. With the beauty and rising hope of that introduction how could she not? There was however, no happy ending. Together they take a stab at romance and pursue the dream with the only thing available to them: a car. Thunder road is full of the wild hope and enthusiasm of young people still believing the dream is within reach. Then the months and years of Racing in the Street, chipping away, race after race, getting nowhere near the promised place to where they originally set out to win.
  13. Sounds like a typical Friday night at my house.
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