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  1. Just idling time while we see what might happen ..
  2. That's OK with me. We all have different views .. be a bit boring if we didn't!
  3. For me this one of my go to Bruce songs. Love it .. musically and lyrically. Everyone can dissect it all you like but I love it and that's all I have to say
  4. Well I'm listening to these girls and really enjoying
  5. Watched tonight and was reminded how good the film was and the soundtrack !
  6. For me the most influential artist is Van the Man. Growing up in Ireland if I never hear Brown Eyed Girl again I would be ok (it seemed to be on every radio station and every bar I went into growing up) (20 years after it came out as well!) But when years later I was introduced to Astral Weeks I realised this guy is worth listening to.. My favourite song..
  7. My other half is a tad peeved as got 5 out of 6 in the placepot today
  8. This one does have some classics on it.
  9. Did laugh earlier when was told off for not being home early when was supposed to be. Got this as a message!