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  1. Interesting question. Great melodies always draw me in but great lyrics keep me coming back.
  2. I tried honestly but everyone started talking about it and my willpower went out the window
  3. You called , actually I was trying not to watch any clips before seeing on 28th but still reading this thread which is only making me more impatient to see..
  4. I am not doubting a man who knows his bikes.. just thinking out loud that everything has been miraculously transported into that picture including Bruce and his guitar..
  5. Hi Daisey, just realised missed your birthday! Sorry to read about all your troubles, sending you a big hug ..
  6. Simple answer, sometimes it sways sometimes it waves. Changeable bit like the weather
  7. Well I went tonight and loved it. I was a little bit worried that I might be expecting too much of this film and hoped there wouldn't be any cringe worthy Bruce moments and they were to a minimum. It was so well put together, both funny and moving at the same time and more than anything captured that era of the 80's in Britain so realistically. And the soundtrack was pretty damn good . Happy that the universal message of Bruce's lyrics came across in such a good light.
  8. Have to agree with this. I have discovered a lot of great stuff on here. And thanks to @J for Ian Noe. Just picked up on and loving.
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