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  1. This article made me smile.
  2. That's so funny. Exact conversation I was having with the OH last night and he quoted this scene saying this record is definitely western.
  3. With all the excitement of Western Stars this had slipped off first page.. can't have that!
  4. I still have no bloody idea either.. Western Stars, Moonlight Motel, Tucson Train and Stones all stood out for me at beginning but as I thought others are growing on me. I'm loving Hitch Hikin' today and I wasn't that sure about it to begin with. I really feel like I need to take a road trip and take this album as company while I decide ...
  5. I saw this thread earlier and was tempted to go with Western Stars as my initial reaction but something stopped me because there is just too much on this album that I need time to digest and I think there will be other songs I go back to again and again so sorry BD can't vote right now
  6. Got another 5 hrs before I can leave work and get my hands on my vinyl... in meantime Amazon music on repeat.. unfortunately people here keep interrupting me.. how do they not understand Mr Springsteen has just released a wonderful album!
  7. Agree love this picture too, the whole book is so well put together with great pictures.
  8. I went this evening and to be honest didn't expect anything else than people talking through the album as it was in a pub at the end of the day. BUT was fun and yes album sounds great but looking forward to listening properly on my vinyl copy which better turn up tomorrow Piss break was somewhere north of Nashville but then realised Stones was playing which need to listen to more.
  9. Rachel must have passed some of her luck onto me as got selected too
  10. Glad I checked this one out. There are a few tracks I like.
  11. Guessing 80's but pre or post bitusa not sure?