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  1. Simple answer, sometimes it sways sometimes it waves. Changeable bit like the weather
  2. Well I went tonight and loved it. I was a little bit worried that I might be expecting too much of this film and hoped there wouldn't be any cringe worthy Bruce moments and they were to a minimum. It was so well put together, both funny and moving at the same time and more than anything captured that era of the 80's in Britain so realistically. And the soundtrack was pretty damn good . Happy that the universal message of Bruce's lyrics came across in such a good light.
  3. Have to agree with this. I have discovered a lot of great stuff on here. And thanks to @J for Ian Noe. Just picked up on and loving.
  4. Thanks for link. I just got confirmation that I have tickets for this one. Although I had to go on a waiting list first then the email says seats not guaranteed, on a first come first served basis! There must be more Springsteen fans around the Wimbledon area than I thought!
  5. Fun evening, best bit was Sarfraz wandering up behind us and chatting before the show and of course seeing Ann and Rachel again and meeting some new Lakers.
  6. I was just thinking about the line, pulled into my old spot. Did the character work at the motel and met the girl there?
  7. I can't decide if I should be happy or worried this morning. I got up to find my other half had done the dishes, was cooking me breakfast and was playing and singing along to Western Stars !
  8. There are times I read or hear something and I know straight away that it is either written from a male or female perspective. Although I agree Bruce is writing from a very male point of view but as a female I can still relate to what he is saying and totally agree with @rosiejaneymary that he writes from a human perspective. Ok now just been interrupted by Roy's song list so just going to say he is Bruce and he can dance in my kitchen any day
  9. I decided to have a little break from listening as I had been on overload recently, (managed a week!) but had Western Stars back on today .. yep still think it is wonderful. I also got a text from a friend I hadnt heard from in a while which made me laugh. This guy has the most extensive collection and knowledge of music of anyone I know and worked in the industry a number of years ago but not much of a fan of Bruce as we have discussed on numerous occasions. Anyway his words were. "I hate to admit it but I am enjoying the new album by ur man Bruce" !