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  1. I love the narrative arc of this album- definitely not one to be put on shuffle. Especially when something like There Goes My Miracle is so much more meaningful to hear straight after Stones rather than in isolation, and of course Moonlight Motel as the album closer.
  2. Oh man what a great album! When I listened to it at the launch party my immediate standouts were Western Stars, Moonlight Hotel and Tucson Train, but I loved the whole thing. Having another listen on the train this morning
  3. Well if I don’t get a chance to change after work I’ll be wearing a suit but if not I’ll probably be wearing my SOB shirt
  4. Hey man, DM me your name and email and I’ll add you as my plus one
  5. Wow, Bruce really does write some great songs about trains eh? LOHAD, Downbound Train and now this!
  6. Ooh I like it!!! TGMM had made me nervous that the album might be a dud but my faith has been restored!!
  7. Hmm, maybe this song will prove to be a grower but the difference between the first time I listened to any of the above songs and There Goes My Miracle is huge. I cried the first time I listened to The Wall and You're Missing, was blown away by Devil's Arcade and deeply moved by Brothers Under the Bridge. The same is also true of Hello Sunshine. While my reaction to TGMM was.... meh. I kind get what the song was aiming for but for me it doesn't stir anything, it's just kind of bland. But I don't hate it the way many others on here seem to, either.
  8. Try having a listen on shuffle Paolo- the best track is the last one! Personally I do prefer Soulfire and Men Without Women too, but there are definitely some good songs on there
  9. I’m really excited to see Stevie in London next week I had a blast when I saw him last year and Soulfire was basically the soundtrack to my summer. SoS is also an album of great summery tunes (unsurprisingly, given the name) and I’ve been especially enjoying the title track
  10. I like Hello Sunshine a lot (and have been listening to it on repeat since it was released) and if Western Stars has a few more songs like it I'll be very happy with the album. But like others have said, this song is just a bit too WOAD-y for me to get very excited about. I feel like it had the potential to be good in a Girls in their Summer Clothes kind of way, but doesn't quite hit the mark.