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  1. I haven't logged on here for a while now (definitely since pre pandemic- a lot has certainly changed in the world! I hope that you've all been doing well!) but after listening to Dustland I felt compelled to have a look and see what you all thought about it. It seems like I'm in agreement with most of you: I like the song, love Brandon and The Killers but slightly concerned/disappointed by how weak Bruce's voice sounds. I know that the days of 4 hour shows are over, but like @Stranger in town said, I hope his voice is going to hold up well enough to be able to tour when corona is over On the other hand, I thought his voice sounded fine in Chinatown (which I absolutely LOVE and have been playing on repeat since it was released) so it may just be the contrast with Brandon's very strong vocals making it seem worse than it is.
  2. I love the narrative arc of this album- definitely not one to be put on shuffle. Especially when something like There Goes My Miracle is so much more meaningful to hear straight after Stones rather than in isolation, and of course Moonlight Motel as the album closer.
  3. Oh man what a great album! When I listened to it at the launch party my immediate standouts were Western Stars, Moonlight Hotel and Tucson Train, but I loved the whole thing. Having another listen on the train this morning
  4. Wow, Bruce really does write some great songs about trains eh? LOHAD, Downbound Train and now this!
  5. Ooh I like it!!! TGMM had made me nervous that the album might be a dud but my faith has been restored!!
  6. UPDATE: still love cowboy bruce, and you better believe I am ready and excited for cowboy bruce version 2!!!! yeehaw!!
  7. Oh my god this feels like Christmas come early!!! The only downside is that I've only recently got back from an American South West road trip and I'm mad that I didn't have this album to listen to then! Side note: might be a controversial opinion, but I love the cover art.
  8. Since downloading Chicago 99 in the Nugs sale, I've been listening to its opener Take Em As They Come on repeat. It had never really stood out to me much on Tracks but now I'm obsessed!
  9. I wouldn’t say this is a particularly unpopular opinion (except maybe The Promised Land, which I don’t think I could ever get sick of)- loads of people on here have commented about being sick and tired of Darlington County and Working on the Highway in particular Here’s my unpopular opinion: I love Bruce’s GOTJ era aesthetic, including the slicked back receding hairline and stetsons. I don’t know why, I just love the cowboy vibes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I definitely do relate to the narrator in Born to Run and Thunder Road, for example, despite being female. The themes of those songs are pretty universal in my opinion, so I don't really see why I shouldn't relate to them. But then again, maybe being a lesbian means that my perspective is different from most of the ladies of the lake... And of course, there are other songs that I love very much even though I can't relate to the character/narrator at all. And in those cases that's because I'm not a murderer/war veteran/insert profession as appropriate, not because I'm a woman! Like Paolo said, you don't necessarily have to see yourself in a song to be able to enjoy it.
  11. Makes me sad seeing all that Fiji water. It's really bad for the environment
  12. It would have been cool if Bruce had gone to the Met Gala yesterday- the theme was "the Catholic imagination" and we all know how much he loves a bit of Catholic imagery
  13. "Ain't no angel going to greet me, it's just you and I, my friend" from Streets of Philedelphia gives me chills. Also possibly ugly crying.
  14. The "one, two" where you know he's about to launch into Born to Run has also got to be up there
  15. I'd love to hear the string version of Secret Garden from the Blood Brothers EP on vinyl. But apart from that and GOTJ, I know I wouldn't get enough use out of this to justify the price
  16. Valentine's Day from Columbus 2005/7/31. The Devils and Dust tour really did give us some gems
  17. I've probably posted this before but I play it all the time so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Lately I can't stop listening to the Tracks version of Stolen Car
  19. In his book he mentions he did judo for a couple of years, which is presumably where he learned to do the forward rolls. If you do them properly, it shouldn't hurt your back at all.... on the other hand, judo and other grappling martial arts have a reputation for seriously messing up your fingers. I'm surprised that as a musician he took that risk
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